From D-Day to Pajama Boy

Updated on June 6, 2016
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

Approaching Omaha Beach
Approaching Omaha Beach

Today, June 6th, 2016 is the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Europe, a day when boats tightly packed with brave boys from across America, and planes full of paratroopers barely out of high school headed in darkness to the coast of Normandy, France where they would join other fresh-faced boys from England, Canada, and Australia, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, and the Netherlands, as part of the largest invasion force in modern history. On the day that changed world history, the day when the loss of life was so high, that to this day a casualty count has never been tendered, these young men, 156,000 strong would succeed on landing on five beaches along a heavily fortified stretch of the French coastline. Over three day bloody and excruciating days, these heroic young men forged ahead in the wake of heavy fire, moving sometimes inches at a time to finally gain a toehold that would later be exploited into an area of occupation. This force fought tooth and nail for the next six weeks to punch through German resistance points, paving the way for over 300,000 additional Allied troops and much needed armor and supplies to be landed and added to the invasion efforts. The bravery of the youth in this combat theater is beyond description; even being faced with imminent death at a moment’s notice wasn’t enough to derail them from their honorable mission. To these boys, serving as ambassadors of freedom, liberators from oppression, or simply as Americans doing the right thing was enough motivation to keep them moving forward, forging a path to victory.

America's Infantry

Paraphrasing from the Infantryman’s Creed, these men carried America’s faith and honor; they were what their country expected them to be – the best, most determined, and courageous people on the field. If necessary they would fight to their death and never betray the nation’s trust. They would never yield to hunger, to cowardice, to fatigue, nor to superior odds, never forsaking their fellow countrymen, their mission, or their sacred duty. These were the men who cried “Follow Me” and their brothers and sisters did exactly that – followed them to victory. That invasion and the subsequent Allied victory was a true testament to brave young men and women of America and demonstrated without comparison the strength of character and intestinal fortitude of our American youth. D-Day marked the last major action in the European theater; the one that would break the backs of the Nazi’s, who were already showing signs of weakness from constant air attacks, lack of supplies, and attrition. That day reminded the world that the good guys could and would come out on top, no matter what the odds were and America was indeed a nation that the world could yet again count on to stop the advances of evil totalitarian regimes. The victory in World War II gave Democracy, which was on its heels in Europe, new life; a pivotal point in re-seeding democratic principles while at the same time stomping out fascism. The Iron Curtain was ripped from its mountings and left lying on the ground to be trampled upon by the victors. American Exceptionalism was once again on the center platform of the world’s stage and no one; I mean no one has any problems with it.


From War to Anti-War

Over 100,000 American heroes are buried beneath European soil as a result of World War II. Those brave men and women sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom. But many years have passed since this historical day, and sadly, the D-Day remembrance celebrations continue to shrink as the men and women who served have passed away. The headlines proclaiming Allied Victories are long gone, given way to wars that followed and the perception of the American soldier suffered in the eyes of the regular American due to the destructive and anti-American portrayal of our troops in the Liberal Media. With the Korean War being supported by President Truman as a necessary part of the “cold war” arms race and the Vietnam War being met with violent protests from the hippie culture of the 1960’s the media had a steady diet of negative war stories to tell. The Gulf War changed things as our decisive victory demonstrated American Exceptionalism on the world stage once again. Yet, the Liberal media, now used to bashing our troops refused to allow this positive message to gain any traction and relentlessly attacked the entire war. The mission of Liberating Kuwait, which was done in good order, was replaced with a media narrative that was highly partisan, and used to denigrate President Bush and the Republican Party. The only coverage given to the war and to the brave men and women who fought the battles, by the Liberal media was negative.

The Liberal Media

If we fast-forward to today, the results of media angst toward our brave soldiers is more evident. Fewer news sites run D-Day stories and many try to even gloss over the anniversary entirely. Google, the largest search engine network, known for calling out eventful days on its main page through its Google Doodles program has nothing visible today – nothing to remember one of the most significant days in world history. Bing, another search engine giant has a picture of the French coastline with a backstory. MSNBC is totally focused on everything anti-Trump and anti-Sanders. ABC news has main page coverage of Ramadan (a Muslim holiday,) rising sea levels, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and television and movie coverage. CBS news has the D-Day invasion as a second-tier story. CNN has D-Day coverage which uses a “fact-checker” approach to show some real truth’s behind the three day event, but fails in trying to make comparisons to events today to those days.

