Jill Holtzman Vogel Will Ruin Virginia

Updated on June 14, 2019

A. Introduction

You may have read my previous article on Soapboxie.com regarding Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel and her current campaign for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That article is titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong For Virginia.” By popular demand and in response to the traffic that I received for that same article, I have decided to publish a follow-up article regarding this same candidate. As I have stated in my previous article and I shall state again, I am not here to run a smear campaign against any candidate running for office this November anywhere in the United States of America nor am I siding with any particular political party. However, now that the Commonwealth of Virginia is just days away from its state election, I feel that it is more important than ever that everyone who is registered to vote in that same state jurisdiction be fully informed about Ms. Vogel so that they may make an educated decision at the voting polls on November 7, 2017.

One of the highlights of my previous article titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong For Virginia” was that Ms. Vogel pushed a bill through her state legislature that would ban all underage marriage with the exception of 16- and 17-year-old legally emancipated minors in her state, and she convinced Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to sign it into law in the summer of 2016. Therein I pointed out all the reasons that this law was detrimental to the best interests of Virginians. In any event, some of you reading this Hub of mine here as well as those of you who have read my previous article regarding Ms. Vogel may still think what this Virginia state senator did was sensible and in the best interests of the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, particularly minors, despite any information that I provided to you to the contrary. However, once you read this Hub of mine here, you might still have a change of opinion. Because underage marriage or rather what Ms. Vogel calls “child marriage” has become a very touchy subject across the nation within the past few years once again after so many years, I thought that I would devote this Hub of mine here to the topic of the specific actions that Ms. Vogel took in her state legislature to change the marriage laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Recently Ms. Vogel has aired a campaign advertisement on television channels throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia in which she prides herself for having gotten what she refers to as a “child marriage ban” passed in her state. You can even view it on a YouTube video that is displayed below.

A Sample Of Jill Holtzman Vogel's Flawed Campaign

Ms. Vogel actually believes that by invoking the fact in her campaign advertisement that she got a law passed in her state that bans all minors from getting married except for legally emancipated ones over the age of sixteen, people in her state are actually going to vote for her for that same reason. However, after you read this Hub of mine here, you will realize that the intelligent voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia will vote for her opponent and may even boycott her campaign for office. As far as I’m concerned, she should do her state a big favor and just drop out of the race for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s next lieutenant governor altogether.

B. Ms. Vogel Stirred Up A Moral Panic To Serve Her Own Agenda

If you research into the background of Ms. Vogel’s efforts to end underage marriage in her state as people there knew it, you will realize that, in figurative language, she had misled parents in her constituency to believe that a caravan of gypsies would break into their homes in the middle of the night and kidnap their pre-teen daughters to take them off somewhere far away to be forced into a wedding at gunpoint and subsequently turned into involuntary baby-making machines unless her marriage bill were to pass and be signed into law. However, this propaganda that she fed the public at large could not have been any further from the truth, and it was both highly inappropriate and specious at best. She played on the fears and insecurities of parents to entice her colleagues in her state legislature and others to support her in this busybody crusade of hers.

If we all go back in time to the year 2002 when Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee kidnapped then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart, we will find that there were safeguards in place in the marriage laws throughout our nation even as far back as then that would have prevented Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers from forcing her into an unwanted legal marriage before she was even old enough to get her driver’s license. There were even fewer safeguards in place in the marriage laws throughout our nation that protected minors from unwanted matrimony back in 2002 than there are now. In any event, let’s take a good look at that whole ordeal that unfolded earlier in the 21st century.

Brian David Mitchell was a middle-aged man who broke into Elizabeth Smart’s home and kidnapped her from her bedroom when she was barely a teenager. He and his wife, Wanda Barzee, forced Ms. Smart into an unwanted polygamous marriage. However, at no time was that marriage ever legal. Moreover, Mr. Mitchell would not have had any way of ever legalizing that marriage to Ms. Smart even under the marriage laws throughout our nation that were in effect back then and that had fewer safeguards in place to protect minors from abusive legal commitments that involved matrimony.

If Mr. Mitchell had brought Ms. Smart to the Commonwealth of Virginia in an effort to marry her under the marriage laws that were in effect in that state jurisdiction back then, he would have faced numerous criminal charges and he would never have succeeded in legalizing his polygamous marriage to Ms. Smart. First of all, the authorities there in that state would have immediately arrested him for kidnapping. Because he would have needed the consent from Ms. Smart’s parents to marry Ms. Smart legally that he never would have gotten under the circumstances, the authorities would also have charged him with other crimes involving moral turpitude. He also likely would have been charged with Attempted Bigamy. Mr. Mitchell would never have had a prayer of walking out of a Virginia courthouse as a man legally married to Ms. Smart.

