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Jill Holtzman Vogel’s Defeat Was Virginia’s Victory

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

Fortunately for all Virginians, the next lieutenant governor of that same state will never be Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel so long as people in that state remain wise to her true colors.

Fortunately for all Virginians, the next lieutenant governor of that same state will never be Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel so long as people in that state remain wise to her true colors.

A. Introduction

November 7, 2017 seems like yesterday. A state election took place in the Commonwealth of Virginia on that date, and now that state has a lieutenant governor that people in that state can depend on. Fortunately for all Virginians, the next lieutenant governor of that same state will never be Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel so long as people in that state remain wise to her true colors. According to her interview with Breitbart News, Ms. Vogel had believed that she was going to beat Justin Fairfax in a landslide victory in their race for their state’s next lieutenant governor. However, Mr. Fairfax won the election as his state’s next lieutenant governor with an impressive lead over Ms. Vogel, and he defeated her FAIR AND SQUARE. How did Mr. Fairfax win this same election? The answer is plain and simple. He listened to what the Virginia voters had to say and what they wanted, and he made it clear to them that he would be working for them, if elected, rather than the other way around. Ms. Vogel, on the other hand, behaved like a pouting little brat who threw temper tantrums if she didn’t get her own way about everything. Hmmm. I wonder if her parents forgot to take her to see Bambi when she was a little kid and she hasn’t gotten over it.

Ms. Vogel’s defeat in her state election was a victory for the Commonwealth of Virginia, because they got a new lieutenant governor in 2018 who actually cared about his constituents as well as the residents of his state. Ms. Vogel was mainly dead set on shoving her agenda down the throats of her fellow Virginians. Those are the characteristics of a dictator rather than of a savvy political leader who is sensitive to the needs and the best interests of the people living in his or her state. Unlike Ms. Vogel, Mr. Fairfax is actually willing to hear what the people in his state jurisdiction have to say, and he will continue to be their biggest advocate. Mr. Fairfax’s victory in his state election is also a victory for the entire United States of America, because now there remains a significantly less of a chance that Ms. Vogel will ever become our nation’s next president. In figurative language, considering how Ms. Vogel has repeatedly stabbed President Donald J. Trump in the back and has pretended to be his biggest advocate from the time that he first announced that he was running for office, she shouldn’t even be allowed to set foot in the White House at all for any reason. It is clear to anyone who reads this article of mine here that Ms. Vogel has no sense of party loyalty, and she only works across party lines whenever it suits her own selfish agenda.

I guess that Ms. Vogel won’t ever be popping open a bottle of champagne after her defeat in the 2017 state election in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Oh, well. Now she will have more time to attend her socialite bashes, and now she’ll have more time to throw her cocktail parties while homeless people walk the streets of her state and wonder where their next meal is coming from. But what does she care? She’ll never see the inside of a homeless shelter or know what goes on in a soup kitchen. The closest that she has ever come to those places is perhaps giving a few legal tips here and there to people who run them. She has a rich father and a financially comfortable husband to keep her from ever finding out what it is like to have nothing and for society to belittle her simply for falling on hard times. She will be too busy shopping for new diamonds even to think about it. On the other hand, Mr. Fairfax will likely visit homeless shelters and soup kitchens throughout his state in his war on poverty in his role as lieutenant governor, because he knows how it is to struggle and he has worked hard for everything that he has accomplished in life.

B. Ms. Vogel Acted Volatile And Immature Throughout Her Campaign

Ms. Vogel threw temper tantrums at the debate between her and Mr. Fairfax at the University of Richmond School of Law on October 5, 2017 whenever Mr. Fairfax called her out on her shortcomings as a Virginia state senator. Not only did she behave like a pouting little brat who had to have her own way about everything, but she also acted as though the whole world were against her when she gave an interview after that same debate. If you view the YouTube video below, you will find how Ms. Vogel makes a psychotic-like facial expression as though she thought that the whole world was ganging up on her.

Jill Holtzman Vogel Doesn't Appear To Be In Touch With All Her Faculties In Her Interview

Mr. Fairfax also gave an interview after that same debate between him and Ms. Vogel. However, he kept himself together throughout the interview, and instead of behaving like a victim of some kind, he limited his conversation with the interviewer strictly to the issues that interested Virginia voters. If you view the YouTube video below, you will find that Mr. Fairfax conducts himself in this same interview like a true leader.

