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Senator Kamala Harris vs. Facts

Researching facts to make sure the public is properly informed and the information is easily understood.


The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

The September 2020 Presidential Debate was not the easiest to follow. Luckily, the Vice Presidential Debate seemed much more orderly. It helps to better understand the message when both side are equally respectful of one another. As with any debate, it can sometimes veer off topic. It is not easy trying to make sure everything you hear is factual as it's being said. Going back to research what was heard can be very beneficial. Vice President Pence disagreed with much of what Senator Harris claimed during the debate. Harris was determined to defend herself whenever she felt her reputation was being threatened.


Hoax and Pandemics

Susan Page started out the debate asking Sen. Harris what her administration would do in regards to the pandemic that the Trump administration had not. Harris begins her answer by going into detail about the numbers involved with COVID-19. She explains there are over 200,000 deaths and over 7 million people who have contracted the virus. According to a New York Times database, these numbers are correct. Senator Harris continued to explain how the Trump administration knew about the pandemic in January, but refused to tell the American public. According to FDA.gov, The Trump Administration did know about the possibility of a severe outbreak in January. She goes on to claim Trump called the virus a hoax. This, however, was not true. In February at a rally, Trump mentioned the Democrats' criticism of the way his Administration handled the pandemic was a hoax. Not to describe the virus in itself as one.


Health and Taxes

Susan asks both candidates if they believed the American people have a right to know the health status of the President. Vice President Pence answers first agreeing the people have a right to know about the health of their President. Sen. Harris also agrees with this statement, but decided to add involving more transparency. She spoke on how she believes Americans have a right to know about their President's taxes. Harris claims Donald Trump only paid $750 in taxes and is in debt $400,000,000. Trump denied those claims in September, after The New York Times released a story pertaining to his possible tax evasion. Trump took to Twitter to defend himself, saying he may release his financial statements. He has not released this information yet. The claims against President Trump's taxes are still under investigation.


Passing Tax Bills

Senator Harris is asked about Biden's plans to raise taxes, and if it could put America's recovery at risk. Harris expresses she believes Trump rates the well being of the economy on wealthy people. She claimed he passed a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the largest corporations in America. This supposedly forces Americans into paying for a 2 trillion dollar deficit. TaxPolicyCenter.org simply explains Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While the cuts may favor wealthier people, it doesn't necessarily force Americans to pay for a deficit.


Away With Healthcare

During the Vice Presidential Debate, Harris claimed Trump is in court trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act which would cause those with preexisting conditions to lose protection. According to the Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan, Trump does want to do away with the ACA. Contrary to what Senator Harris claims, Trump did in fact, agree to protect those with preexisting conditions if the ACA is taken away. This Executive Order was issued on Sep. 24th, 2020.


The Threat of Climate Change

Susan asks Vice President Mike Pence if he believes climate change is an existential threat. Pence briefly acknowledges that the climate is changing before pointing out Senator Harris refuses to admit she plans on raising taxes. Earlier in the debate, there was a short discussion regarding taxes. Sen. Harris did admit the Biden/Harris Administration wanted to completely get rid of Trump's tax cuts. She also explained they would not raise taxes anyone who makes less than $40,000 a year. That in itself implies they are planning to raise taxes, just for certain brackets rather than everyone.


To best understand what's being discussed during these debates, it helps to pay attention to each side as closely as possible. Even going as far as to take your own notes to go back and compare what was said to known facts. Keep an open mind, and never be afraid to research information you might be unsure about.


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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How do you feel about the Vice Presidential Debate and why?

Sharlee on October 12, 2020:

Nikki, I found your statement ("It seems people will judge you for what you disagree with them on rather accept you for the parts you do agree with.") so insightful. I do agree with you, it seems like some people are unable to realize human beings have many diverse qualities. A political view is a small part of what makes up a person's unique personality. I think when it comes to politics we all have certain ideas of what we need as individuals from our Government. While I come from the Baby Boomer generation where we were expected to strive to build families, careers, buy a home, and even a second home... LOL, My grandchildren are in their young twenties, they are not in any way attracted to the boomer ideology. I respect that they have the right to search and find their way, and come up with their own ideology. This is history moving along as it is meant to. I think you are pon the right path, it well appears you have innate common sense and are curious, and you obviously respect others. That all adds up to a winning combination.

