Mainstream Media Repeats Fake News to Discredit Wikileaks Podesta Emails "Fake News"

Updated on December 19, 2016
Founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange
Founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange

As large parts of the American news media declare war on sources it unilaterally declares to be "fake news," MSNBC and other major outlets have been duped by a Hillary Clinton supporter into reporting that the "Podesta emails" leaked by Wikileaks, belonging to former chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign John Podesta, were fraudulent.

The Clinton supporter, who has identified himself as "Marco Chacon," planted inauthentic, unflattering speeches attributed to Hillary Clinton on the Internet, and attributed them to Wikileaks. Wikileaks is the "information activist" organization which publishes leaked documents from government and quasi-government entities which tend to be embarrassing to government officials.

Chacon published an article at the Daily Beast on November 21st entitled "I’ve Been Making Viral Fake News for the Last Six Months. It’s Way Too Easy to Dupe the Right on the Internet."

Chacon wrote:

"I had written up a fake Goldman Sachs transcript days before, wherein Hillary Clinton is preparing a run for president and is speaking to the board of directors in 2014 about the coming threat to Wall Street and Washington power....The tweet went super-viral. It started an almost trending—but still going today—hashtag #bucketoflosers. A tweet declaring it a bad forgery was picked up by Malcolm Nance, an intelligence analyst for MSNBC among others, who tweeted to be wary of the WikiLeaks release."

Chacon' plan was to then reveal that the speeches were inauthentic, and accuse Wikileaks of being inaccurate in its information. A Twitter campaign by major media journalists was then commenced to plant doubt in the public' mind over the reliability of Wikileaks, especially regarding the Podesta emails.

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, takes pains to point out repeatedly in interviews that the primary sources which are vetted and posted by his organization have never been challenged as inauthentic, or been found to be so. The specific conclusions reached from a reading of the documents is an area beyond Assange's control.

The Podesta emails have been the center of a maelstrom informally referred to as #PizzaGate, in a play on words recalling the Richard Nixon scandal. The emails contained lurid images of children and what are alleged to be coded references to child sexual abuse.

Glenn Greenwald, owner of The Intercept and writer for the UK Guardian, says:

"Back in October, when WikiLeaks was releasing emails from the John Podesta archive, Clinton campaign officials and their media spokespeople adopted a strategy of outright lying to the public, claiming — with no basis whatsoever — that the emails were doctored or fabricated and thus should be ignored. That lie — and that is what it was: a claim made with knowledge of its falsity or reckless disregard for its truth — was most aggressively amplified by MSNBC personalities such as Joy Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance, The Atlantic’s David Frum, and Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald."

The fake speech by Hillary Clinton which was to be used as "bait" for Trump supporters to quote, so that they could be lampooned as gullible once it was revealed that the speech was false, was a purported transcript of a Clinton speech to Wall Street bankers. Clinton's remarks to Wall Street executives in a private setting, to which the press was not invited, became an issue during her presidential primary race against Bernie Sanders. Sanders called for the release of the transcript.

As the Twitter campaign among some journalists to discredit Wikileaks heated up, more and more websites posted that the Podesta #PizzaGate emails could not be trusted, because they came from Wikileaks, which had been shown to publish inauthentic documents. But the inauthentic document, the Clinton Wall Street speech, was fake news, never published by Wikileaks.

Greenwald fumes:

"Those who most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it."

Also commenting on the Podesta emails and #PizzaGate in recent days is News Bud's Sibel Edmonds, the whistleblower and former FBI translator who has earned the title "Most Gagged Woman in History," as a result of court orders to her not to talk to the media about her allegations of government malfeasance in the crime of 9/11. Edmonds is author of a book, "Classified Woman."

In an interview on her news website News Bud, Edmonds maintains that as a result of her contact and work with colleagues in the FBI, she believes that, to her knowledge at least under President Bill Clinton, only "blackmailable" candidates were given top government positions such as federal judgeships. Edmonds says that the purpose of FBI background checks was not to ensure that a candidate was "clean," but that he was not. Edmonds cites the example of former Speaker of House Dennis Hastert as proof that child sex offenders can occupy positions of great power, whose past must be known to the FBI. In 2015, Hastert pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges related to his admitted sexual abuse of a minor when he worked as a high school wrestling coach.

Sibel Edmunds Comments on Podesta Emails


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