American Exceptionalism Under Fire

The fact events like D-Day, or any other news stories that demonstrate American superiority, American excellence, or American leadership are being suppressed really demonstrates just how much the Left hates America. Simply put, the Liberal Media and the Democratic Party abhor American Exceptionalism, in any theater; militarily, economically, or in how we value freedom above anything else. They see American Exceptionalism as braggarty, dangerous, and even ridiculous. What’s so unsettling is that these are fellow Americans who feel this way; people who live their way of life because of the sacrifices these soldiers made over seventy years ago. No other deduction can be made other than Liberals hate American greatness, and furthermore anything that shows how great America is must be summarily destroyed, ridiculed, and shown as problematic – or at least in their version of it. The Liberal side of America now supports the same ideologies of Adolph Hitler and Mussolini, those dictators we fought against in World War II. Liberals are very comfortable with the suppression of free speech, especially political speech, they have a disdain for Jews, and are willing and able to define themselves with the “collective.” They see democracy as a destabilizing force as it put true power in the hands of the people who would if the chance arose, would topple the “empire” or in modern terms, the government machine. Like the Nazi’s, Liberals beliefs that they are culturally and academically superior, have led them to infiltrate the education system of America to insure their doctrine is the only one taught. Although the Democrats don’t follow the “master race” theory, they do follow a version of it where the “race” means “member of the progressive left.

Guns and Government

The opposition to this leftist agenda comes from mainstream America – regular people who want American Exceptionalism as it creates jobs, brings prosperity, and opens opportunities. D-Day reminds us that America used deadly force to win a decisive victory over evil. The left of today is more comfortable hiding behind their pacifist platform which turns a blind eye to atrocities as long as the money keeps flowing; of course that doesn’t mean drone strikes and other attacks aren’t being made, just classified differently. American citizens are still able to proudly own weaponry to defend the nation, their homes, and their children from all enemies foreign and domestic. The left would rather disarm all citizens like Chancellor Hitler did, except of course the ones he felt could be trusted to carry – like Hillary Clinton’s body guards but not you or I. The number of similarities between the Democratic Party of Today and the Nazi party of the 1940’s is staggering, yet the battle cry of every Democratic politician is focused on Donald Trumps’ nationalism, which by the way isn’t exclusive to Nazi Germany or Adolph Hitler.

Pajama Boy

Which brings us to Pajama Boy – our iconic meme for the youth of today, and a focal point of understanding how we wound up here, crumbling into a society of entitlements and undisciplined youth in just 70 years? Young men in the 1940’s were raised on a standard of excellence, a code of honor, and a devotion to family, country, and each other. The correlation with Federal control over the education system has been growing since the late 1950’s. The states, which used to have control, are being coerced by the Federal Government with funding being held over their heads as the rationale to play ball or get cut out. The Democratic Party was behind the push to control education, despite no provision in the Constitution for them to hold that power. Boys in the 1940’s trained hard in physical as well as academic training as 80% of them would go to war. The SAT actually began as an Army intelligence test. The environment of war and post-war was one of thrifty living and hard work. Everyone participated and families were traditional. The 1950’s saw segregation, sports, and extracurricular activities on the rise but education was still very heavy to science, math and physical education.

Anti-War Protest
Anti-War Protest

Turbulence Seeds Change

The 1960’s saw social and behavioral standards crumble and college just wasn’t that important as there were many good factory jobs available in our robust economy. Teen employment dropped and the demand for school funding increased. The subversive culture was emerging with the hippie culture, so-called revolutionaries, and radicals started making themselves known and recruiting from America’s youth. The radicals who regularly spoke out against America and American values were lumped in with Civil Rights activists, the New Black Panther Party, and the Party of John F. Kennedy. After the assassination of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson declared he would transform America in a “Great Society” and proceed to pioneer Medicaid and Medicare, Head Start, a Job Corps, and other liberal institutions. It was the beginning of big government solutions for so-called problems and the first hit of the syringe of government dependency by many people. The war in Vietnam posed a problem for these programs as there wasn’t enough funding to pay for both. The war on poverty fell to second place as the war dragged on, aiding the growth of radical groups. The counter-culture of America was the starting point and it moved into the 70’s with the same level of fervor just different topics. Women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, and other groups who perceived themselves marginalized in America were encouraged and supported by shadow financiers to stand up and protest.

