Democrats' Angry Messaging Foreshadows 2018 Shellacking

Updated on February 18, 2017

Democrats' message lacks message - just one large Trump protest

Democrats must do much more than protest Trump

The Democratic Party, instead of focusing on a viable message after election defeats, is devolving into a community activist stage focused on hate, rage and violent protests. While many Republicans are rejoicing in the backwards direction of leading Democrats, loyal average Democrats are clinging to Democratic Party platforms of yesteryear like jobs and national security that to them still seem important. Additionally, some Democratic Party leaders, like former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) are revolting against their party’s disconnect from such average Americans.

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb.
Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. | Source

Some key Democrats condemn party's hazy, lazy messaging

In 2016. Hillary Rodham Clinton was unfocused, lazy and lacked any discernible vision for her political party, but that wasn’t the main problem for Democrats, only a symptom. The problem is much deeper and profound, and even party loyalists like Webb are speaking out. According to the former senator, Democrats could be in for another shellacking in 2018 unless they come up with something more substantial than demonstrations against Trump as the party message. Sunday on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Webb chastised the Democratic Party for leaving behind "white working people” to embrace identity politics. The former Senator ran in the Democratic presidential primary in 2016.

“On the Democrats, first of all, they’re looking at 2018. And they don’t have a message,” Webb told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. Actually, the Democrats do have a very loud message, which is that they hate Republicans - and especially, President Donald J. Trump. However, whether it's Hollywood surrogates on the waning Saturday Night Live television show or violent protests in (name your city) the Democratic Party remains in denial of Webb’s analysis. At the same time, President Trump and the Republicans keep pushing economic and national security and other issues that go to the heart of American culture and country.

William Buckley is candidate to head up vacant DNC post

Democrats face another Republican surge in 2018

Webb claims that by politically associating Hollywood stars and other celebrities with their protests, the party's vision for America has disappeared, other than blaming a four-week old Trump presidency and Republicans for everything that’s wrong with the country. With Democrats substituting catcalls of racism and bigotry for policy, Webb says the Democratic Party has lost its base. … “And they’ve lost the key part of their base, the people that … the people who believed that regardless of any these identity segments, you need to have a voice in the quarters of power for those who have no voice. And we’ve lost that with the Democratic Party,” he said.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley, who is gay, issued a similar warning to Democrats on Saturday. “My answer might cost me this race for (DNC) leadership. I’m sorry. While many of you know that I am openly gay, what many of you don’t know is where I really came from, and that’s the lowest of the white working class,” Buckley said. “And let me tell you, when we are running hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of commercials telling the voters that, oh, our opponent is offensive. When you are worrying about your damn paycheck, worrying about your job, if your kids are ever going to school, they don’t really give a crap about if the president is an insult dog.”

Nevertheless, a headless Democratic Party, fragmented and soiled by hateful protests, has announced that more protests will be its future. The Democrats’ main political strategy is to disrupt Republican town hall events and other venues. As sure as chaos begets more chaos and violence begets violence, Democrats are headed for another licking in 2018 unless they regroup and find a way to reconnect with the average American.


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    • profile image

      Larry V Banks 13 months ago

      I whole heartedly agree the Democratic Party has a major problem in their messaging. It's ever more evident now in the debate over the current Republican offering in the Appeal and Replacement of the Healthcare Law. Republicans present themselves point by point, one after another, never wavering. I've listened to debates on the floor of Congress and the Senate, but always framed in the form of what someone is taking away from someone. We need to hear them begin to challenge the important claims of Republicans to sell insurance across state lines. That sounds simplistic on it's surface, but people need to here how much confusion it would cause when going from state dealing with each state's regulatory environment. I'll not go into all claims made by Republicans in there attempt to repeal the law, I just never hear Democrat's direct defense. Frankly I really believe it was tragic they didn't defend the law in the very beginning and allowed the wide spread demonizing of the law.

    • profile image

      joe 14 months ago

      get jim webb with us as a repub he's good