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15 Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

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Jeff is a computer professional who takes a great interest in politics and tries to always distinguish fact from opinion.


What Is the Difference Between a Republican and a Democrat?

These are just my observations from a lifetime of watching Democratic and Republican politicians.

1. Views on Corporate Power

  • Republicans fear that the government has too much control over corporations.
  • Democrats fear that corporations have too much control over our government.

2. Helping Poor People

3. Corporate Responsibility

  • Republicans believe large corporations will always do what is best for the American people if the government will just stay out of the way.
  • Democrats believe large corporations would gladly disembowel you and sell your organs to the highest bidder if the government wasn't there to stop them.

4. The Right to Decent Health Care

  • Republicans believe health care is just another commodity to be bought or sold. If you can't afford it, then that's your problem.
  • Democrats believe everyone should be entitled to the health care they need, regardless of their ability to pay

5. Government Spending

  • Republicans believe too much of our money goes to teachers who make $30,000 a year.
  • Democrats believe too much of our money goes to crooked corporate executives who take government subsidies and pay themselves $80-million-dollar salaries.

6. Different Ideas of Patriotism

  • Republicans believe that helping American people during a recession or a time of crisis is comparable to communism and frown on bailouts for the working class.
  • Democrats believe anything that helps the American people during a recession or a time of crisis will help the country as a whole.

7. Environmental Protections

  • Republicans believe that setting standards for clean air and water is burdensome over-regulation.
  • Democrats believe that we need to set high standards and regulations for clean air and drinking water.

8. Economic Recovery

  • Republicans believe that Congress should do nothing to create jobs (and then blame the Democrats for slow job creation).
  • Democrats believe the president and Congress need to work together to create jobs during a weak economy.
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9. Corporate Responsibility

  • Republicans believe that making corporations clean up their pollution is burdensome over-regulation.
  • Democrats believe that corporate polluters should be made to pay for the cleanup of their pollution.

10. Health Care

  • Republicans believe our healthcare system should exist mainly for the purpose of maximizing profits.
  • Democrats believe our healthcare system should exist solely for the purpose of making people healthy.

11. Who Does Congress Work For?

  • Republicans believe corporations should be viewed and treated just like people.
  • Democrats believe Congress should be of the people, by the people, and for the people only (and not corporations).

12. Influence Over Congress

  • Republicans worry that the middle class has too much influence over Congress due to their voting and paying taxes.
  • Democrats worry that corporations have too much influence over Congress due to their lobbying and huge campaign contributions.

13. Corporate Abuse

  • Republicans believe we need to protect powerful corporations from lawsuits by Americans who have been abused and victimized by those corporations.
  • Democrats believe we need to protect victims of corporate negligence and abuse by allowing Americans to file lawsuits against powerful corporations.

14. Taxes

  • Republicans believe that the rich and corporations should not be taxed at all as long as they keep giving millions in campaign contributions to politicians.
  • Democrats believe that the rich should be pay more taxes than the poor and middle class.

15. Money and Politics

  • Republicans believe that unlimited political spending is the American way of life.
  • Democrats believe that allowing unlimited amounts of money in politics produces corruption and destroys the American way of life.

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