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Libertarian Queryin’: Is Evolution Evolving Exponentially?

Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career with a passion for all things libertarian to become the Libertarian Opinionizer.

Is human evolution progressing toward extinction?

Is human evolution progressing toward extinction?

Commentary From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

A 2008 article headlined “Human evolution speeding up” seemed so absurd at the time—when “evolution” speeds up it becomes “revolution,” right?—that a sassy satirical essay, “Evolution Run Amok” was spawned to explain how this would affect racial, sexual and gender issues for the human race.

A decade later our social evolution has indeed sped forward. We see such issues in a totally different way today than we did just ten years ago. This resulted in a sendup update article, “Evil Lucian Run A-mock.”

But between these two parodies of the problem, a guy named Ross Milburn took the whole business seriously and wrote a book called Adaptive Society in which he explained that, yes, we humans evolved our technology so fast that we out-evolved our natural habitat and are now threatening to evolve ourselves into complete extinction.

Book Break: Your Libertarian Opinionizer’s Pick

Evolution Run Amok

Article Posted 2/13/2008
Word count: 642

While some people don't believe in evolution at any speed, other people, such as the scientific types at the National Academy of Sciences, claim that human evolution is speeding up.

It must be true because their findings have been reported by such reputable sources as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC News, USA Today, and

Indeed, an article on the libertarian International Society for Individual Liberty website [since renamed Liberty International] that linked to The Raw Story that linked to Agence France-Presse that published an article headlined "Human Evolution Speeding Up" sums up the accelerated alteration phenomenon in the following snippet:

"The pace of change has increased 100-fold in modern times compared to our distant past, and most notably since the Ice Age, 10,000 years ago, and has led to increasing diversification between the races."

This accelerated evolutionary process could have far-reaching social, cultural, and political implications for the various races of the human race.

One example of slow evolution in the distant past is that when humans picked up their flints and hyena hides and left their African homeland to go strolling off into European and Asian climes they evolved lighter skin pigmentations so more sunlight could be absorbed through the skin to make Vitamin D.

This was necessary because at that point in prehistory the land bridge connecting Siberia to Alaska hadn't been discovered yet and anyway it was still a long trek down the North American west coast to the California orange groves, being at that time the only other source of vitamin D.

In those days evolution took a very long time, a period that modern evolutionists call an "eon," which is a unit of geologic time longer than an era, which is a somewhat shorter division of geologic time roughly equivalent to the interval required for a libertarian economist to explain the difference between laissez-faire free markets and corrupt crony capitalism to a typical American Hollywood liberal.


“Replacing State-controlled Capitalism by Free markets”—Chapter from Adaptive Society

Today, examples of express lane evolution abound. For example, successive generations of the Euro-American races have been operating push-button controlled electro-mechanical equipment throughout the Industrial Revolution, then TV remote controls and other household electrical appliances during the Electronic Era, and now touch-screen technology of the Digital Age. As these activities have spread around the world, all races have evolved strengthened wrists, hands, and fingers as a survival response to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Simultaneously, the evolutionary toughening of the middle finger has had the added advantage of developing universally recognized communication skills during ever-increasing periods of road rage.

There are other manifestations of the revved-up evolutionary pace.

Female members of the affluent Euro-American-Westernized Asian race have been rapidly developing a bosom augmentation gene in response to generations of silicone breast implants.

These women are more likely to attract mates and reproduce than unenhanced women. Through this process of unnatural selection, women's bodies will begin to produce more and more silicone deposits in their mammary regions until the evolutionary process routinely produces big-busted baby babes.


“Global Natural Law for Absolute Human Equality"—Chapter from Adaptive Society

Similarly, more and more males throughout the civilized races of the world are extending their breeding lifespans through the ingestion of erectile dysfunction drugs. Again, through a process of anthropogenic selection, erectile-enhanced males are more likely to attract and mate with silicone-enhanced females. Eventually, evolutionary mutations will begin producing male babies born with permanent erections.

Eventually, female babies will simply be born pregnant, and the modern Radical Feminist movement will finally have its male-less Brave New World.

"We're evolving away from each other," the aforementioned source quotes University of Utah anthropologist Henry Harpending. "We're getting more and more different."

"This is a beautiful dream," cries Ama Zawn, an apologist for the Feminist race at the University of Human Multiplicity. "The more diversity the better! Female diversity, that is. Men are not diverse. Men are all alike!"

Meanwhile, geneticists of the male race are desperately searching for that El Dorado of rapid evolution, the fabled but elusive Stepford Wives gene.


Evil Lucian Run A-mock

Posted 10/25/2018
(word count: 374)

(Lucian of Samosata is an ancient Syrian-born Greek satirist known for his “evil” mocking tongue-in-cheek style of ridiculing superstition, religion, and the paranormal among many other subjects.)

Here we are over ten years later and evolution has definitely evolved. Especially our understanding of stuff.

For example, all the talk of race and gender bandied about in the original article has evolved at accelerated rates in a single nimble decade.

Turns out there’s no such thing as race, at least not in any biological sense. We are assured by scientific types that “race” is simply a social, cultural, political, geographical, and “Don’t like Those People” construct designed for angry people to name-call each other on Facebook Groups.

No one can look at a human cell or molecule or atom or allele or any hunk of DNA and say, “Aha, the deoxyribose phosphate nitrogenous base of this DNA thread identifies this person as a member of the Ruling Humanoid Lizard Illuminati race.”

Or any other race.

Besides, not only has human evolution sped up but so has modern travel, sparking mass movements of jet-setters, business travelers, immigrants, refugees, and sexual tourists resulting in the wide spreading of sperms and eggs hooking up in a wide variety of different social, cultural, political and, geographical fallopian tubes.