Justin Fairfax Shows Poise And Sophistication In His Interview

Now if you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, ask yourself this question. Who would you prefer to be your state’s lieutenant governor? A pouting little brat trapped inside the body of a middle-aged woman? Or a knowledgeable leader who understands the difficulties of many of his fellow Virginians? The 2017 election results in the Commonwealth of Virginia speak for themselves. The majority of the people in that state didn’t want Ms. Vogel to preside over them in any capacity, and they voted for her opponent accordingly. Mr. Fairfax had something to offer the people of his state, and they, therefore, elected him as their lieutenant governor. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

C. Ms. Vogel Realized The Error Of Her Ways Way Too Late

Okay. I realize that I’m probably giving Ms. Vogel too much credit in stating that she could ever see the error of her own ways. However, I’m sure that her campaign manager gave her feedback on what she was doing right and what she was doing wrong in her efforts to get elected as her state’s next lieutenant governor. If she actually listened to this campaign manager, it wasn’t because she cared about her constituents or anybody in her state. It was only because she saw herself as being entitled to becoming her state’s next lieutenant governor. That sense of entitlement that she has obviously had ever since she took her first breath back in 1970, as a result of her lavish upbringing did more harm than good to her in this same state election back in 2017.

Ms. Vogel repeatedly boasted about her marriage bill that eventually outlawed anyone from getting married in her state before the age of eighteen with the exception of legally emancipated minors over the age of sixteen. However, you’ll notice that Ms. Vogel never brings up the subject of her marriage bill even once throughout the entire event. Could it be that she finally realized that there were many more people in the Commonwealth of Virginia who opposed her marriage bill than she had cared to find out about upon presenting it to her state legislature in 2016? One fact that remains clear is that it wasn’t helping her chances of getting elected as her state’s next lieutenant governor. Perhaps she finally came to grips with the fact that this was not a road that she should have gone down in the first place if she truly wanted to become her state’s next lieutenant governor.

Ms. Vogel is with the Republican Party, which is a political party that is supposed to favor both the institution of family and marriage and is supposed to promote fiscal responsibility. However, her actions to get her marriage bill passed in her state jurisdiction demonstrated how much of a hypocrite she is in this respect. Ms. Vogel’s marriage bill would bring many consequences upon Virginians subsequent to its ratification.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, particularly in its region that houses the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains, there are bound to be adolescent girls as young as 13 years old who find themselves in situations in which they are pregnant with their boyfriend’s baby and their boyfriend may just happen to be slightly older than what society expects. In many events, when these girls marry the fathers of their babies, everyone comes out of the situation happy and ahead of the game in the long run. However, Ms. Vogel emphatically voiced her viewpoint that sending the baby daddies to prison would somehow turn these young girls’ lives into a bed of roses. She lives in a white picket fence fantasy world to the exclusion of reality in that she believes that a young girl in such a situation is somehow going to be better off if she sends her baby’s father to prison and gives her baby up for adoption and then dates boys her own age as though the world is somehow going to turn into an age-appropriate Utopia of intra-generational romance for all adolescents, when reality is simply not as black and white as such a pipedream on the part of Ms. Vogel.

Not everyone who lives in the Commonwealth of Virginia grows up in a sheltered suburban community. Adolescents who live outside that protected environment, especially ones who live in the mountains, in that state acquire adult responsibilities at much younger ages than adolescents who grow up with all the comforts of life as Ms. Vogel did. Her idea of sending the fathers of these young girls’ babies to prison is a recipe for unwanted difficulties for everyone involved in the situation further down the road. If a young girl wishes to keep her baby in that event, then she usually will have to go on welfare if her parents cannot afford to support both her and the baby and whatever other kids that the young girl’s parents may be raising in their household. Then the young girl has to live with the stigma of being an unwed mother at the age of 15 or 14 or even 13, and her baby has to live with the stigma of being the child of both a welfare mom and a convicted felon. The list of problems just goes on and on after the criminal justice system has been needlessly brought into the situation. Moreover, it is going to be more difficult for the baby’s father to get a job after he gets out of prison inasmuch as he will have a police record for a serious felony and he will likely have to register as a sex offender for a substantial period of time, which benefits nobody except perhaps some self-serving prosecutor in the public sector who cares nothing about all the people involved in the matter. This young man is going to want to support his kid, but his predicament will make it anything but easy for him to do so.

A true conservative Republican who values both the institution of marriage and family would never entertain the kind of marriage bill that Ms. Vogel sponsored and got signed into law back in 2016. A true conservative Republican would also foresee the same above-described problems materializing further on down the road as a result of such a marriage bill becoming a law. Moreover, this marriage bill was not fiscally responsible on Ms. Vogel’s part, because more adolescent mothers going on welfare and more young men going to prison as the fathers of these young girls’ babies equals a greater burden on all the taxpayers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. After taking all these facts and putting them together, it would not come to me as a surprise if many registered Republicans in the Commonwealth of Virginia had voted for Mr. Fairfax instead of their own party’s candidate on November 7, 2017. Regardless of whether anyone can argue over whether or not a marriage between an adolescent girl as young as her early teens and a young man five or more years older than her is healthy or morally sound, it cannot be debated that everybody loses in an unplanned pregnancy in that same scenario whenever the authorities become needlessly involved in the situation. Whenever criminal investigations are generated in this respect, these law-enforcement officials who conduct them are nobody’s friends except perhaps the prosecutors’.