I can't wait to read your article...

Ashleigh Nicole (author) from Florida on October 12, 2020:

If it wasn't for you bringing it to my attention I would have never had much of an understanding on packing the court myself. I finally finished my article and posted it to the 'Spotlight' section. I can understand driving friends crazy lol. I did the same to my parents. When my mother was alive, she was quite the free spirit and think I may have inherited quite a bit of that from her. She was also much more liberal in her ideas. My father was entirely more conservative. So I saw a great deal of both sides of things. It helped shape me to look for information as a mediator rather leaning too far one way or another. As for fitting into a group... I have a few very close friends. Most of the time I stick to myself. Its easy to fit in with others until you start thinking for yourself lol. It seems people will judge you for what you disagree with them on rather accept you for the parts you do agree with. I've had people I thought highly of shame me over being against the riots while others shamed me for agreeing with peaceful protest. It gets exhausting trying to please everyone. You really have been a breath of fresh air. The people I have ran into on this site are a lot more kind and level headed when it comes to discussions compared to those I have met on other sites. I wish more people knew how to be respectful of others when sharing information or having a discussion on a regular basis. It would make it so much easier for things to be worked out with good intentions over trying to have control over the other.

Sharlee on October 12, 2020:

I love to see a young woman that takes her own path, it is easy to join into a group and follow the easiest path. I was young and remember the feeling of being part of a group, at one point I learned to look for facts. I drive my friends crazy, but none have deserted me. LOL

Politics are so interesting and the more I got into it the more interested I became. The Consitution is like a true house of cards or Jenga. Pull out the wrong card and our democracy will suffer. If the Supreme Court card is pulled we will lose the very bases of our Constitution. Oddly enough the Dems have said they will pack the court, a very brave move. It seems they feel it is time, and Americans are ready to accept a new form of Government. A one-party system. . If Biden does win, I will be part of a new America. I can honestly say I feel very sorry for the young that may not enjoy the freedoms I enjoyed. I will look forward to reading your article. Packing the court is a very interesting concept. I never thought America would even consider going that route. I don't think the average voter realizes what court-packing is or what the true consequences would be.

Ashleigh Nicole (author) from Florida on October 12, 2020:

I truly agree on many of your points. You've inspired me to write an article specifically on court packing (Which I'm still finishing up). I really appreciate those who bring new ideas that motivate me to learn and write more. Prior to these last few years, I've avoided politics or was a tad to young. Doing research for my article, I've learned so much I had no idea has even been going on in our country.

Sharlee on October 11, 2020:

Nikki. Harris, Biden, AOC, as well as Schumer, have on several occasions in the past claimed they would consider packing the court if they took the Senate majority. Biden or Harris refuse at this point to even address the question, which would lead me to believe they pretty much meant what they have said in the past. We all have the right to have that question answered before we vote. However, it may be something some American's have no problem with, that's their right. Myself, I am a Constitutionalist and prefer to keep the Supreme Court as it was meant to be. Packing the court will certainly maintain a one-party system. We may as well rip up the Constitution at that point. This will be one of the most important elections in our history. It will be very interesting and sobering if we see the majority vote to head down a very clear path to doing away with our constitution. Keep up your quest for facts and truth... I find your attitude refreshing. I can see you march to your own tune.

PS. I would love to see you take on the subject of Court Packing.

Ashleigh Nicole (author) from Florida on October 10, 2020:

Thank you very much. Comments like that really help keep me inspired to write. ♡ I try to stay as non biased as possible when watching these debates so that I can present correct facts to everyone. It also allows those with views on either side to express how they feel which helps me to learn even more. Im still learning a lot about what's going on, and very new to politics in general. Again, thank you very much for your kind words and input. I do wish Harris would have simply explained their stance on packing the court. It would have been a quick response and put a lot of people at ease. The fact she avoided that question leaves me to wonder if it is something they're looking at doing.

Sharlee on October 10, 2020:

I totally enjoyed your common sense view in regard to the VP debate. I enjoyed the debate, I do feel Pence was more forward with answering questions, with only minor deflections. Harris just was not directly answering questions. She evaded the important ones. Such as will the Biden Administration court pack. I am uncomfortable with the way VP Biden and Harris will not answer very pertinent questions. I really enjoyed your informative well-written article.

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