Election Exit: Done With Election Politics

Updated on October 21, 2017
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.


The last year of my twenties is coming to an end. Maybe, it's coincidence. The only thing that I feel I can write on elections, politicians, voting and the future of the American government is how much I agree with the uncertain people, now.

I'm not famous. My words won't move mountains. After most of America wanted one leader, robbed of a chance, I've lost motivation. I don't have enthusiasm. You can read my previous articles of hope, but the days filled with desire and need to encourage others to press on are a thing of the past.

If you, the reader, want to keep going by all means tread forward, but I won’t join you. We're powerless.

The reason for this article is to give a voice to others like me. Never will I shame those who do not vote—not that I ever did shame them. If anything, I was told that I “didn’t vote” because of who I voted for in the last election. Never will I push you to believe in a particular candidate. Do as you wish. Anyone who says otherwise needs to get with the program. It’s rigged. How much more evidence does one need?

Don't feel pity for giving up when you've already given it your all, over the years. The only ones who should feel it are those who've always sat there. Congratulate yourself for your past effort.

Mixed Opinions on Bernie

Most devoted Bernie supporters have turned their backs on YouTuber Sane Progressive aka Debbie Lusignan; however, I don’t understand entirely why. While I cannot call myself an expert on all her material, what I have seen is intelligent. For example, many put great hope in the Justice Democrats concept. If you aren’t familiar, it goes like this: If we replace corrupt money-driven democrats with Bernie-like progressives then we’ll have a real DNC, instead of what we have now. What a fabulous idea, right? Unfortunately, how can this be accomplished when the DNC prevents the decided democrats from running the show? The foundation of the plan is faulty.

It’s like trying to replace our healthcare system with doctors who only care about healthy patients instead of financial gain without using universal healthcare. There will always be doctors who care more about their paycheck than their patients, so if there’s no one to control this corruption, it’ll stay there.

Bernie Lying about Why He Lost

Although it’s great to see Bernie push for single-payer, it’s disheartening to see him blame Russia for the election. It’s a big elephant in the room that no one can publicly speak of; otherwise, they’ll be punished and/or mocked. Everyone knows why he lost. Okay, unless they’re a “yuge” Hillary supporter. Why is Bernie acting like Russia had anything to do with our election? We know what happened. The DNC and Hillary made sure that Bernie couldn’t win. It’s as simple as that. Trump has always been a scapegoat: “Look at the crazy orange monkey. Isn’t he scary? It’s more frightening than an entire party that everyone thinks is on their side plotting against them. Yes, focus on Trump!”

It’s exhausting to repeat this reality, over and over. How many times do I need to make this argument? Bernie was beating Trump in the polls, yet somehow Hillary “won” the primaries? No, she didn’t.

A little math as to why we have Trump:




As unpopular as Trump is, Hillary is more unpopular than he is. Why? A lack of trust, after her campaign. Trump is horrible, but he is open about his faults.

Want to guess who the most popular politician is?

Sen. Bernie Sanders.

That’s all, folks!

Not Caring about Election Politics Doesn’t Mean Not Caring about Social Issues

The catchphrase “The personal is political” will stay with me the rest of my days. When planning this article, I wanted to be cautious of my word choice. People may assume that those who don’t care about certain politicians don’t care about human rights. That couldn’t be further from the truth. All that I’m saying is that I no longer have it in me to debate topics such as Hillary vs. Bernie. I won’t make articles on the latest catastrophe of the Trump Administration because to do that would make Obama supporters continue living in denial that Trump isn’t simply continuing what was already begun during their beloved president’s run. I used to love Obama, but to become too upset with Trump would distract from where the problem originated.

Before the Primaries

I’ve always had friends who don’t vote. They don’t think it makes a difference. I have a relative who believed in the politician of their time, only to be greatly disappointed. Now, they don’t buy into it. As I said, I never got on anyone’s case for not voting. To each their own. I was going to be involved in the election process forever. How funny to look back, now. Today, I can say “to each their own” to the people who grasp onto the dream that the American government will improve one day.

Allow me to leave you with some George Carlin:

The points George Carlin makes in his 1996 stand-up Back In Town are the same that most make when confronted with the question, “What do you mean you don’t vote?!” Even back then, Carlin knew that we are a nation that buys our politicians. The same promises are made every election year. The main argument Carlin makes is that calling the politicians “bad” distracts from the real problem. If we have all these horrible people in office, where are they coming from? America. We’re all in the same cycle. We breed the very people we’re complaining about. Then, we talk about them like they aren’t part of our culture. If they weren’t bought and elected by us, and part of our culture, what we were saying would have some weight; however, in the end, we're to blame:

"...because if it's really just the fault of the politicians then where are all the other bright people of conscious? Where are all the bright, honest, intelligent Americans ready to step in and save the nation and lead the way.."

Well, we finally had a guy like that, but one of the bought politicians, a woman many believe would be a better option than the one we have now—which will continue to amuse me, like a sick joke—overthrew them, and frankly I would argue that had he been allowed to win, the government wouldn’t have permitted him to do the good things that he wanted to do, anyway.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2017 social thoughts


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  • social thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

    social thoughts 

    7 months ago from New York


    This was written in 2017. As I say in this article, I am not interested in voting, anymore. I don't bother following it at all. So, I can't comment on what you've seen. I purposely ignore all of it; however, I do know that while Obama and Hillary ignored issues like the pipeline, real plans to increase minimum wage, etc. Bernie has been involved, no matter what, saying what needs to change and why/how it's easy to do so (because of countries like Canada). When Dems bring things up, they offer a small improvement and some people will see it as a miracle that they said anything at all. If Bernie couldn't change anything to the degree he talks about, I don't think he'd have an issue being elected.

  • Kyler J Falk profile image

    Kyler J Falk 

    7 months ago from Corona, CA

    This question is coming from someone who dropped off the face of the planet as far as modern politicking goes, but figuratively still tries to keep up with it all out of the corner of my eye. Where does your confidence in Bernie Sanders come from? He was also born in, bred within, and became a part of our American culture; so what sets him apart from everyone else? I watched him on JRE, which is widely considered to be a better source than most modern news networks due to its extended format, giving Bernie over an hour to discuss his stance with little to no moderation. In that hour he sounded like every other politician, offering half-baked solutions that equated more to the premise of a dream rather than the contents of the dream and how to make the dream a reality. What sets this man apart as far as his intentions, when his track record shows he is as for sale as any other politician who wishes to sit in the oval office? It seems you apply these divine traits to him, where someone would do the exact same for another politician and be just as credible.

    Concisely: Where does your confidence in Bernie Sanders come from, other than what you have already said that could be applied to any and every candidate? Taking into account I've mostly turned resentfully away from modern politics.

  • social thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

    social thoughts 

    2 years ago from New York

    Well said, Bill.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    2 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I'm pretty much done with national politics. As long as major corporations are allowed to purchase candidates, there is very little reason for me to raise my blood pressure over any of this. I work to make my community better. That I can control or at least make somewhat of a difference....I'll leave the national b.s. to someone who enjoys beating their head against a wall.


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