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Loan Forgiveness is the Latest GOP Hypocrisy

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Dark Brandon strikes again to help Americans

Dark Brandon strikes again to help Americans

In typical fashion, the GOP is up in arms when Joe Biden or the Democratic Party tries to use the government to help poor and middle-class Americans. On this occasion, it was Biden's decision to forgive student loan debt for millions of people that has the right churning their outrage machine.

"Theft!" they say.

"Socialism!" they cry.

The partisan outrage would be comical if the hypocrisy wasn't so tiresome.

Wait, Bailouts are Bad?

The short memory of those on the right to ignore the previous administration's decisions on using government funds for bailouts is impressive.

First, you had Trump directing $28 billion to farmers, much of whom are in rural counties where he carried much of the vote. This was a much more troubling scenario because it was Trump's own disastrous tariff policy that destroyed a booming agricultural industry in the United States when China retaliated and took their business elsewhere.

Then you had the massive bailouts from the pandemic for not only small businesses, but for individuals who had lost their jobs and were struggling to make ends meet. Early reporting from 2018 noted that the Trump Administration received warnings about the labs in the area where the virus originated and they chose to do absolutely nothing about them.

For small businesses, the government had already forgiven around $400 billion in loans by July of 2021. In all, when individual and state aid is factored in, around $5 trillion was given out from March 2020 to present to help offset Covid losses.

So it's odd that suddenly the American far-right has a problem with bailouts.

A broken Republican party

A broken Republican party

A Party Working Against Americans

Really what this just continues to show is an American political party that is actively working against Americans.

The Republicans lent no support to two pieces of popular legislation early in Biden's term—the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

They followed that obstruction with openly appearing to have completely given up on Democracy as numerous GOP candidates refuse to accept the results of free and fair elections, led by noted Big Lie proponent Donald Trump.

Trump going so far as to organize a rally of his followers, incite them, and then direct them at Congress to halt the certification of the counting of the electoral college votes that confirmed he got crushed in the 2020 election.

In a truly disgusting display, they got caught playing politics with the health of veterans when they retaliated against the Democrats who had outmaneuvered them on a bill to deal with inflation, climate and tax loopholes. Many GOP members of the Senate flipped their votes from an earlier decision and voted against a bill that would have helped veterans affected by burn pits.

A week later, after taking a beating in the media for their crass display of partisanship, they flipped back to supporting the bill, but had been badly exposed for putting party over country—in this case the country's veterans.

In a move that began to stir the Democratic Party, the far-right extreme Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with their Dobbs decision. Two-thirds of the country supported having access to abortion and many GOP-led states began immediately putting massive restrictions in place.

In one notable case, an 11-year old rape victim had to cross state lines to get an abortion, with many Republicans openly stating that she should have had to carry her rapist's baby to term.

Directly after reversing Roe, Justice Clarence Thomas signaled his intention to make overturning marriage equality something he would have an interest in undertaking.

They did save a little face with support for common sense gun reforms and some Republicans crossing over to support the CHIPS Act that will help bring microchip manufacturing back to the United States. But even these no-brainer, bipartisan pieces of legislation only got a handful of GOP votes.

But recently, the same rhetoric that Trump used to incite his mob to attack the Capitol was responsible for one of his followers attacking an FBI office in Cincinnati. It's become clear that one of the greatest domestic terror threats to the country starts with Donald Trump and his followers.

All of these issues have made it clear that the Republican Party has declared war on its own government, veterans, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Biden has accomplished a lot in two years

Biden has accomplished a lot in two years

An Exposed GOP and the Future

What many Americans are waking up to is that the current GOP is now a cult that exists to listen to the easily disprovable lies of the former President. It is no longer a party that the majority of Americans can trust to govern responsibly.

Their leader openly lied to the country about a deadly pandemic, incited a domestic terror attack against his own Capitol based on lies, and continues to inspire his followers to attack law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

And instead of moving on from such a destructive influence, the party continues to see this person as the figurehead and potential nominee of their party for the 2024 election.

That's why when their members get up in arms about something that helps many Americans, no one is really surprised anymore. The Trump base is too easily deceived and motivated to anger by lies and falsehoods. It is now a group that lives in an alternate reality where Trump is great and everything else is bad because he did not have a hand in it.

As there is no sign of them coming back to reality, it's best just to tune them out for the good of the country.

On the flip side, you've got a Democratic Party that is passing legislation to address many of the country's problems: gun violence, climate change, inflation, infrastructure, and veterans' health. It's a double dose of reality that should make the 2022 midterm elections very interesting since the two parties are heading in completely opposite directions—one productive and one destructive.

This writer and many other Americans will be voting for productivity.

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