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Did Justin Fairfax Save Virginia From Jill Holtzman Vogel?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.


A. Introduction

My articles titled "Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia" and "Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Ruining Virginia" were specifically about Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel and why I believed that Virginians should not have voted for her in their 2017 state election for lieutenant governor. However, I have not provided very much information regarding her opponent, Justin Fairfax, up until I published this same article here of mine. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to describe this gentleman’s background and what I believe made it possible for him to defeat Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel in the election for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia back on November 7, 2017.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has the oldest state legislature out of any state jurisdiction in the United States of America. This same state is where Jamestown is, which was the location of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Nevertheless, some of you who live in parts of the United States of America other than the Commonwealth of Virginia are probably still asking this one pressing question as you read this article of mine here. Why should any of us be concerned about what the election results were in the Commonwealth of Virginia on November 7, 2017? Well, my answer to that question is plain and simple. The winner of that same 2017 election, which in this case was Justin Fairfax, could likely run for governor in 2021. If that individual should someday become the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there always remains a possibility that he or she will someday run for president of the United States of America. After reading my two above-described articles regarding Ms. Vogel, I think that most of you realize by now that Ms. Vogel is not someone that our nation wants in the Oval Office someday. However, many of you are probably questioning what credentials does Mr. Fairfax have and what could he offer his state. Well, allow me to give you a rundown of his qualifications. I will avoid bringing up Ms. Vogel’s background as much as I can herein inasmuch as I provided a great amount of information about her in my two above-aforementioned articles that described her in that respect, and I really don’t wish to make this article here of mine about her. However, I will mention her upon comparing Mr. Fairfax’s policies with hers.

Justin Fairfax, Esquire

The author of this picture image is YngSupervisor

The author of this picture image is YngSupervisor

First of all, back in 2017, Mr. Fairfax ran for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on the Democratic ticket, whereas Ms. Vogel ran for the same office on the Republican ticket. Mr. Fairfax is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the Alexandria Division of the Eastern District of Virginia, which has a reputation of being the toughest jurisdiction in which to litigate here in our nation. He received scholarships to attend both Duke University and Columbia Law School, and he holds degrees from both such institutions of higher learning. He and his wife, Dr. Cerina W. Fairfax, D.D.S., own a small family business in the form of a dental practice. At the time, he was an attorney at a law firm in Tysons Corner, Virginia, specializing in the defense of white-collar crimes.

In my two above-described articles regarding Ms. Vogel, I sharply criticized her for her fear-mongering tactics when she sponsored a bill to eliminate underage marriage in the Commonwealth of Virginia back in 2016. One of her main arguments in pushing this ridiculous bill through her state legislature and getting former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to sign it into law was that she believed that allowing for adolescents under 18 years of age to get married in that state was a recipe for human trafficking. However, Ms. Vogel lacks the background to understand what human trafficking involves and what the causes of it are, whereas Mr. Fairfax has had hands-on experience prosecuting hardened criminals at the Federal level. In fact, Mr. Fairfax was the Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force. He grew up in the northeastern section of Washington, D.C. and saw first-hand the harms of crime and violence.

At no point in Mr. Fairfax's debate with Ms. Vogel on August 9, 2017 at the Piedmont Virginia Community College did he ever praise Ms. Vogel for sponsoring her marriage bill that sought a so-called “child marriage ban” in 2016 that she had repeatedly bragged about throughout that entire event. At no time then did he ever tell Ms. Vogel that this new law she pushed through was protecting youngsters from sexual exploitation by human traffickers. She just made a complete fool out of herself in even bringing it up at all.

B. Mr. Fairfax Steers Clear Of Religious Fanatics

As I was researching the backgrounds of both Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel, I stumbled across an article on the Internet regarding an interview that Breitbart News had done with Ms. Vogel from in October of 2017. What was so interesting about this online article was that in both of Ms. Vogel’s debates with Mr. Fairfax on August 9, 2017 and on October 5, 2017, she blatantly accused Mr. Fairfax of engaging in personal verbal attacks against her and launching character assassination plots against her. At the same time, she has denied that she has ever levied personal attacks against Mr. Fairfax despite that anyone can see what a hypocrite she is in this same regard. She even insisted in her debate with him on October 5, 2017 at the University of Richmond School of Law that she has been nothing but gracious and polite to him and that she has only talked about the issues at their debates. However, I have seen her fly off the handle with Mr. Fairfax during their debates on more than one occasion; and after you read the said online article titled "Exclusive — GOP Lieutenant Governor Nominee Jill Vogel: Election ‘Beyond Critical,’ Americans ‘Playing for All the Marbles In Virginia,’ " you will find that Ms. Vogel is the one who has been unjustly soiling Mr. Fairfax’s reputation any way that she can. For example, therein she described Mr. Fairfax to Breitbart News as some kind of left-wing warrior. Some of the news sources to which that same online article is linked are questionable at best. My response to Ms. Vogel is that if Mr. Fairfax has prosecuted hardened criminals at the Federal level and has gotten results, I would hardly call him a die-hard liberal out to compromise the safety of all Virginians. She accused Mr. Fairfax of taking cheap shots at her in the last debate between both candidates, but she was the one who had been running a smear campaign against him. Below is a YouTube video that shows Ms. Vogel throwing a tantrum at Mr. Fairfax over this issue. You’ll notice that Mr. Fairfax kept himself well composed during that whole episode.

