Trump Was Almost What America Needed

Updated on May 19, 2017

Donald Trump is a classic case of the right message, wrong messenger. A lot of what Trump was saying and doing as far as "draining the swamp" and overhauling the White House was awesome, and an excellent political strategy despite people feeling he'd be getting rid of experienced people. Unbeknownst to many this would be a great thing. In fact, this needed to be done long ago. Only not via Donald Trump or the way Trump is doing it, at all. No, sir. Yes, America needed someone of strong character to move confidently, quickly, and shake things up. Just not this character. And because of Trump’s ignorance and terrible judgement Trump is on route to being one of the worst presidents if not THE worst president of all time doing all the wrong moves, the right way.

Send In The Clowns

Everyone was complaining about Trump’s appointees he selected for his administration. There’s an uncomfortable feeling these people shouldn’t be in the White House. Some of his picks were too extreme. Of other appointee’s, people felt they were very inexperienced and don’t have the right expertise for the jobs he appointed them for. And it’s true. But idealistically, that might not be such a bad thing. Having new people, outsiders if you will, with a fresh perspective and approach might be an excellent idea. But again, just not the way Trump is doing it and not who he’s appointing. And so Trump is moving fast and getting a lot done, but only we’re going warp speed in the wrong direction.

For example, Trump appointed a known white supremacist with unpopular views among most sane white people, Steve Bannon, to be his strategist. Hence the very popular "Muslim ban" that went over well internationally. Trump appointed Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, to be in charge of HUD, a housing social program that Carson publicly said he doesn’t believe in before receiving the job. I really can’t see how this could end well. Trump also appointed a bloodthirsty, psychopathic warhawk James “Mad Dog” Mattis, to be his Secretary of Defense. Mattis has openly stated once that it is fun to shoot people. ‘Like’ an imbecilic man-child who should never be president, Trump was quoted as saying he picked him partially because he loved his nickname “Mad Dog”. Be prepared for more needless bloodshed as we make America great again. One way or another, this administration will go out with a bang.

But wait, there’s more. Trump appointed infamous reality TV villain Omarosa Manigault initially as his liaison with the black community and African American affairs. Officially and now that he is president her exact title is White House director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Rumor has it she will still be appearing on reality TV in the future. And most controversially he appointed billionaire donor Betsy Devoe to be Secretary of Education. She has very controversial views, is pro charter schools and has no knowledge of public school education. In fact, she’s made public statements that would make anyone with sense understand that she shouldn’t work in education. Teachers all over the country were incensed. Senator Al Franken and several others tried to block her but Mike Pence flew in to push her through with a tie breaking vote. Pence offered no insight to her qualifications. Mikey boy can just be counted on to push through whatever Trump wants. And I suppose Pence was another pick, just early on. Mike Pence. Is he someone anyone liked at all? Part of the country was so glamoured by Trump that no one considered anything else that came with him. Like his awful picks of people no one would vote for standing alone. Mike Pence? Is he someone that should be our President should anything happen to Trump? President Pence? The whole thing still feels surreal like an alternate universe where things that just shouldn't be happening are happening.

Trump Is Right And Wrong About The Media

Another thing Trump is right about but again, the wrong messenger is what he says about the media. Trump rants how the media is fake. Talk about the establishment hiding truth in plain sight with distraction. Believe it or don't, Trump is right about the media. Much of our news is fake. German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, American journalist and political adviser Naomi Watts and others have publicly admitted what goes on behind the scenes and that much of the media is orchestrated and influenced by intelligence agencies or corporate entities. And also, many things are covered up or purposely never discussed. Just not for any of the things Trump says. That is one of the scary things about Trump. He uses the untold truth to spread his own falsehoods. It's a psychological trap. Con artists use that stratagem all the time. Trump says a lot of things that people subconsciously may feel is true but no politician was brave enough to say. It just should not be coming from that guy.

Earlier before election day, Trump went ranting around that the whole political election process is rigged, and then he won the election via the electoral college. What an unprecedented, dangerous situation this is. Truly, this is one for the ages.

