Changes That Really Would Make America Great Again.

Updated on August 10, 2016

With the popularity of the candidates for president in the 2016 election, both sides are admitting that the system is broken, and it's no longer serving the majority of Americans. These are some changes, that may have the potential to fix this. Who am I to comment on this? Why I'm a registered voter, and a bunch of us registered voters get together, and figure out how to run this country every few years. Wait!!! That's not what we do? Maybe it should be. These changes are focused specifically on making sure decisions are based on what is best for our country, giving voters more of a voice in the decisions, and rooting out corruption.

Change the Language We use in Laws

. The reading level of the Affordable Care Act is grade 13.4 according to the Flesch-Kincaid grade level test. Yes, they are covering important topic, but there is no point in using writing complex enough to make it difficult to understand. Most of what makes it difficult to read is convoluted sentences, and poor word choices. If you don't have that high of a reading level, you can not judge new policy for yourself. Even if you do have that high of a reading level, trying to read something like that is an incredibly long boring slog, and very few people are willing to put in that much work unless it's their job. Whether or not it was their intent in designing it, it is designed to keep people from easily reading it. Let's make it so the average American can understand their laws.

Change the People Making Policy

We have generalist creating policy when we need specialists with the problems we face.The best person to create an economic policy is a person who has spent their lives studying economics, and the interactions of poverty, ect. Almost any problem we face has someone who has spent years studying it, and that person usually has a solution. Right now, most of our policies are created by lobbyist and politicians. This doesn't automatically mean it's bad policy, but lobbyists are hired to have an agenda that may or may not promote the best interests of the country at large, and let's face it with politicians, they might alter their choices based on who is giving them money. We can vote for politicians to choose between the best policies made by the best minds, but why would we think they even have the knowledge to create the best policy? They do get advice from people who have spent their lives studying these problems, but if you are getting heart surgery, do you want a random guy who is getting advice from the best heart surgeon in the world operating on you, or do you want the surgeon to do the operation? We need people who have spent their lives studying the problems. Those are the ones that could create policy that actually brings effective change. Let the politicians vote on the policies, but they shouldn't be the ones creating it.

Why Don't They Know the Will of the People?

What we want in this country has little to no effect on the policy our government creates. The policy that is being created should be based on what is effective, and what the voters want. It really isn't hard to find out what people want. We could fill out a survey when we vote, if they are having trouble figuring it out. Are you for stricter gun laws, or are you against them? What about single payer health care? What about any other contentious issue you can think of? We don't need to vote someone in so they can accomplish their vision of our country, we need to vote someone in who accomplishes our vision of our country, because we're a republic. We don't need leaders as much as we need people who are dedicated, who will find a way to make our will come to pass. So lets add a little survey when we vote. That way when they ignore us, they will have no excuse. They still get to put an imprint on the vision of what we want, but they should be creating their constituents dreams not their own.

Publicly Funded Elections

I don't really want to pay for elections. I don't really like politicians or politics that much, so the idea of giving them money makes me feel a little slimy inside. While, I don't like giving them money, what I like even less is corporations, big businesses, and people with personal agendas that may or may not be good for our country giving them money. The only way to stop the buying of politicians, is to stop the contributions to their campaigns, and the need for those contributions. Back room deals come about a lot of times, because the politicians don't really feel they have a choice. They need money to run for election. If we don't give it to them, they have to get it from somewhere. You have a choice, we can do political welfare, or we can stick with our current system of political prostitution. Not to mention the single best thing that publicly funded elections would accomplish? Getting rid of our two party system. If you can show a reasonable level of support, you get money to run for election. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or whatever else springs up in this system. The majority of Americans are independents, and they don't consider themselves Democrat or Republican. We should have a system where they aren't our only two choices. However, since they are currently our only two choices, one thing that should change is open primaries. Along with this, we should end people being able to support politicians with money. You like a politician, and you want them to succeed? Well then, you should volunteer. If you actually care enough to get behind someone, then use your free time to show it.

Open Primaries

Why is this even a question? We have a system with two major political parties. The news is filled with people saying that if you don't vote for one candidate, then it's a vote for the other candidate, but the majority of us didn't even pick the two candidates we have. Do you know how many of us voted for them? 9% of America chose Clinton and Trump as our nominees. We are forced, according to all the people who say we can't choose third party, between a choice that only 9% of us thought was a good idea. We have a two party system, and we tell people that they can't vote for other parties, but we don't even let them pick the nominees. A troubling percentage of the primaries independents were not able to vote. Why don't we fix this? We shouldn't even need a law to fix this, because the Democratic party, and the Republican party are private organizations.

These things would not fix everything. In fact, they don't even address the worst problems we face as a country. What it does is it takes the politics out of the decisions made in our country. If we take the politics out of our decisions, and the policies created to benefit certain businesses or people, and just make policies based on what is actually best for our country. We can have a country that would make us proud again. What changes would you make? Answer in the comments below.


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