Donald Trump Controlled by the American Generals

Updated on September 25, 2017

With North Korea, one has to learn about the bargaining chips that the Kennedy brothers used during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Kennedy brothers built upon a psychological profile that required a network of information on Nikita Khrushchev. Any bargaining advantage relies on knowing individuals and the way they’re wired, but then again this itself can be deceiving whereby the individual instills a wrong game plan.

The Kennedy brothers made it known to the media to not attack Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev on the other hand was spewing out his venom towards the destruction of the United States. This became consistent in his behavior while the Kennedy brothers sat back in silence.

The silence itself became the bargaining chip and became fearful when the position of the United States finally made it known to Russia that there is no more time to negotiate. They gave the deal to the Russians to withdraw from Cuba as time ran out. Russia also had to remain quiet about America’s dismantling of operations in Turkey. That was the deal. The voice was heard once, and since the Kennedy brothers never mentioned a single word about Khrushchev, Khrushchev took it seriously and knew it wasn’t a bluff.

On the other hand, miscreant US President Donald Trump continues to pontificate on Twitter about destroying North Korea and his “brave” actions at the UN General Assembly in calling out the rogue nation. This rogue nation was the first to come out of the gates. Any military action against North Korea would result in a full retaliatory nuclear attack, including a punishment against South Korea.

Game theory becomes a cheap comparison when the threat of coercion becomes disproportionate with the bargaining tool that feeds isolationism rather than engagement. When a country aims at an irrational behavior, the threat of political and economic isolation sometimes backfires against traction as the nation being threatened puts nuclear proliferation at the forefront of its agenda.

If there are no diplomatic policies to engage with North Korea, then diplomatic channels will rely only on coercion and sanctions rather than cooperation. China indicated that what’s happening between Trump and Kim Jong Un is a simple game of chicken. However this game of chicken is between two uneducated men that have elevated their masculinity to the point of throwing bombs directly onto each other.

The American generals are somewhat discombobulated that a petty country has muscled its way to a position of nuclear capability that puts millions of people at risk. The United States’ military complex is there to fight, that’s what armies do. Soldiers will get killed, not by generals developing rational thinking, but by a President who fails to come to terms between a governing regime and the population.

Vladimir Putin is correct that sanctions are useless; sanctions cannot influence the leadership or policies of a rogue country. Exerting suffering upon a vulnerable group in a targeted country only accelerates sympathy from allies that have sanctions applied to them. Indeed, North Korea’s paranoia has shifted from a possible security and defense concern stemming from Russia and China to America’s threat of dominance in the Korean Peninsula.

Russia and China are fully aware of Trump’s masculinity and self-esteem issues with North Korea. The two countries are simply leveraging North Korea to implement their own nuclear programs by establishing their own strength in the multilateral world that Trump advocates. It’s a fact that Russia and China surround North Korea; however North Korea has recently avoided any form of confrontation between the two powers.

China and Russia simply have no reason to control North Korea’s nuclear ambition. Sure both countries might express disapproval with the “Rocketman” firing his missiles, but they still maintain backdoor trade channels among each other that America is unaware of. The two countries recognize Trump’s weaknesses and that North Korea may be miscalculating Trump’s resolve.

When a President continues to lie and believe that their own self-worth relies on what the media says about them, then a country like North Korea is left to believe that their only option is to challenge a President that is bluffing. Trump and his military generals are wrong. The biggest change in North Korea’s economy is that they’ve built up criminal networks on the nuclear black-market. In fact, North Korea has established smuggling networks that involve terrorist groups who distribute counterfeit currency for hard currency.

China wants stability in the Asia Pacific region in order to systematically increase their influence with all other nations to collaboratively foster economic growth in the region. The militaristic point of view of Donald Trump who has indicated that his generals will keep America safe means that Trump has neglected his own duties as President of the United States.

Once a President bluffs, the weaknesses of military open up and leave a nation vulnerable. This is where the American military feels the need to strike to redeem their own integrity rather than the integrity of a lying President. The theory here is that both communism and democracy will start wars providing that these weaker nations have nothing to lose. John F. Kennedy was the commander-in-chief, however this time around, the American generals have taken that role.

I'd like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contributions into this article.


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      Warren Glick 5 months ago

      Insightful and well though out. Great piece. THX