Democrats Risk Further Decline in Relevancy with Mass Protests

Updated on January 22, 2017

With 2018 elections on the horizon, Democrats lack message

Massive protests by Democrat and left-wing activists that are clogging Washington DC and the streets of major cities across the United States may have an unintended consequence for the Democratic Party. Already weakened by losses in federal, state and local campaigns, left-wing protests risk being seen as political tantrums by activists angry over not getting their way on Nov. 8. Obviously it is too early to judge a Trump administration, and that’s exactly how much of the country sees the Inaugural protests – way premature.


Democrats might want to take a page from Republican strategy

The American people, regardless of political stripe, know that Republicans and the right did not devolve into chaotic rioting and massive street protests over the election of Barack Obama in 2008 or his re-election in 2012. This wasn’t because Mr. Obama was revered by the right, he was not. It was because Republicans recognized the need for a peaceful transition of power, even if it wasn’t in their political interests. Flash forward to 2017and we have a complicit media egging on massive protests against the current administration, beginning on Inauguration Day before the president was even sworn into office. While the mass tantrum of a relative handful of Democrats is annoying, it is a potential powder keg of negative energy waiting to blow up in the face of the Democratic Party.

Inaugural riots destroy shops and vehicles.
Inaugural riots destroy shops and vehicles. | Source

Democratic Party leaders must articulate a vision

“It’s pathological,” said Republican strategist Michael McKenna, who at one point advised the Trump transition. “Democrats need to realize that one-party rule doesn’t serve anyone’s purposes. Competition is what makes this whole thing work, and Democrats need to start being a competitive party again.”

While McKenna’s message comes from a Republican point of view, Democrats may want to stop and listen before going further down the road of chaotic dismemberment of their political party. The American people are not focused on the anger and frustrations of a relative handful of activists slogging and clogging the streets with no clear message outside of hate. If you talk to the average person, they want government to secure our country from terrorists, create jobs, make our communities safe for children and provide an impenetrable defense from hostile countries and groups. In short, we want to move forward with peace and stability while providing an economic foundation for new generations to build on.

Protests are the face of the Democratic Party

Whether it’s mainstream media relentlessly pounding the drums against our president with subtle and not-so-subtle innuendo and partisan news to incite the left or bussed in protesters spewing venom from hateful podiums, the American people see them as Democrats and they won’t forget in 2018. In two short years Democratic candidates must try and hang on to a shrinking power base as a tsunami of resentment embedded in the collective American psyche by relentless protests transform competitive Democratic races into Republican landslides.

Republican Party did not deploy legions of protesters over Obama's election

Republicans were the loyal opposition to President Obama during his tenure in the White House, and that is their role in partisan politics. There were no mass protests declaring Obama’s political victory illegitimate. There were no legions of activists across the country chanting that he was not their President. Republicans for the most part began to organize their opposition at state and local government levels and in early 2016 mounted a formidable national campaign. Before that, for eight years, Republicans endured a pompous House Speaker in Nancy Pelosi, an arrogant Senate leader in Harry Reid, and a condescending president in Barack Obama. From the former president’s adolescent Beer Summit to gifting the Iranian ayatollahs with billions in unmarked bills and releasing GITMO terrorists, Republicans took their lumps and continued to enlarge their political tent.

Democrats will continue organizing mass protests or reorganize and articulate a message that all Americans can embrace – so far the protesters are the face of the Democratic Party.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 15 months ago from Orange County California

      Great and accurate hub, and I doubt that any on the left would dare to comment on it. A loyal party voter of any party, and people that depend on polls to tell them what is going on, and how they should think is detrimental to the future of the US and Americans. The US has been in decline since the 70s, and they have been into almost continuous war since the end of WWII. And we know that the previous War didn't have a number 1 attached to its label because it was the war to end all wars. Well, WWII didn't do any better in ending wars. The sad truth is we don't even win these wars, look where we are today. So the problem has to be in the professional politicians that nest in congress till they die or retire. It should be easy to correlate that with the decline, and why the system needs a new paradigm. The closest we can get to a new paradigm is through president Trump. He wasn't a politician since the 70s, and he was against the war, he doesn't have to protect his party or other politicians in changing Washington DC and stimulating congress to change for the better. my opinion.


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