The authorities recovered Ms. Smart in 2003, and she was reunited with her parents. Mr. Mitchell was ultimately sentenced to life in prison for what he did to her. Ms. Barzee was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in prison for what she did to Ms. Smart. Both of these perpetrators had turned Ms. Smart’s life into a nightmare over the course of the ninth months that they had her in captivity. However, despite all the horror stories that Ms. Vogel has fed the public, Ms. Smart was never trapped in any unwanted marriage with Mr. Mitchell that any state jurisdiction in our country would have legally recognized. Once the authorities rescued Ms. Smart from her abductors, she was safe and sound and her abductors were ultimately out of her life.

The author of this picture is KOMUnews
The author of this picture is KOMUnews | Source

Protecting children from harm is a serious matter in our society. I am all for elected officials across our nation passing laws to keep children safe. However, Ms. Vogel blurs the lines between child safety concerns and mere youth-related social issues by demonizing teenage marriage into something that it is not.

C. Ms. Vogel Is Insensitive To The Needs Of Those That Are Less Fortunate Than Her

So many years ago, I was watching a news story on television about a 14-year-old boy who was terminally ill. I vaguely recall that this young boy was dying of cancer. He only had perhaps one more year to live from what I remember. He told his parents that his last wish before he died was to marry his 13-year-old girlfriend. Afterwards, his parents immediately got in touch with the 13-year-old girl’s parents and agreed with them to sign all the necessary paperwork and execute all the necessary proceedings so that the terminally ill 14-year-old boy could legally marry his 13-year-old girlfriend. They were all likely parents who did not believe that anyone should get married before the age of 18. However, the young boy’s parents agreed to consent to their 14-year-old son to get married, because they realized that their son would never live to see his eighteenth birthday. In other words, there wasn’t going to be any EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD for this terminally ill youngster.

Now, let’s say that something like this were to occur in the Commonwealth of Virginia today. Under the current marriage laws in that state jurisdiction, such a 14-year-old boy would be out of luck inasmuch as Ms. Vogel had ensured that there would be no exceptions for a minor that young to get married under any circumstances under the current marriage laws in that state. This young man would end up dying without realizing his last wish, which would be to have his girlfriend at his side as his lawfully wedded wife. Some of you are probably saying that the parents could always take him and his girlfriend to another jurisdiction where it would be legal for them to get married. However, you have to consider the fact that if this young man is ailing from a terminal illness, he is probably not going to be in any condition to travel long distances from one state to another and make appearances before a judge to seek authorization for him to wed his girlfriend.

If Governor McAuliffe had vetoed Ms. Vogel’s marriage bill, a youngster in such a situation would easily have the option to go just around the block to take his girlfriend’s hand in marriage through proper legal channels. However, thanks to Ms. Vogel, that option no longer exists in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Then again, why should Ms. Vogel even care? This woman was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she has frolicked in the lap of luxury all of her life. She is incapable of feeling any sensitivity to this kind of situation, because she would never be confronted with one. That is, at least from an average person’s predicament.

I’ve noticed in articles and advertisements regarding Ms. Vogel that she has sons who do not look old enough to have a driver’s license. Now, let’s just say that one of her sons were 14 years old and he were dying of a terminal illness that only gave him less than a year to live. Also, let’s say that he were to tell Ms. Vogel that he wished to marry his 13-year-old girlfriend before he died. Do you think that Ms. Vogel would look at him and say, “Sorry, Charlie! But you’re not old enough, period! If you don’t live to be eighteen, oh, well! That’s life!”? No, she wouldn’t say something like that to her own terminally ill son. She would use all her wealth and power to arrange for her 14-year-old son and his 13-year-old girlfriend to be flown up in a helicopter from her residence or from somewhere close enough to it to wherever she would have to have them taken so that they could legally get married.

I know that I criticized Ms. Vogel in my previous article for attempting to get a punitive provision included in her marriage bill. Well, even if that punitive provision had successfully remained a part of her marriage bill after Governor McAuliffe signed it into law, I don’t believe that Ms. Vogel would have been the least bit concerned about it in the event that she was confronted with a situation in which she had to transport her terminally ill 14-year-old son and his 13-year-old girlfriend to another jurisdiction so that they could legally get married. She likely has friends in high places in both her state judicial system and her state government who could have easily helped her to dodge a bullet if any criminal charges had been brought against her in that event. Unfortunately, rich people in public office like her don’t seem to have to follow the same rules as average individuals like you and me who remain vulnerable to such laws regardless of how unfair they may be.

D. Ms. Vogel’s New Marriage Law Is Detrimental To Her State’s Economy

Regardless of any propaganda that Ms. Vogel or her colleagues have put out to the public in support of her new marriage law that bans underage matrimony for the most part, her actions in this respect will continue to do more harm than good to her state’s economy. Now that teenage mothers in the Commonwealth of Virginia who are not old enough to vote won’t have the option of marrying the fathers of their babies who may be beyond their high school years, these men will likely be prosecuted for violating the age-of-consent laws in their state and they will needlessly have to serve time behind bars. Now, I do not condone anyone breaking the law. However, I do believe that the criminal laws in our nation need to be balanced out in a way that the wrong people don’t get caught in the line of fire of someone’s busybody crusade to purify society like that of Ms. Vogel.

