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Keeping It Honest: Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff Rally

Another Trump rally, nothing new, more of the same. Lying Trump takes the same path for 2020.

Trump supporters draped in the American flag

Trump supporters draped in the American flag

To get the crowd excited about the rally, which took place on June 18, 2019, Trump tweeted first thing in the morning: "Next week ICE will begin the process of removing millions of illegal aliens." Announcing the pick-up of immigrants was likely an effort to get his supporters revved up.

As in all of Trump's rallies, many of the supporters were draped in the American flag, be it an actual flag, shirts, dresses, scarfs or other garments. They chanted "U.S.A." over and over again as well, which makes one wonder how someone who supports the American flag and our country can openly and whole-heartedly support someone like Trump who constantly demeans our own government and sides with dictators over our own countrymen and women.

Donald J. Trump at his campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida, June 18, 2019

Donald J. Trump at his campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida, June 18, 2019

Overflow crowd at Amway Center Park, Orlando

Overflow crowd at Amway Center Park, Orlando

Let's Fact-Check Some of Trump's Promises and Lies

During his speech, Donald Jr. mocked Joe Biden for talking about finding a cure for cancer. Joe Biden lost a son to brain cancer, but like his father, he ridiculed a man for wanting to do more for cancer. Then Donald Trump comes to the podium and does one better. Not only is he going to push to cure cancer, but he's also going to eradicate HIV & AIDS. He even claimed, "We are really close."

  • Fact: In his most recent budget proposal, he wants to cut funding from HIV & AIDS research to send it to fund the undocumented child immigration detention centers.

Trump stated, "We are, by the way, the number one producer of energy in the world because of what we've done right now".

  • Fact: The U.S. has been the world's number one energy producer since 2012; under Obama.

"We're going to have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of the year. It's moving very rapidly."

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  • Fact: So far, the "new" walls are actually replacements and repairs that already exist. He still does not have enough funding for his wall, except for the funding he is taking from the military budget. This is still tied up in legal limbo as to the legality of taking those funds.

"Our air and water are the cleanest they've ever been."

  • Fact: In 2016, Obama set a record for having the least amount of air polluted days. Since 2017, we've had 15% more unhealthy air days. When Barack Obama was elected, the Republicans swore to make him a one-term president and block everything he tried to do.
  • Fact: Obama used executive powers under the 1970 Clean Air Act to attack air pollution in the United States and the world with laws and programs, like the Clean Power Plan. He introduced wind energy, solar energy, clean fuel energy. He set laws in place to protect the environment, water, endangered species and agriculture.
  • Fact: Through the RESTORE ACT, Obama set up to protect and restore the Gulf Coast. One of the largest accomplishments of his leadership was working with China to and secure a global agreement with 195 nations to reduce climate pollution.
  • Fact: Since 2017, we've had 15% more unhealthy air days. In the last few days, EPA members, past and present have met with Congress to stop Trump from rolling back 83 environmental rules that will be disastrous to the people of the United States.

The final line that stood out more than anything, was when he said, "We are going to make America wealthy again! Was it a slip of the lip? Everything from tariffs and tax cuts to repealing protective laws will only work to make Trump and his very wealthy supporters even more wealthy.

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Trump Even Lied About the Tickets for His Rally

For the days preceding the rally, Donald Trump stated that they had 100,000 tickets for supporters and that the venue held about 20,000 people, so they were having a festival in the Amway Center park for the remaining supporters to be able to watch on the jumbotron screen. That would be approximately 70,000 to 80,000 in the over-run area is what he predicted.

Supporters began to arrive early to the Amway Center park area, where they lined up to wait. Many were upset when a storm moved through and they were not allowed in the building even after being warned to seek shelter.

While the venue was finally filled by many supporters, it was not filled to capacity as reported by the city. And the over-run area had very few people watching on the jumbotron, nowhere near the number that Trump was claiming. I believe this would fall under an exaggeration, not exactly a lie.

Once most of the supporters we inside the venue, they had an opening prayer, in which they prayed for strength for Trump to bring forth his destiny. Speeches were made by Donald Trump Jr. and others. When Donald Trump made his way to the stage, he began to exaggerate the truth and lie multiple times, as expected. From time to time even some of his supporters looked rather confused at what he was saying.

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