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What greatly disturbs me about this busybody crusade on the part of Ms. Vogel and others like her to ban underage marriage everywhere in the land of milk and honey is that I find that many of these same activists and politicians in Ms. Vogel’s political circles don’t seem to have any problem with 15-year-old juveniles being tried as adults in criminal court cases and subsequently locked up with dangerous felons in adult maximum-security correctional facilities. It’s a double standard in my school of thought that a 15-year-old juvenile is legally old enough to be locked up with some of the most violent gang members known to society in an adult prison, but, on the other hand, that same minor is legally too young to get married in certain state jurisdictions of our nation. In fact, what greatly infuriates me is that many of these same activists and politicians who are seeking to outlaw underage marriage throughout our country appear to support laws throughout our nation that allow for prosecutors to try teenage juveniles as adults and get them sent to adult maximum-security correctional facilities. The irony of it all is that a 14- or 15-year-old girl is more likely to confront dangerous situations if she is locked up with violent female felons in an adult maximum-security penitentiary than she is if she marries her 19-year-old boyfriend. At the end of the day, lawmakers and law-enforcement officials simply want to have their cake and eat it too, which is not true criminal justice and is very unfair. The YouTube video below shows an example of a juvenile who was tried as an adult and locked up in an adult prison shortly before his sixteenth birthday.

Is It Fair And Right That A Teenage Juvenile Can Be Sent To An Adult Prison But Is Also Legally Too Young To Get Married?

It should be noted that the story in the YouTube video directly above comes out of California, which is one of the states in our nation that has recently considered banning underage marriage under any circumstances. An online article on Hive Blog titled “California Proceeds With Caution Regarding Underage Marriage Bill” provides you with the full details of this marriage bill that was brought before the California state legislature recently, which was similar to the marriage bill that Ms. Vogel sponsored in the Commonwealth of Virginia back in 2016.

D. Ms. Vogel Played Dirty Against Her Opponent Right Up To The Very End

Shortly before the state election in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I was surfing YouTube to find more information that I could use in my future articles. I eventually stumbled across a campaign advertisement by the Latino Victory Fund. The advertisement starts out in which a small truck with an “Ed Gillespie for governor” sticker and a Confederate flag is traveling down the street, and eventually the driver is chasing after a group of minority children in his vehicle as though he has intentions of running them over and killing them. It turns out to have been a bad dream for all of these children, and a few minutes later they all wake up at the same time from this nightmare that they coincidentally each had. The advertisement ends with a scene in which a couple is watching some kind of Aryan supremacist demonstration on television. For those of you out there who don’t know who Ed Gillespie is, he was the Republican candidate who ran for governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in their 2017 election.

I found this same advertisement from the Latino Victory Fund to be tacky and devoid of any intellectual insight on what this same organization was trying to get across to its viewers. Instead of being an advertisement that discourages hatred and prejudice, it is one that misleads the public into a needless panic. Well, hand it to Ms. Vogel to post a video on her YouTube channel about this advertisement and misuse it against her opponent, Mr. Fairfax, shortly before her state’s election day.

In her YouTube video, Ms. Vogel describes this same advertisement by the Latino Victory Fund as “incredibly offensive” and “false” in that it wrongfully condemns Mr. Gillespie as being a racist, when, in fact, he is not one. Okay. I can agree with her on those points. However, she took her YouTube video too far and accused Mr. Fairfax’s “failure” to condemn the advertisement as being demonstrative of a “real lack of leadership.”

Mr. Fairfax was not involved in the making of this same advertisement. He did not endorse it. He did not even have the opportunity to see the full advertisement as he stated in a radio interview on WRVA on November 1, 2017. Ms. Vogel even acknowledges in her YouTube video that Mr. Fairfax had not seen the full advertisement. Therefore, how would it even be fair to use this advertisement against him? Should a candidate be shamed for every transgression that other people in their political party have ever committed? Moreover, the Latino Victory Fund isn’t even a group of politicians in the Democratic Party. They are just a bunch of rabble-rousers who were looking to play on the fears and the insecurities of the Virginia voters to sabotage Mr. Gillespie’s campaign for governor of that state.

