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Governing for All Does Not Mean Pandering to GOP Representatives

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2010 Cartoon - Still Relevant

2010 Cartoon - Still Relevant

I was recently reading an article by Nick Allen of The Telegraph titled "Joe Biden Abandons Pledge to Govern for All America as One-Term President Rushes Through Laws." I immediately had some major disagreements with the premise that the title created, that Biden was not governing based upon the preferences of the majority of Americans.

Apparently, the author thinks that elected representatives are the only Americans that should be considered when governing as opposed to factoring in the desires of actual individual Americans. Let's show some examples of what that difference would look like.


In a survey, conducted Feb. 26 to March 1, 77 percent of all voters and 59 percent of Republicans said they supported the measure which provides direct payments to some Americans, extends enhanced unemployment benefits through July and provides funding for state and local governments as well as K-12 schools and universities.

Many of my right-wing cohorts that I converse with have noted other surveys that have support among the GOP dropping for all the things aside from the $1,400 checks. Yet, the Biden $1.9 trillion package still gets a significant (just over 30%) portion of support among Republicans. Factored in with the overwhelming support from Democrats (above 95%), and that's around 60% of the country.

With the added support of so many Republicans that equates to such a large majority of AMERICANS in favor (60%-to-40%), can the GOP elected representatives really say they are doing what's best for America by lending zero support to a measure that popular?

That's why Biden determined he could pass it without the support of any GOP elected officials, because he had a 3-in-5 majority of all Americans behind him.

Biden's Stimulus Goals

Biden's Stimulus Goals


Even with the popularity of the stimulus package, right-wing pundits waged a war against its passage. One of the big claims they fabricated was that only 9% of the bill went to Covid.

Apparently, under the Republicans, keeping the economy healthy during a pandemic with stimulus is fine, but when done by a Democrat, that's no longer Covid related.

One of the big reasons for Biden's 10-point improvement of job approval over Trump at the same time of their presidency is that people approve of Biden's messaging. While Trump waged a war against anyone and everyone, Biden has been using common sense statements on masks and has been promoting people to get the vaccines.

Where he is getting pushback is from the likely same 40% that did not approve of his stimulus package, the anti-science members of the Republican party, especially in rural areas. Multiple surveys have noted the higher rates of Republicans not getting vaccinated or ready to do away with mask mandates even though we have not reached herd immunity yet.

Their party figurehead, deposed Donald Trump, got vaccinated in secret. Imagine if he had been one of the other living presidents to do so publicly. It's just the latest example of Trump taking an action to hurt the country in regards to the pandemic.

Thankfully, recently has he begun to promote vaccinations, but without a major platform to amplify his message due to his violent rhetoric surrounding the insurrection he instigated at the U.S. Capitol, as well as right-wing media like Fox News continuing to question the vaccination strategy needed to move past the pandemic, there will be one party who causes this to be a recurring issue in our country.

Right-wing messaging

Right-wing messaging


The GOP elected representatives used their majority for one major piece of legislation when Trump was first elected, tax cuts. How popular were they with the American people? Only one-third of people polled approved of the bill because everyone could see that most of the benefits went to the wealthy.

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Did that vast unpopularity stop them from passing a bill that would help people like the millionaires in Congress, a billionaire president, or the rich CEO's that fund the campaigns of elected officials? Nope.

People have seen that these tax cuts did not spur growth but instead went to stock buybacks, that they did not improve wage growth for the middle class but the majority of the benefits when to the top 1% of earners, or that the savings did not go to expansion as businesses in the Midwest (notably Ohio) still chose to close up shop for cheaper labor.

And yet, Republicans are still out there bemoaning how raising taxes on businesses will hurt the economy. It's not the economy they will hurt, it's the bottom line of themselves and their rich donors and the American people can visibly see that now.

But, like the choice to ignore the deep unpopularity of tax cuts that most Americans understood would pile more onto the country's national debt, they choose to try and sell a narrative that just isn't true. The country saw growth during the Obama years with reasonable tax levels for businesses and the wealthy.

Who in their right mind from an economics standpoint cuts tax revenue before cutting spending levels? Instead, the GOP put themselves and their wealthy friends ahead of the country while falsely promising the tax cuts would pay for themselves, which of course, they did not. Lofty goals do not equate to reality in the world of the GOP during the last four years.

Heck, during the last thirty years of failed Trickle-down economics.

Actual Trickle Down in action

Actual Trickle Down in action

Infrastructure/Climate Change

In terms of infrastructure, everyone can see that America needs to be spending money in that area. Every week seemed to be infrastructure week during the last administration, but malignant narcissism caused the cancellation of a meeting to address the issue with members of Congress.

Now, with a leader willing to listen to the views of the minority party, Biden has put forth his plan. And that plan does have the support of nearly two-thirds of Americans.

So, naturally, the elected GOP representatives will fight it. Suddenly, the budget is important again after saddling the country with $7.8 trillion in debt during the last four years. Tax cuts, that didn't pay for themselves and helped a vast minority of people who did not need that help since they were already rich, were worth all the debt, but clean water, climate fights and support for our elders is not something worth supporting.

And how do the elected GOP representatives expect to pay for the parts of infrastructure plans they actually do support? By usage taxes on the middle class, as opposed to taxes on the wealthy and taxes on businesses in line with historical norms in the country supported by Biden and the Democrats.

To say elected GOP representative priorities are out of line with the majority of America would be an understatement. To say that they support the middle class when it's quite apparent they are protecting the wealthy time and time again would be an outright lie at this point.

As to climate change, unlike the last administration that chose to completely deny climate change is real, Biden has actually put in policy requests to his infrastructure plan that begin to address the issue.

Of course, the elected representatives in the GOP have decided to fight against those measures despite nearly two-thirds of Americans wishing for their government to do more to combat climate change.

Again, like their tax policies, they are arguing for the minority view of the country when taken as a whole, despite clear signs of the dangers that exist if we do nothing. As storms continue to wreak more damage each year, as water becomes more polluted and fossil fuels add to greenhouse gases, the GOP prefers just to bury their collective, and we mean all of them, heads in the sand and pretend there is no issue.

Like the pandemic, the party discounts the science on the topic and chooses to be a hindrance to decisions the majority of the country recognize as prudent.


The author also seems to completely ignore the historical trends of politics in this country. In many midterm elections, the party with control of the presidency tends to lose seats in Congress.

Realizing this, it has become apparent that Democrats realize the small two-year window they will have to achieve policy goals before Republicans potentially get one or both Houses of Congress back.

When the GOP was in power, it was a 'my way or the highway' philosophy as even bipartisan passed bills in the House of Representatives went to Mitch McConnell's desk to die off if he did not support them. How we allow one person to have so much sway over policy decisions is something that definitely needs addressing.

He also seems to have blacked out during the Obama term where a record number of filibusters were used by members of the GOP to block any and all legislation, regardless of the benefits to the American people, just to halt any successes for a Democratic leader.

That kind of scorched-Earth legislating is why Biden has decided that the American people are a more important consideration than those just playing politics for the sake of a power grab.

Obstructionism on display

Obstructionism on display

While the GOP does seem to take policy stances based on the majority of their own party, it's clear that those stances are in stark contrast to the majority of the country in many instances. Enough of their party see the benefits to some of the Democratic policies that should warrant some to cross over.

However, politics rules the current GOP and they are united in their opposition based on party over country. It was evident so many times during the last four years that it's now the party's only mantra.

With a party focused only on themselves, Biden is doing the right thing and is actually governing for all Americans.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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