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Donald Trump Should Never Run for Office Again

I'm just an ordinary citizen that likes to express my opinions.


The Fairest Election Ever

This presidential election was one of the most highly contested of all time. It was also one of the most difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused states to make drastic changes to their voting processes. Fortunately, this was done early enough that most states had enough time to make the changes necessary to have a smooth and fair election. This should go down as Donald Trump's greatest achievement as president.

Ever since it was suggested that states may have to resort to mail balloting in the early part of the year, Trump did two things to try to undermine this process. Instead, what he did was to strengthen it. His first move of appointing Louis DeJoy as U.S. Postmaster General didn't seem all that bad until he started making moves that delayed the mail. It became obvious that he was intent on slowing up the mailing process when he began removing mail processing machines and mailboxes from locations across the country. He then defied a court order to replace them before the election.

The next thing Trump did was question the integrity of mail balloting. This was the most helpful move he made to make sure we had a fair election. Each state that he accused of possibly being inept at handling mail ballots then stepped up their game to make sure that they did everything to perfection. They tried to make sure that every ballot they sent out went to a registered voter. Then they enabled drop boxes to make sure these ballots could be returned in a timely fashion and take the load off of the post office.

They hired extra people from both political parties, as well as independents, to help with the verification and counting process, taking their time to examine every ballot for authenticity. This included making sure every ballot was from a registered voter and that it had been postmarked and received before the official deadlines. Although this seemed like it was taking forever and it happens during every election, we just paid more attention to the process this year thanks to Trump. Because of Trump, these processes were probably done more precisely than ever before and this was declared the most secure election ever by the top officials in the Department of Homeland Security.

Every state took as much time as they needed to make sure each and every mail ballot was certified and properly counted, checking for mistakes and issuing provisional ballots with deadlines for those ballots to be returned to be counted. These are the ballots which were found to have a problem during the original count and the voter was notified and given a chance to correct their ballot. If they were not corrected and returned in time, then they were not counted.

Trump is a Sore Loser

The fact that there were so many states that resorted to mail ballots this year was mainly due to the lack of response to COVID-19 by Trump. His disdain for the virus led to alternate measures for people to protect themselves during this election cycle. During the past two weeks there has been a huge spike in the number of cases. Could this be because of the number of rallies Trump held where people refused to wear masks? Could it be the result of the record number of people that voted in person? These are questions we need to ask the people who were recently infected.

No matter what caused so many people to vote by mail, these votes were all properly counted and Donald Trump lost. He also lost the popular vote again. Of the five presidents that have lost the popular vote, he became the third to lose the popular vote twice. John Quincy Adams actually lost three times. In 1820 he lost to James Monroe who was elected to his second term and then beat Andrew Jackson in 1824, who he lost to when he ran for reelection in 1828. Benjamin Harrison beat Grover Cleveland who was running for reelection in 1888 and then lost his reelection bid to Cleveland in 1892. Rutherford B. Hayes won in 1876 losing the popular vote to Sam Tilden, but didn't run for reelection. George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore in 2000 but won the popular vote and reelection over John Kerry in 2004.

Trump is not happy losing to the man he publicly called the worst candidate ever and even hinted he may leave the country if he had lost. His actions since losing the lead he had on election night have been beyond childish and detrimental to our national security. The sad part about all of his actions is that it was not unexpected.

He had already signaled that he would not accept defeat, so we anticipated his false claims of the election being rigged. As I stated earlier, he prepared the states for this rhetoric and they made the necessary preparations to counteract his threats and accusations. We knew he wouldn't congratulate Joe Biden for the victory, although we hoped we would be wrong. We also knew that there would be Republican congressmen who would back him 100% in his baseless tantrums.

We even expected him to start firing people out of retaliation. What we didn't expect was this to decimate the Pentagon. As of this writing, nine top officials have been fired, resigned, or quit and replaced by Trump loyalists. This signals that there may be a controversial military maneuver before Trump leaves office. This could also complicate the removal of Trump from office on January 20, 2021. It could also mean that these people may help Trump leave the country since he is facing so many legal issues when he does leave office.

A Disgrace to the Presidency

Trump has only been seen a few times since he lost his lead to Biden. He was seen on some of his golf courses and he was seen on Veteran's Day at a memorial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. This was very offensive to veterans as Trump has referred to dead soldiers as "suckers and losers." It also came a day after his purge of some of the top officials at the Pentagon. As is his cowardly style, he fired them through Twitter while hunkered down in the White House.

Even his favorite news outlet, Fox News, has had enough of his crying. They were the first to call Arizona for Biden on election night, which triggered his tantrum. They never backed down on their call and have been proven correct. This has prompted Trump to hint at starting his own news channel.

It has also been reported that Trump is using contributions that are to pay for recounts, could actually be used to pay off some of his campaign debts. What else would you expect from a millionaire con man? These actions should signal to most of the 70 million people that voted for him that he lacks the class, decency, and integrity to ever hold public office again.


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