Hard working Americans began losing their taste for the government system which was constantly interfering with their lives, coddling special interest groups, and generally being reactionary. As political winds changed and the early social programs were abolished, the left shifted gears, focusing on the environment, feminism, and of course the anti-war protests. Pop culture provided people with more distractions than they ever had and all told America was on the way to “tuning out.” The last two decades of turbulence had left people unsettled, and questioning their government and for good reason

The economic disasters experienced under President Carter followed by the once-again strong global supremacy politics of Ronald Reagan were only a precursor to the back and forth period of political extremes that the nation was about to encounter.

Bill Ayres Mugshot
Bill Ayres Mugshot

Radical Influences

During these decades, behind the scenes, the school system agenda was being altered subtly but radically. In fact many of the 1960’s protesters became teachers and ingrained their Marxist thinking into the curriculum. Several anti-American platforms were taught simultaneously including pacifism.

School policies were being shifted to include less physical training and boys were summarily punished from acting like “boys.” Social scientists were employed to write works demonstrating how masculinity was poisonous and dangerous to men, creating a false perception of what the ideal man was. Competition was virtually eliminated and winners and losers became a thing of the past, instead participation was the goal. Gender roles were also broken down which was the open door for the transgender anomaly we are seeing today. Boys were being systematically attacked without warning on multiple fronts to summarily break down their will to be men in the tradition sense. They were forced to suppress their aggressive emotions and make them more passive, while women, powered by the feminist movement were driven to be more aggressive, forceful, and demanding. This deconstructing of the sexes has been going on for decades but is now just becoming something we are aware of. The systematic destruction of American Exceptionalism is a product of the systematic destruction of our youth. This indoctrination provides the Democratic Party with an army of sheeple, ready to do their bidding, give them votes, and generally stay out of the way. As long as the entitlements keep flowing, the youth are pacified and the Liberal Agenda can chug forward in the continued battle to transform America into something unrecognizable to the citizens.

Rows of Crosses

The rows of white crosses in cemeteries across the world are still a standing tribute to those men and women who died to make America a place where exceptionalism was considered a normal thing; for all people, not just the self-chose few who want to rule it like a monarchy or dictatorship. There are still plenty of Americans who see America for what she is and they will, I’m happy to say, will not go down without a fight. Never before in American history has so much effort been put forth by both Parties to defeat a candidate like has been done with Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter what Party you support, just ask yourself why. Trump speaks of nationalism, of giving the people back their voice, of breaking the yoke of control held by Washington for so many years on states, by letting Exceptionalism once again be something we are all proud to get behind. Making America Great Again is possible Remembering those who died to demonstrate to the world that we are the greatest nation on earth shouldn’t be hidden away, but celebrated in every household nationwide.

Let Your MAN Emerge!

Pajama Boy is not who we are men. Pajama Boy is not who the hot girl sitting across from you wants to date, marry, or call the father of her children. Pajama Boy is not the one who will provide for his family when things get rough. Pajama Boy is the epitome of everything that is not working in America. Let your masculinity fly, flex your muscles, rev up your engine, crank up the radio on some hard rock station, have a beer or twelve, cut your grass, put a spade in the soil and plant something, and go shirtless. Love your significant other passionately, teach your children respect and responsibility, and watch out for your neighbor’s kids, dogs, or property when they aren’t around. Take an extra sandwich to lunch for the homeless guy on the street, laugh often, be loud and proud, serve your country, serve your fellow American, vote, cry, kick and scream if you have to, defend those who are helpless even if it results in a couple of bumps or bruises, fly the flag high and with pride, and most importantly, remember that freedom isn’t free.

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    • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Ralph Schwartz 

      3 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      America is in a different place this year compared to where we were at last year, thanks to n empowered electorate who voted in President Trump and his pro-America policies. Hopefully we can all see through our differences to honor those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to save the free world from oppression on the beaches of Normandy.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      My dad was a part of "the greatest generation" as a paratrooper who served in Europe. My brothers were both in Vietnam. We have a long family history of military service. Many things have certainly changed over the years. We need to honor those who sacrificed all in service of their country and take care of those who need care from the VA. You have touched on many subjects with this hub. I love how you ended it. We all must remember that freedom is not free!

    • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Ralph Schwartz 

      4 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Ralph Schwartz 

      4 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Agreed Mike - it would certainly go a long way to improving accountability, respect, and more

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      4 years ago

      Perhaps a one or two year mandatory Military Service would change the thinking of at least a few. It works quite well in other countries. It might even be something they could be proud of. Even pajama boy would be a completely different person after a couple years in the Military.


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