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More Evidence of Trump's 'Rocky' Relationship With Truth?

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Rocky Trump

Rocky Trump

Is Trump Joking, or Is He A Joke?

The internet erupted on November 27, 2019, when President Donald Trump posted, without explanation, an image that appeared to have been doctored to show his head on what is widely believed to be Sylvester Stallone's body, circa Rocky III.

Now, in a news story that has everyone asking, "are you crazy?" it would appear that those on Trump's team is suggesting the image wasn't doctored at all. According to Newsweek, Team Trump—the official Twitter handle for the president's campaign for re-election in 2020—is suggesting that perhaps the photo is legitimate. "Washington Post claims - without evidence - that @realDonaldTrump shared a "doctored" photo," the tweet said. Without evidence? Is #TeamTrump serious?

When Rocky III bowed, the image of Stallone, looking buff and ready to take on Russia's Ivan Drago, was iconic. Stallone would have been 35 or 36 at the time of the image, and in the shape of his life. It takes a ton of work to be in prime physical condition, and anyone who has seen the early Rocky films knows that Stallone was the guy in the ring, for the most part, and put in the time to look like a boxer who could contend for the championship. While I don't know the details of his workouts, it's almost a given that he would have been eating lean, avoiding "bad" food, and working out hard.

Stallone vs. Trump: Diet and Exercise Habits

It's no secret that Trump is diametrically opposite to where Stallone was at that point in his life. Trump is 73—coincidentally, the same age that Stallone is now—but his diet is nowhere near where it should be in order to pull off looking the way Stallone did in the Rocky III press materials.

According to Culture Trip, Trump reportedly tries to avoid breakfast, which is generally ill-advised. After all, we tell our children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? When he can't avoid breakfast, he chooses cereal, bacon and eggs, or a McDonald's McMuffin. Not exactly the "Breakfast of Champions," is it?

More or less, Trump appears to eat relatively light throughout the day but then seems to cram 2,000 calories or better throughout dinner. His preferred meal of choice? Anything fast food, it seems, and he doesn't hold back. Reportedly, his preferred meal is two McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, two Big Macs, and a small chocolate shake.

With all that said, it's a fair bet that Trump could not possibly match the lean, muscled physique that Stallone boasted in Rocky III—not without a whole lot of work, that is. Given we typically see the president swinging a golf club and generally avoiding anything that might generate a fair bit of sweat, it's highly unlikely he will be approaching those standards set by Stallone anytime soon.

Is the Trump/Stallone Photo Superimposition a Sign of Megalomania?

So why did he post the image in the first place? One could argue that the whole thing was a joke—that Trump was playing with the public in the same way he did back when "covfefe" was a thing. Imagine him thinking, "This will get them talking," as he posted the image, which was probably recreated by someone with far more technological capability than he likely has. Then, as the comments and questions roared in, enjoying a chuckle at the drama he once again generated.

However, what if this is just further evidence that Trump is just becoming increasingly unhinged? That he is so much of a megalomaniac that he honestly sees himself in this way?

Some have joked that unlike Trump, at least Rocky did take on Russia. However, there is perhaps something far darker going on here, such as a turn in Trump's stability, which has been under fire almost since his first days in office. The fact that Team Trump is trying to suggest that the image was not doctored is ludicrous, though laughable. I also sort of get why they're trying to make it seem as though it was Washington Post who was in the wrong; people have been trying to make Trump seem indestructible for ages now, so the fact his own campaign is sticking by the argument that possibly the image wasn't doctored is unsurprising.

However, it's definitely causing a few laughs in the Twitterverse. "Team Trump is demanding to see some hard evidence that the picture Donald Trump shared that showed his head on Sylvester Stone's body in "Rocky III" is, in fact, a doctored image," Kevin Kruse tweeted, then followed up with a "No, seriously."

"Rocky was my favorite movie growing up. It was actually a sickness because my family had to watch it 100 times a year," Jason Overstreet tweeted. "And now Donald Trump has ruined even that for me. Because he ruins everything. Including chocolate cake. Because he’s the devil."

Trump is definitely not the devil, but perhaps far more disturbed than any of us might have realized before.

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