In any event, as a result of the above-described implications, Virginians are going to see more teenage mothers on welfare, and the taxes in that state will likely have to be raised accordingly. When these men finish serving their time and in the event that they reunite with the mothers of their offspring to marry them on or after their eighteenth birthdays, it is likely that these same men will experience a great amount of difficulty securing employment inasmuch as they will have police records and they will probably have to register as sex offenders. Then this same state jurisdiction is going to have a whole new generation of children growing up on welfare.

Some ultraconservatives may argue that a solution to any such problems can be provided simply by eliminating all of the welfare programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, once when I was working temporarily for a welfare agency, I asked one of the social workers there what would happen if all of the welfare programs were done away with across the nation. She responded to me that all mayhem would break loose, because people who depend upon these programs would not stand for being thrown under the bus in that manner, in figurative words. Therefore, I find myself saying, “So much for ultraconservative idealism.”

The Commonwealth of Virginia cannot afford to elect someone like Ms. Vogel as their next lieutenant governor. As many of you are probably able to see by now, if she were to win such an election this November, she would run her state in the same manner that a slumlord would manage an apartment building. That is, the quality of life in her state would go down the tubes as a result of her actions from that point on. She is completely out of touch with the difficulties and concerns of the average people in her state. It is not to say that there are not rich people out there who know how to govern a large population in a way that they are receptive to the needs of everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status. However, Ms. Vogel is not one of those rich people. She is an affluent socialite who is so aloof to the problems of everyday people that she lives in her own little fantasy world to the exclusion of reality.

Now, if you are a registered Republican in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am not telling you that you should vote for Ms. Vogel’s opponent, Justin Fairfax. That decision is entirely up to you. However, I can frankly tell you that one thing that Mr. Fairfax is definitely not is a snob. Unlike Ms. Vogel, he did not have anything handed to him on a silver platter. Judge for yourself if he is qualified to be the Commonwealth of Virginia’s next lieutenant governor.

Justin Fairfax Appears To Run An Honest Campaign

E. My Conclusion To This Topic

In figurative words, Ms. Vogel is clearly not lieutenant gubernatorial material. She is not fit to lead an entire state of people who may not share the same so-called values that she preaches so passionately about in her campaign advertisements. Electing her to a higher office will bring her closer to becoming the governor of her state, which is something that voters in her state simply cannot afford. Moreover, helping her move up the political ladder will also bring her much closer to having the opportunity someday to run for president of the United States of America, which is definitely something that our nation simply cannot afford. As many voters said about Hillary Clinton back in the 2016 presidential election, I would like to see a woman get elected to the Oval Office; but I don’t want Ms. Vogel ever to become our nation’s president. Such an event would be a disaster on a worldwide scale. The best thing that could ever happen to the Commonwealth of Virginia is that Ms. Vogel someday gets voted out of office in her capacity as a state senator so that she cannot bring any further harm to her state.

If you are registered to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you will not want to elect someone like Ms. Vogel to be your next lieutenant governor. If you are not a wealthy Virginian and you have to work for a living as most people do, you will not want to throw your vote away on a candidate who will only harm your state’s future. Also, I must emphasize that if you are a parent of a young man who is currently incarcerated inasmuch as his underage adolescent girlfriend is pregnant with or has given birth to your grandchild and you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are going to want to make sure that you go to the election polls this November to vote however you believe you should in order to prevent Ms. Vogel from ever becoming your state’s next lieutenant governor. I am not asking you to vote for Ms. Vogel’s opponent, Justin Fairfax, although I must admit that I do feel that he has great potential to lead the people of his state. However, I must stress that you do not vote for Ms. Vogel if you are concerned about your state’s future. She will only ruin your state further than she has already done so.

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      • TheShadowSpecter profile imageAUTHOR

        Jason B Truth 

        2 years ago from United States of America

        Ladies and gentlemen? Some of you may be asking why this article is indicating that it was updated on December 17, 2017, even though it was initially published on October 22, 2017. What I did was that I corrected a grammatical error. I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. Thank you all for stopping by to read my article. :)

      • TheShadowSpecter profile imageAUTHOR

        Jason B Truth 

        2 years ago from United States of America

        Ladies and gentlemen? Some of you may be asking why this article is indicating that it was updated on November 19, 2017, even though it was initially published on October 22, 2017. What I did was that I italicized each and every link of this article that takes you to other articles that are related to this one. I did so in order to make it easier for readers to find the links here in this article. I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. Thank you all for stopping by to read my article. :)

      • TheShadowSpecter profile imageAUTHOR

        Jason B Truth 

        2 years ago from United States of America

        November 7, 2017 gets closer and closer, and the Commonwealth of Virginia faces a very serious choice on who is going to be their state's next lieutenant governor. If you are registered to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you need to read this article and my other article titled "Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia" before you make the biggest mistake of your life of voting for Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel as your next lieutenant governor. The choice is ultimately yours. However, look before you leap. The Commonwealth of Virginia deserves so much better than her. Let me know what you think here in the comments section no matter what part of the world you're in, especially if you live in the United States of America.


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