The Trump Presidency and American Values

Updated on December 26, 2018
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My background includes writing and editing letters for causes. These letters are in newspapers and on decision-makers' desks across the US.

What Type of People are Americans?

Is the Trump Presidency a reflection of the decay of American values? Exactly what type of people are Americans? Do you remember John Edwards, a Democrat Presidential candidate in 2004 and 2008? Revelations that he was unfaithful to his wife destroyed his career. Clinton's impeachment resulted from an oval office fellatio incident. That's because the office is better than that, right?

How far we have fallen.

Now Donald Trump leads "lock her up" chants, continuously attacks Americans on Twitter, encourages violence at rallies, makes fun of disabled individuals, calls the press the "enemy of the people" and speaks of walking up and grabbing vaginas like he's ordering a pizza. Yet, he's an American hero.

If you think a President's morals and words don't matter, then you have no standing to call out any politician for perceived moral shortcomings. Also, can you, with a straight face, condemn Antifa or anyone, for spreading hate or fear? As a Trump supporter, isn't this the political environment you want? Don't you want Trump's behavior to trickle down to your children? Charles Barkley can reasonably state he should not be a child's role model, but not the President.

This leaves me with one question. What type of people are Americans?

American Values are Taking a Hit
American Values are Taking a Hit | Source

Fighting the Evil American "Deep State"

Trump will destroy the system from the inside because it's all part of the "Deep State." No, it's all part of America, and when did so many "patriots" get convinced that America is evil?

Russian Hypocrisy and Fear of Change

As a writer for a major political advocacy firm, I listened to thousands of calls over a two year period. Too many of them ended, or began, with something akin to:

Obama is a Muslim who wants to destroy America. We might have to get our guns and take to the streets. All those libtards can burn for their anti-American, commie loving views. Maybe those blacks, and gays, and trisexuals, or whatever they wanna be called, should get up and work for a living and stay out of our bathrooms."

Add a few colorful words, and a little more bad grammar, and you have a better reflection of what I heard almost every day.

What's more, Obama was weak on Russia because he hated America. You see, the Russians were putting more into their military, and Obama's weakness caused us to fall behind. Russia was going to take advantage of this with their new supersonic low-flying missiles fired from submarines. We had to get tough on Russia!

These days the Trumpian stance on Russia changes daily. One day it's "the left wants war, why would we want war with Russia, we should be friends." The next day it's: "Trump is really being very tough on Russia, you just don't understand and you believe everything the media tells you".

While Trump's moral standing brings our nation to a new-found low, let's not forget the Democrats with their hyper-partisan tactics. With its sometimes ridiculous notions of what is politically correct, the left contributes to the anger of the right. In this way, the left helped create Donald Trump.

All white men were not born privileged, and we don't all have a get out of jail free card. In fact, some of us are even treated poorly by the police because of the car we drive or the neighborhood in which we live. However, some in the media seem to think white men should hang our heads in shame because of all the damage we've caused.

Once again, what kind of people do Americans want to be?

Those Privileged White Men

The reality is that not all white men are privileged members of any "good old boy club." Some of us have absolutely no inheritance to look forward to and no daddy to hand us a well-paying job when we get out of high-school or college. I worked for everything I ever had, including my education, and still know what it's like to be ignored by salespeople due to my shoes looking too cheap or some such nonsense.

Whites Need to Rise Above not Sink to the Lowest

How do whites, particularly white men, fight back when they perceive the media and some politicians paint them all as privileged good old boys? Maybe we should better ourselves as opposed to supporting a morally inept white man in the Oval Office. Do you think videos of us chanting "CNN sucks" and images of white women flipping off the camera helps our case?

The reality, of course, is that not all white men are members of any "good old boy club." Some of us have absolutely no inheritance to look forward to and no daddy to hand us a well-paying job when we get out of high-school or college. I worked for everything I ever had, including my education, and still know what it's like to be ignored by salespeople due to my shoes looking too cheap or some such nonsense. In my younger days, I was afforded no leniency by the "justice" system. Today, because I live in an inner-city area, an initial encounter with any city official starts with a clear assumption that I'm some sort of derelict just because of where I live.

Having said this, I have no understanding of what it's like to be a minority in America. I do know I'd still rather be white when encountering a police officer. I also understand that minorities are less likely to have the advantage that some whites have--if that makes sense. But, as time moves on, it seems the truly advantaged whites are getting fewer and further between.

We need to further educate ourselves and show the world that we are capable, morally sound people. Is Donald Trump putting our best foot forward? Are Trump values now American values?

What type of people do we want to be?

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

Even if 99% of the voters favored Trump, they would all have voted for the biggest disgrace in American history. That's because Trump has no regard for the truth. He makes his own truth and tells others to follow him to the promised land.

When the "truths" are proven to be lies, then Trumpians pretend it didn't happen, say it doesn't matter, or start another rant.... just like Trump.

What kind of people do Americans want to be?

Are Trump Values the New American Values?

I doubt anything will convince die-hard Trump fans that he's not presidential material, even as he is President. Anyone who is honest with themselves, pays attention at all, was raised with any sort of morals, and is not a sociopath themselves should have recognized this a LONG time ago. That has nothing to do with politics.

I'm not a morality beacon. However, I understand basic right from wrong. Trump is helping to flip those notions upside down. He will destroy the system from the inside because it's all part of the "Deep State." No, it's all part of America, and when did so many "patriots" get convinced that America is evil?

It's far too late for isolationism to work. I want America to stand strong by being the best. That means competing on a global level. We cannot do this without a top-flight educational system. We need to stand proud, not run scared. Our children must live in a world where Americans compete rather than hide. The American Spirit cannot die with Trump. However, if he is the new America, then that spirit is already dead.

What type of values do Americans want to have?

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      • hard sun profile imageAUTHOR

        Don Shepard 

        18 months ago

        Thank you Ethel Smith--It's sad to hear the attitude taking hold in the UK also--The odd thing is how much support Trump gets from American baby boomers. They seem more accepting of the immoral behavior from leadership than the younger generations. Of course, there are also some differences on what the generations consider to be moral but you'd think boomers wouldn't be all for vagina grabbing and prostitutes from their leadership.

        Also, the hippie generation seems awfully... um unhippy-ish at this point. Maybe this is what we should expect as hippies were truly a counter culture not the mainstream as seems to sometimes be forgotten. Hippies wouldn't have gained so much notoriety without their haters from the same generation.

      • ethel smith profile image

        Ethel Smith 

        18 months ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

        Interesting read Don

        As a British woman I can only look from a foreign perspective and what I see online and note reported.

        But that tends to fit with my gut instinct view of Trump which is not good

        Sadly the UK is going through a similar phase. It is almost as if we have tripped into a parallel universe.

        Perhaps all older people such as me look on and shake heads as change happens. But your current POTUS is, well embarrassing to me

      • hard sun profile imageAUTHOR

        Don Shepard 

        18 months ago

        Liz Westwood- While I don't know a great deal about UK politics, I understand there may be similar dynamics with Boris Johnson and Brexit. I do read a good deal about the troubles Brexit brings.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        18 months ago from UK

        You write from an interesting perspective. In the UK, as we head rapidly towards a Brexit disaster, looking across at the States and the Trump administration offers us a distraction and light relief from our own political troubles.

      • hard sun profile imageAUTHOR

        Don Shepard 

        18 months ago

        bradmasterOCcal Thanks for proving a point. Eh, Who cares about American values? Also, it's so much nothing that you had to comment?

      • bradmasterOCcal profile image


        18 months ago

        Do you have any fries to go with this nothing burger:)


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