Trump is Strong-Willed But That's Not A Good Thing

Here is the more dangerous part of it all. Trump is most likely a sociopath. Many psychologists have explained that they couldn't officially diagnose Trump as a narcissist, sociopath or a psychopath without an interview, but many have strongly implied it based on many observable character traits. With that said, it's safe to assume regardless if its for the good of the people or not, Trump wants to win. He genuinely might want to do well for his legacy and the country and I believe whole-heartedly that he wishes to be adored. In an indirect sort of way, that would still be great for us. However, here is why this probably won’t work out: He lives in his own reality and he isn’t as bright as he promotes himself to be. Not even remotely. Even the IQ he promotes he has is most likely fake because there isn’t a sensible or researchable explanation on its origin. If you really dig deep you will find that Trump is a fraud on many fronts. However, he is still narcissistic and confident. And so he believes he can serve two masters: Do the bidding of the establishment, his party and corporate America and make America great again. Sorry, not possible. Regulating corporate America is a dutiful job in and of itself. You simply cannot be married to corporate America over the people, even having financial ties and dealings to oil companies, and be some sort of FDR. Not going to happen, America. Sorry. Donald Trump is "the swamp".

Trump waltzed in the White House and seemingly without blinking, approved drilling up the place in favor of the Oil companies because Trump’s brain cannot think about the environment. It thinks about money. This is why Trump is so dangerous. He doesn’t understand the complexity of certain issues or he doesn’t care. For the past several years’ people have been fighting the Oil companies, even divorcing ties with banks in league with Oil companies to stop the drilling predicted to ruin the environment, toxify more land that belongs to Native Americans and poison more water supplies. Trump is a soulless, spiritually vacant stooge. He doesn't care about the Native Americans fighting for land that belongs to them, or that it breaks a treaty or that people have been fighting this passionately. He doesn't care that the oil and coal industries need to evolve and that drilling is going to destroy the environment leading to more sickness and imminent death. Through an Executive Order, and flippant stroke of a pen, Trump signed permission for the Oil companies to commence the extremely unpopular drilling again. Then he held it up allowing press to take pictures like it was a proud moment. This was only in the first month of his presidency. He’s not even close to done increasing corporate power. America elected this man in the belief that because he is a successful business man (which he isn’t) he is America’s savior. What a bad, bad mistake.

The Repackaging And Reselling Of Hope

In a strange way I understood some of the support for Trump, albeit misguided. I knew the cause for the delusion. I understood what he appeared to be to many hopeful people hungry for change. He seemed to be going against the grain. He seemed tough, strong and fearless. To some it was exciting and he was a hero. Only, no he wasn’t. And the sooner people leave the cult and accept the truth, the better. Trump assumed the role of the come from behind, maverick under dog. And that's why many hopeful fanatics can always be made into suckers.

So what are we doing now? We're talking about building an expensive wall we don’t need for an "issue" that could better be remedied through policy. We’re obnoxiously banning countries with no history of responsibility for any domestic terrorism. We’re destroying the environment via the Oil companies and coal industry. We're slashing social programs and investments toward education and infrastructure to put even more money into the military industrial complex and war. We’re now confused about our relationship to Russia, China or the rest of the world. The entire world is mocking our president as he tweets his uninformed opinions incessantly. There’s tension and unrest. Displays of overt racism linked back to Trump, and white supremacist groups feeling emboldened are rising and becoming more active. Other groups are forming to counter them. Everyone is concerned about the direction we’re heading. Everyone is divided and bickering. People are fighting our president at every step. Others are defending him unable to see the path his decisions are leading. And we as a country are more divided now then we have ever been in a long time.

Trump was masquerading as what we needed. In truth he was what the establishment and the unseen powers that be needed. The thought of someone stepping forward to take on the establishment and “drain the swamp” sounds wonderful. But probably too good to be true. It was all scripted, and all planned. Trump’s headstrong stubbornness, commitment to his agendas and loyalty to his friends would be great attributes, but perhaps coming from someone else. Donald Trump came roaring onto to the scene saying a lot of the right things with the right kind of energy, but unfortunately and again, it was coming from the wrong guy.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      3 years ago from NYC/LA

      Not a fan of either but I'd agree, I'd take Obama over this.


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