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Senator Kamala Harris vs. Facts

Researching facts to make sure the public is properly informed and the information is easily understood.


The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

The September 2020 Presidential Debate was not the easiest to follow. Luckily, the Vice Presidential Debate seemed much more orderly. It helps to better understand the message when both side are equally respectful of one another. As with any debate, it can sometimes veer off topic. It is not easy trying to make sure everything you hear is factual as it's being said. Going back to research what was heard can be very beneficial. Vice President Pence disagreed with much of what Senator Harris claimed during the debate. Harris was determined to defend herself whenever she felt her reputation was being threatened.


Hoax and Pandemics

Susan Page started out the debate asking Sen. Harris what her administration would do in regards to the pandemic that the Trump administration had not. Harris begins her answer by going into detail about the numbers involved with COVID-19. She explains there are over 200,000 deaths and over 7 million people who have contracted the virus. According to a New York Times database, these numbers are correct. Senator Harris continued to explain how the Trump administration knew about the pandemic in January, but refused to tell the American public. According to, The Trump Administration did know about the possibility of a severe outbreak in January. She goes on to claim Trump called the virus a hoax. This, however, was not true. In February at a rally, Trump mentioned the Democrats' criticism of the way his Administration handled the pandemic was a hoax. Not to describe the virus in itself as one.


Health and Taxes

Susan asks both candidates if they believed the American people have a right to know the health status of the President. Vice President Pence answers first agreeing the people have a right to know about the health of their President. Sen. Harris also agrees with this statement, but decided to add involving more transparency. She spoke on how she believes Americans have a right to know about their President's taxes. Harris claims Donald Trump only paid $750 in taxes and is in debt $400,000,000. Trump denied those claims in September, after The New York Times released a story pertaining to his possible tax evasion. Trump took to Twitter to defend himself, saying he may release his financial statements. He has not released this information yet. The claims against President Trump's taxes are still under investigation.


Passing Tax Bills

Senator Harris is asked about Biden's plans to raise taxes, and if it could put America's recovery at risk. Harris expresses she believes Trump rates the well being of the economy on wealthy people. She claimed he passed a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the largest corporations in America. This supposedly forces Americans into paying for a 2 trillion dollar deficit. simply explains Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While the cuts may favor wealthier people, it doesn't necessarily force Americans to pay for a deficit.

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Away With Healthcare

During the Vice Presidential Debate, Harris claimed Trump is in court trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act which would cause those with preexisting conditions to lose protection. According to the Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan, Trump does want to do away with the ACA. Contrary to what Senator Harris claims, Trump did in fact, agree to protect those with preexisting conditions if the ACA is taken away. This Executive Order was issued on Sep. 24th, 2020.


The Threat of Climate Change

Susan asks Vice President Mike Pence if he believes climate change is an existential threat. Pence briefly acknowledges that the climate is changing before pointing out Senator Harris refuses to admit she plans on raising taxes. Earlier in the debate, there was a short discussion regarding taxes. Sen. Harris did admit the Biden/Harris Administration wanted to completely get rid of Trump's tax cuts. She also explained they would not raise taxes anyone who makes less than $40,000 a year. That in itself implies they are planning to raise taxes, just for certain brackets rather than everyone.


To best understand what's being discussed during these debates, it helps to pay attention to each side as closely as possible. Even going as far as to take your own notes to go back and compare what was said to known facts. Keep an open mind, and never be afraid to research information you might be unsure about.


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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