Democratic Leaders Slouch Toward Intolerance

Updated on January 24, 2017
Anti-Trump protesters burn American flag.
Anti-Trump protesters burn American flag. | Source

Party leaders responsible for DNC's decline

Not since the days it embraced slavery and later Ku Klux Klan activities has the Democratic Party so stigmatized its brand as the party of intolerance. With dozens of Democrats refusing to attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump, the Democratic Party tent is shrinking so rapidly that there is no longer room for a Republican president. To put it bluntly, in the view of a growing number of Americans the Democrat’s donkey icon is turning into a real jackass. While rank-and-file Democrats are largely made up of patriots and good people who want the best for themselves, their families and this country, party leadership has decided to go a different way. From hiring violent protesters to busing in thousands to protest President-elect Trump’s inauguration, party leaders are increasingly hostile and intolerant to change.

New DNC Leadership Key to Party Relevance

Rep. John Lewis (D., GA) may have started the official snowballing protest against the man that America elected president on November 8, but he is only the latest symbol of political polarization offered by the Democrats. Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running to become the next Democratic National Committee chairman, is another example of the mindless segregation being deployed by Democratic Party officials. With leaders at the highest levels of the Party leading the way, legions of bussed-in protesters threaten to turn Trump's inauguration into a chaotic, possibly violent protest against the peaceful transfer of power that most Americans support. “No question I am #StandingwithJohnLewis and the millions of people around the country who have been targeted by @realDonaldTrump,” Mr. Ellison recently tweeted. “I will not celebrate a man who preaches a politics of division and hate. I won’t be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

Ellison's appointment as DNC leader would cost party plenty

Mr. Ellison’s bigotry did not start with Trump’s election. A converted American Muslim, Ellison also stands against Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians and other Muslim countries that surround that tiny Jewish state. His opposition to Israel and his past anti-Semitic associations have isolated him from Jewish leaders. The nonpartisan Jewish Anti-defamation League (ADL) publicly opposes Ellison’s bid to take the helm of the DNC, citing audio of Ellison in 2010 declaring American policy should be driven and determined by opponents of Israel and her Jewish supporters. Ellison says American Mideast policy should be directed by Muslim Americans and Arab countries in the Middle East; some have called for the destruction of Israel. Should Democrats make Ellison the top dog of the DNC - from which campaign funds are distributed - it will upend that political party’s relationship with Jewish-American voters as much as their boycott of a presidential inauguration has turned off most Americans.



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    • DougClifton profile image

      Larry Douglas Clifton 16 months ago from Tampa Bay area

      Yes, very true that the womens' march was disgustingly vulgar and filled with hate. And then there was Madonna saying she's thinking about "blowing up the White House".

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 16 months ago

      Yes, but their placards (not all, but many) were so vulgar, the news could not show them. So in a way, their violence is of a different sort.

    • DougClifton profile image

      Larry Douglas Clifton 16 months ago from Tampa Bay area

      Yes, interesting, if they put the fox in charge of the chickens it will not help their plight. The Democratic Party is definitely redefining itself as the party of intolerance. I think it's a big reason why the Dems lost so much political power on every level in November. The average American, if there is such a thing, is more interested in Republican ideas and weary of left-wing protests and riots over fake news reports. I was also impressed by the apparent lack of violence so far by the liberal women protesting Trump.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 16 months ago

      Interesting about Ellison. I can't help but wonder whether the American Jewish community will choose to endorse him after all.

      At any rate, Democrats and anarchists have become unhinged, as usual. Isn't it interesting that it is always the liberals who protest violently, while Republicsns never do.

      That being said, the Women's March protests were mostly peaceful...I guess. That is if you didn't see the profanity laced, extremely vulgar signs they carried that would make a Marine blush... and Madonna dreaming of blowing up the White House.

      These people are such hypocrites. They define the word intolerance.


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