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Incredible—How Selective Political Logic Turns Vices Into Virtues


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Reasoning That Simply Doesn't Hold Water

Take anything -- peace, love, harmonious coexistence, happiness, compassion, health, even sanity -- then look how, beside "believing" in those ideals, we are working against them, while finding some logic for acting that way.

In politics, we all preach about a peaceful coexistence, but instead invent all kind of nonexistent enemies -- merely to justify our astronomical spending on armament which only serves as a psychological advantage in our struggle for a global supremacy.

Can anyone tell me where is logic in any of that?

If one Switzerland, or that tiny Luxemburg. or Belgium, are not going paranoid about being "conquered by ruthless communists", why do we worry so much as to spend that precious money on crazy defense from an imaginary enemy?

Can anybody mobilize enough logic to see the insanity of it? Over 75 military bases scattered around the world -- for what? Does China, or Russia, or India -- talking about other biggies -- have them, "to protect their own sovereignty" from America?

You see what I mean?

And then we are so happy to jump the gun and call China guilty for more and more things. Since we don't know the facts, and we seemingly love facts, not just propaganda, how can we be sure that covid-19 was not planted in China to further ruin their reputation in the world, since they have become the main competitor on the global market?

O.K., we "believe" that it came from there, because our authorities told us so. On the other hand, we are those same people who are ready to swear that our authorities and the media are not to be trusted.

Recently I received one of those "forward-on" propaganda emails warning about "contaminated meats and other food products" that are imported from China, that are "all disgusting and should be avoided".

Here in Canada we have some very strict food inspection authorities, and there has been no records of poisoning with Chinese products. Chinese food restaurants are quite popular here, and they are not considered as much a junk food as other fast foods. Furthermore, each restaurant needs an often renewed government permit to keep operating, meaning foods and hygiene standards are being constantly enforced.

I didn't want to respond to that email, but here I'll mention all those reports of chicken slaughterhouses in America where a massive numbers of the birds are squished in a small space, killing each other, pecking each others' eyes out in panic, and yes -- eating their crap.

And none of those articles had been written as Chinese propaganda, as if to make American chicken less appetizing.

Then we also sanctioned Russia for annexing Crimea, even though Crimea legally voted to be annexed to Russia in a referendum. But, who is there to sanction us for playing a global policeman, while actually spreading our global influence?

Nobody? Oh, so that absence of chances to be sanctioned is logically enough for us to see a green light to do anything we please outside of our borders. So that, when an Israel's political adversary starts misbehaving, and they snap fingers, there we'll go again with our mighty armada, under some other "logical explanation" that may just casually mention our "national interests". As if those national interests are of themselves an unquestionably justified reason for anything we may do.

The question is -- why do we deceive ourselves with "our high standards of global fairness, as propagators of democracy and freedom" if we also see it as logical that we can tell countries with whom they can, or they cannot be friends, and do, or not do business? How does that spell "fairness"?


Our Guns Can't Make It True

Now, you see what I mean as I say that believing in some values, ideals, and virtues, can so nicely coexist in our minds with our logicalness which defies them. So we push our "national interests" as something to be respected by the world -- while respect has to be earned, not demanded.

And we claim to be a "leader of the free world" while we deny the freedom to other countries to have their ways of life. For example, we bombed and traumatized more civilians in Iraq than their dictator Saddam Hussein could have killed and traumatized in his two lifetimes.

But somehow, we call ourselves "benefactors and saviors" of that nation. Even coming up with a ridiculous story of establishing "democracy" in a society where their religion doesn't give equal rights to women. Where is the logic?

We go nuts over someone interfering with our elections, but it's O.K. for us to topple some governments in Latin America, to bribe or coerce others, even to assassinate, if that's called for.

It's the justice of the stronger -- and yet, somehow we find some dignified name for any of that, and it turns out to be "logically necessary" -- again, in lights of our "national interests".

And being a Christian country, we also deeply believe in love for all human beings -- if anybody is asking us about that -- and we spread The Word, and we are so proud of following our idol Jesus Christ. As if he would also bomb the hell out of some god-forsaken country on the other side of the globe, while talking about love for all -- except when it's not in his interests.

So, who are we really kidding, folks?

For, if we continue on this course, a day may come when even "green" won't be green for everybody -- but will be a "subject to our selective logical interpretation". Green will become "red" -- just because we say so, and we have enough guns to make it true.

Living a lie in face of the rest of the world doesn't bring us friends, and no one out there is really that blind to "see red in green", just because we do.

It may not even take much longer to start realizing that painful truth -- that nobody on this planet is economy-wise self-sufficient, and we may have to swallow that bitter pill while not being able anymore to say -- "who cares what the world thinks".

Those times are gone in a history that's shaming the homo sapiens.


Politicians Don't Display Character of Nation

After saying all this, I have this feeling that some of you with that selective logicalness are bound to characterize it as "sheer anti-American crap".

Well, let me put it in some right perspective. I love my kids, and I would give my life for them, but that love never went as far for me as to sugarcoat the crap they were creating with some wrong reasoning. Luckily, there was never that much crap to require all truckloads of sugar, but still I didn't praise them, or support them in their crappiness.

And all that stems from my not sugarcoating my own stupid mistakes, misjudgments, and illusions -- while being a typical human being, I had my own share of those.

I love American people.

I've been there some dozen times, even lived and worked there for a short while, (with a green card and a social security number), made friends, disturbed some shit here and there, like I am doing it here in this article -- but always admired American spirit, their industriousness, their goal-oriented creativity.

In many of my articles I portrayed myself as a political cynic, and that cynicism toward American politicians does not spread over the people. People are only people anywhere in the world, and out of my convictions, I hardly ever see their leaders as the ones who are representing who the people are.

Cameras don't follow some ordinary Joe on his way to work, or while he is playing with his kids in his backyard, and otherwise minding his business. Cameras will follow those political loud mouth schnooks who pretend to represent the best interests of that fine nation. They managed to poison the people's hearts with hate to divide them -- so that at any next election, there will be someone new to hate, to criticize, to demonize.

I've heard that voice of "selective logic" more than once claiming how "it's a sign of American freedom" to fight those at the top with whom they don't agree.

And I say -- bullshit, it's a sign of a lost sense of unity; and it's become a dark national pastime, nothing to point at true patriotism which always aims at finding a common ground for building a strong nation. Being divided means building it on a quicksand.

I see it as sad, that American people are being prevented, by their hegemony-hungry politicians and corporations, to enjoy global friendship. Once I heard one politician, I think it was Ron Paul, who said how American military shouldn't go past limits of their national waters.

Never heard anyone else repeat it. Well, it seems like America loves its Middle East adventurism.

This mankind is tired of its long history of bullies. And if we, as species, are going to make that baby step to the next level of consciousness evolution, we'll have to forget about the whole concept of "leaders of the world". I never heard of any being officially elected anyway, and besides, leaders get elected, not self-appointed, at least if we are still talking about a "free world".

© 2021 Val Karas

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