In her YouTube video, Ms. Vogel ultimately preaches about “putting conscience and principle over politics,” and she closes her statement in saying that such an accomplishment is real leadership. After reading all four of my articles about her, anyone can see that this woman is so full of hot air that it’s pitiful. If I were in Mr. Gillespie’s shoes, I’d never want to have anything to do with her again after seeing her YouTube video despite that she is in the same political party. If you view her YouTube video below, you will find just how pathetic she is and that her actions in this respect only show how desperate she was to win the election in her state for lieutenant governor. Luckily, most Virginians were able to see her true colors, and they voted for the best candidate for lieutenant governor of their state, which was Mr. Fairfax.

Jill Holtzman Vogel's Shenanigans Go Way Too Far

Ms. Vogel couldn’t even stop at posting one nonsensical video on her YouTube channel like the one above. She posted yet another video on her YouTube channel regarding this same advertisement by the Latino Victory Fund. In that one video of hers, there is supposedly a news reporter following Mr. Fairfax around out in public and repeatedly asking him whether he disavows the advertisement by the Latino Victory Fund against Mr. Gillespie. After this news reporter supposedly asks Mr. Fairfax this same question again and again, Mr. Fairfax appears to be ignoring him.

Now, what is so interesting is that in this same video, you can see a hand bob out in front of the camera that is being used to film it. Therefore, there was obviously someone there filming Mr. Fairfax as he was walking around in public. However, even though I do not wish to speculate, what came across to me as very odd about this video was that the voice of the supposed news reporter sounded inconsistent in its audio quality with that of the other voices in the video. In other words, Ms. Vogel could have easily had this supposed news reporter’s voice dubbed into the video in order to make it look as though Mr. Fairfax had been evading this man’s questions regarding the Latino Victory Fund advertisement. There can be no question about the fact that there was some man there filming Mr. Fairfax on behalf of Ms. Vogel as Mr. Fairfax was walking through a crowd of people out in public. However, the voice of the man who was filming this video could have easily been dubbed into it in order to make it sound as though someone were actually pressuring Mr. Fairfax to answer their question regarding the Latino Victory Fund advertisement, when, in actuality, Mr. Fairfax never answered this man’s question inasmuch as this man never asked him it. View the YouTube video below that Ms. Vogel made against Mr. Fairfax, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Jill Holtzman Vogel Just Couldn't Leave This Subject Alone

Now, I don’t like to point the finger at anyone. However, a devious tactic like this one would be something that I would never put past Ms. Vogel. This would not have been the first time that Ms. Vogel has ever stooped this low to win an election. When she was seeking the nomination as the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of her state in 2017, she engaged in some really reprehensible tactics to defeat her opponent, Bryce E. Reeves, in the June primary in her state. It should also be noted and stressed that Ms. Vogel disabled the comments sections of both above-cited videos on YouTube. She probably did so, because she knew that many people would have posted comments objecting to both of her videos.

E. My Conclusion To This Topic

More Virginia voters are now aware of what kind of person Ms. Vogel really is now that she has put herself way out in the spotlight and her dirty laundry is more visible on public exhibition for everyone to see than it was before. Perhaps it might have been better if Ms. Vogel had not run at all for office as her state’s next lieutenant governor back in 2017. All of her deep, dark secrets regarding her past transgressions as a politician are most certainly now going to come back to haunt her every time she decides to seek reelection as the Virginia state senator in her voting district or run for any office. She now has fewer chances of getting back into office in that same capacity, because now people in her voting district are going to realize what a bad choice she is for office. My best advice to her back in 2017 was that she didn’t seek another term as a Virginia state senator, because if she did, someone in the Democratic Party would definitely be running against her after seeing what a joke she had been for the past decade. I did not even doubt that someone would have run against her on the Independent ticket for the office of Virginia state senator in her voting district. Unfortunately, she won another term in that office. However, she could be defeated in the next election. There may even be a considerable number of write-in candidates also running against her in the next election, which there should have been the last time she ran for Virginia state senator. Better yet, she would be doing everyone a very big favor if she were to resign from her current position as the Virginia state senator of her voting district altogether and leave Richmond for good.

Ms. Vogel is a blatant example of how a politician’s overly inflated ego can make them their own worst enemy. Mr. Fairfax put forth an astronomical amount of effort to reach out to the voters in his state and inform them of exactly what he had to offer them. He worked hard to win the 2017 election as his state’s next lieutenant governor. However, he can also thank Ms. Vogel for making it easier for him to win this same election than it would have been if she had decided not to run for office at all this time and someone else had run in her place on the Republican ticket.

Seeing Mr. Fairfax stand not too far from Ms. Vogel in both of their debates presented a good example of what a true leader like him looks like in a political contest against a buffoon who is only out for herself. Now people across the Commonwealth of Virginia can sleep soundly at night, knowing that Justin Fairfax is lieutenant governor of their state who actually wants to provide a better quality of life for them than what they had before. Ms. Vogel would not have given that benefit to the people of her state if she had become their next lieutenant governor back in 2017.

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