Eventually with enough of this mating and mixing and mingling and merging and melding and amalgamating the old concept of the “five races” formerly identified as African, Asian, European, Native American, and Oceanian will simply become what it should have always been called, “the human race.”


“United Humans can Create Civilization Fit for All”—Preface from Adaptive Society

Then add to that the discovery of not just two genders or two sexes but a multitude to pick from.

Since “gender” refers to how many social and cultural differences with which one chooses to identify rather than any biological definition the number of possible genders may be infinite.

How many sexes there are depends on how many X and Y chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitalia your body is packing. The more scientific discoveries that science discovers as science evolves the more likely that could become nearly infinite too.

Some, however, will claim that all this sex flexing and gender rendering into multiple kinds and classes aren’t scientific evolution so much as ideological evolution.


And speaking of ideological evolution, since this is a libertarian article . . .


“Only consensual government supports civilization”—Subheading from Adaptive Society

The word “Libertarian” began in 18th century France as a replacement slash euphemism for “anarchy” since the French government banned using the word “anarchy” in print. It was routinely used with a hyphen to mean non-government or non-state collectivism, resulting in concepts like libertarian-socialism, libertarian-communism, and libertarian-syndicalism.

Somewhere along this Darwinian timeline stuff like “spontaneous order” (not to be confused with spontaneous combustion or spontaneous abortion, the latter also belonging to the earlier discussion) and the “invisible hand” (which has nothing to do with “nocturnal emissions” in this context) hopped on board the evolutionary ferry.

Eventually, mid-20th century American libertarians stole “libertarianism” from the Europeans, identified it as “The Modern American Libertarian Movement” and turned it back into what liberalism originally meant when it first flowed forth from the thought processes of the great Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment/Age of Reason minds: Self-ownership, free markets, and private property. Eventually, the primary identity of this new libertarianism became the Non-Aggression Principle against coercion, intimidation, and fraud.

Then the real evolutionary rush was on. Libertarians called “minarchists” only want to restrict rather than reject coercion, intimidation, and fraud so they can maintain a small “night watchman” government to maintain legal, policing, and military operations by coercively taxing people.

Other near-concurrent evolutionary surges produced anarchist-libertarianism or anarcho-capitalism in a non-government non-statist voluntaryist laissez-faire free-market society along with libertarian agorist and voluntaryists.

The current state of non-state libertarianism is the “post-statist” society that means redefining “government” as a non-monopoly, non-tax funded entity that eliminates all “victimless crimes” which then requires “rights protection” rather than “law enforcement.” It means consumer-controlled “governance” rather than coercion-controlled “governments.”

There have also been attempts to throw out the old left-right political spectrum and replace it with a Libertarian versus Authoritarian gridded diamond-shaped chart but for some reason, people just continue to use the old simplistic flatline left-right measuring stick, including many libertarians themselves who frequently speak in tongues of “left libertarian” and “right libertarian” instead of just “libertarian.”

That leaves us with the evolution of a libertarian future.


“The Greatest Adventure in Human History”—Chapter from Adaptive Society

Will tomorrow bring bitcoin and blockchains designed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading with its unfalsifiable, incorruptible digital ledger, making governments not only unnecessary but unsustainable and unwanted and extinct as Che Guevara’s Marxist “Revolutionary Humanism?”

(Che believed that if a man was killed somewhere else in the world, that death should matter to every human being—and then went off to kill human beings somewhere else in the world.)

And speaking of “humanism” will tomorrow usher in libertarian transhumanism in which humankind evolves by merging our biological selves with artificial superintelligence, thereby transcending our animal condition and becoming immortal?

If the rise of machines—artificial intelligence and robots—take over all unskilled jobs and then virtually all skilled jobs as well—economics and planning and building and formulating optimum communities and discovering what the meaning of “is” is—and then ultimately move into the world of liberal arts to create all of our virtual music and movies and novels and dance and limerick-writing and other arts of all kinds, what will libertarians and everyone else have left to do other than navel-gazing (except those poor future artificial womb babies who won’t even be able to do that)?

Those who are deeply committed to libertarianism will naturally see only a future libertarian Utopia; those with a deep fear and hatred of unbridled individualism and freedom will see only Dystopia.

The reality is that very much of both are likely to occur in the future as has occurred in the past. The difference is that with a small cabal of collectivist humans and/or electronic brains planning and managing and imposing a comprehensively cohesively constructed future habitat for humans means we’ll all be trodden down and beaten back into the same old physical and conceptual prison cells where we’ve always been—just newer and shinier ones.

What libertarians understand is that knowledge isn’t confined to the minds of the chosen few, biological or electronical; new ideas, revelations, discoveries, inventions, innovations, creations, and conceptions are widely distributed throughout a multitude of human minds.

In a controlled society you have no Wright Brothers or Henry Fords or Jonas Salks, what you get are Bushes and Clintons and Trumps.

The past exists in the minds of the controllers, no matter how benevolent or well-meaning they may be, while the future dwells in the minds of individuals.

Libertarianism flourishes and collectivism fails.

Human evolution speeding up*

The original article from one of the multiple sources that inspired the first satire, the second satire, and eventually the current speculation about how speedy libertarian evolution might get.

Evolution of “Race”

A National Geographic article says “There’s No Scientific Basis for Race” and isn’t based on genetics. DNA reveals that everyone’s ancestors came from Africa. Race is based on early false “science” and social constructs.

Evolution of sex and gender

Sex and gender are typically used interchangeably but many researchers use the term “sex” to refer to individuals’ physical characteristics and gender to refer to individuals’ psychological characteristics and behavior. Confused yet?

Evolution of Modern “Libertarianism?”

In this version, “libertarianism” was resurrected from the dictionary and identified with free markets, private property, and limited government—what “liberal” originally meant before it became collectivism.

* This article is no longer accessible

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