Left-Wing Russian Myopia

Updated on May 27, 2017

In 1946, Joseph McCarthy ran for US Senate. His campaign succeeded, and he became the Republican Senator for the state of Wisconsin. It was also one year into the Cold War with the two world Superpowers the USA and the Soviet Union, ranged against one another for global, ideological and nuclear supremacy. McCarthy's early years as a Senator were pretty unremarkable, until 1950 when in a speech he claimed he possessed details of Communist Party members and spies, 205 of them, employed by the State Department. He further railed against President Truman's administration and even accused the US Army of containing Soviet spies, his use of blackmailing to accuse others of illegal sex acts caused a "Lavender Scare," where people feared accusations of homosexuality (then illegal) aimed at them. Reelected in 1953, the Republicans gained a majority in the Senate, with McCarthy chairing the Senate Committee on Government Operations, leading to the Army-McCarthy hearings. The hearings into army conduct were televised and eventually lead to McCarthy's censure by the Senate, one of the few US Senators to receive such a public rebuke. McCarthyism caused fear among the establishment and populace, causing many left-wing Americans to flee the country, such as actor Sam Wanamaker, who helped rebuild Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.

Fast forward 60+ years and Donald Trump is President. His ascension to the most powerful political office in the world is cause for nearly as much controversy as McCarthyism, and one of the sources of most division regarding Trump is his alleged cosying up to, as usual, America's Public Enemy Number One of old, Russia. Last week, Donald Trump fired FBI chief, James Comey. The following day he met Sergei Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister. After this, reports began to emerge that President Trump revealed US secrets to Lavrov and had urged James Comey to drop any investigations into Trump's first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia before sacking Comey. At the beginning of 2017, before Trump's inauguration, rumours emerged of a retired British MI6 agent possessing a dossier that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on the bed the Obamas slept in at a Moscow hotel, acquired by Buzzfeed, of all places. A prank by 4chan birthed the Moscow hotel scandal, and Vladimir Putin claims he can show the transcript of the meeting between Trump and Lavrov, proving Trump shared no secrets. However, even many of the President's detractors grow weary of the constant media witch hunt, so no amount of disavowals from the White House will alleviate mainstream media's urge to topple him. The mainstream media's narrative - all of which have a liberal bent - is so transparent, could anyone possibly buy it? The resurrection of the old bogeyman that fell with the Berlin Wall is a cynical and tired one, even without underscoring the glaring hypocrisy with which liberal news outlets conduct themselves. Ironically, it was televising the committee proceedings that led to Joseph McCarthy's downfall, perhaps due to the public apparently seeing through scaremongering. Although now that TV and print news maintains a stranglehold on the dissemination of stories which after decades is finally loosening, a convenient spectre has exorcised the demon in our controlled broadcasts. People are all too aware that media sources cannot be trusted, no amount of Russia or "Fake News," will reverse that tide and they broadcast that downfall too.


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