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How Cruel Is the Republican Healthcare Bill?

The healthcare war rages on in America.

The healthcare war rages on in America.

American Healthcare Is Impossible to Understand

The amount of misinformation regarding healthcare and proposed laws is staggering. Name-calling and incorrect assumptions have dominated the news and social media. Both sides of the political aisle condemn the other side's plan. Unfortunately, much of the criticism is necessary because both the Republican plan (AHCA) and the Democratic plan (ACA) are incredibly flawed, principally because they both fail to address the real problem with American healthcare, which is the cost.

The ACHA: Cruel, Deadly, and Callous

The American Health Care Act of 2017, which passed in the House of Representatives on May 4, 2017, has been labeled as cruel, deadly, and callous. This is in large part due to the elimination of a national law on preexisting conditions. But what exactly does the proposed law say about preexisting conditions?

AHCA and Preexisting Conditions

Under AHCA, each state would be able to determine its own rules on preexisting conditions and other healthcare rules which under ACA are set by the federal government.

If the federal government, is cruel for passing the choice to the states, would not each state government be equally or even more cruel for failing to uphold the current preexisting condition standards? If AHCA passes and becomes law, state legislators would have the power to maintain the preexisting condition law. Constituents would have a larger voice with their local state representatives and senators than with their national ones.

AHCA on State vs. Federal Power

The AHCA largely gives more power to the states, an act in line with the 10th Amendment, which orders that any power not given to the federal government in the constitution be given to the states. Trying to create national policies on healthcare is difficult due to the size and diversity of the country, namely geographic diversity. States have more power to do what is in the best interest of their unique circumstances.

Misconceptions About the AHCA

The AHCA is far from a perfect plan. However, it is also misunderstood. The Kaiser Family Foundation provides a lot of freely available information regarding American healthcare and related policies. In particular, the organization offers comparisons between the ACA, AHCA, and other proposed acts. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a nonpartisan agency is another source for clear information on the details and implications of the ACA and AHCA.

How cruel is the AHCA? Certainly, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hopefully, those opinions will be based on real understanding, not just what has been said or heard on social media.

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