Jill Holtzman Vogel Has Anger Management Issues

After having seen the YouTube video above, I’m sure that many of you will agree with me that Ms. Vogel had no right to accuse Mr. Fairfax of fear-mongering, because she did more than enough fear-mongering throughout the time that she was pushing through her marriage bill. I even described how she did so in my article titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Ruining Virginia.” She was noticeably condescending to Mr. Fairfax in that she spoke as though he were ignorant of the facts that he needed to know to understand the issues. She even stated that he had never worked in a legislative capacity. However, Mr. Fairfax quickly came out and disclosed the fact that he had worked for the United States Senate.

In any event, in her interview with Breitbart News, Ms. Vogel did nothing to hide the fact that she catered to the Religious Right. She even described her speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is an institution of higher learning that has a reputation of promoting Christian fundamentalism. One of her college majors was even religion. She also attended the DePaul University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois, which is a well-known Catholic institution of higher learning. Now, I have no problem with a politician practicing their faith and believing in what they want to believe along the lines of religion. However, what was so disturbing about the same above-described online article regarding Ms. Vogel’s interview with Breitbart News was that she told them that when she was growing up, she and her family were enamored with the late televangelist Reverend Jerry Falwell. When she was a kid, she and her elders would listen to this man on the radio as though he were some kind of guru to them.

Most of us who are well educated on the history of televangelists in our nation know what kind of person the late Mr. Falwell was. During the scandal that unfolded back in the 1980s involving televangelist Reverend Jim Bakker and his late wife, Tammy Faye Bakker (Messner), the late Mr. Falwell pretended to be this religious couple’s best friend; and he offered to take possession of their ministry (The PTL Club) temporarily until they could get their legal problems with the Federal authorities resolved, so that nobody else could legally get a hold of it and take it away from them forever. However, around the time that the Federal authorities stripped Mr. Bakker and his wife of just about every asset they had, including an air-conditioned dog house, the late Mr. Falwell turned on them both like a betraying angel and kept legal possession of their television ministry indefinitely. Now, I never condoned what the Bakkers did back in the 1980s in that they ripped off a whole boatload of people and engaged in a life of hypocrisy. In fact, I feel that Mr. Bakker deserved to serve the prison time that he did because of the people whom he victimized. However, I still find it very treacherous of the late Mr. Falwell to have deceived them both the way that he did with their television ministry. He demonstrated in that event that he simply was not someone to be trusted, even by other Christian fundamentalists like him. Nevertheless, those actions of his were the least troubling to me.

Here in the twenty-first century, the late Mr. Falwell had a disgraceful conversation with televangelist Reverend Pat Robertson in which both of these men made light of the 9/11 attacks. They even went as far as stating that these tragic events were acts of punishment and anger from God. If you read the transcript to that same conversation between both men, you will realize just how reprehensible their actions were. Anyone who lost a loved one in these 9/11 attacks had to have been appalled by the late Mr. Falwell’s statements, and I’m sure that they didn’t have a much higher opinion of Mr. Robertson either after hearing his nonsense. In any event, these religious nuts are the kinds of people with whom Ms. Vogel consorts. There is an old proverb that says that when someone goes to bed with dogs, they wake up with fleas. Ms. Vogel is that certain someone, and any intelligent Virginian is not going to want her to be voted into a position of great power and authority like that of lieutenant governor or governor now or ever.

In my research of Mr. Fairfax’s background, I have not found him to have ties to any religious fanatics or any extremist organizations of Christian fundamentalists. In fact, Mr. Fairfax presents an image of a political leader who respects the principle of separation of church and state. Faith-based governments have proven to be failures dating all the way back to medieval times. People were even tortured to death in the name of religion back then. Therefore, I have to ask each and every Virginian this one question. If you don’t want a lieutenant governor with archaic ideologies in office, then why would you even want to vote for Ms. Vogel in any election that would put her in a position of great power? She would take your state backwards in time to that upside down period of religious oppression, whereas Mr. Fairfax will always adhere to the existing laws and respect each and every Virginian’s religious or secular beliefs without allowing any particular religion to impose its beliefs on those of other faiths or on those of no religious denomination at all.

C. Mr. Fairfax Is For The Little Guy

The Commonwealth of Virginia is 1 of 6 states in our nation that allows unlimited campaign contributions by corporations, individuals, unions and other entities. The ruling on Citizens United in the Supreme Court of the United States ("SCOTUS") so many years back opened the doorway for politicians to receive unlimited amounts of campaign money in this regard. Mr. Fairfax believes that the Commonwealth of Virginia should have campaign contribution limits so that every candidate who runs for office has an equal opportunity to get elected. In other words, he believes that nobody should be able to buy an election.

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During her debate with Mr. Fairfax on August 9, 2017, Ms. Vogel argued that placing limits on campaign contributions would cause less transparency among individuals and entities that donate money to political campaigns. After she presented that argument, Mr. Fairfax agreed with her that transparency was important. However, he also stated that transparency could still be achieved in that regard if laws were passed to place limits on campaign contributions. He cited the example of a family member making a contribution of $600,000 to Ms. Vogel’s campaign for office. His major point was to stop the flow of “dark money.” Right then I immediately realized that Mr. Fairfax was aware of Ms. Vogel’s shady legal practices throughout our nation involving “dark money,” and he wanted to put a stop to it. The YouTube video below gives a detailed description of what this “dark money” is that Ms. Vogel and the others at her law firm in Warrenton, Virginia have been dealing in as well as how corrupt she and her colleagues are. Notice that Ms. Vogel’s law firm deals directly with charities and other non-profit organizations in this same regard.

Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel Is A So-Called Ethics Attorney Whose Ethics Leave So Very Much To Be Desired

The full text of this same news disclosure can be found in an online article on Steemit titled “ ‘Dark-money’ superlawyer bills herself as advocate for charities in Va. lieutenant governor’s race.” After Mr. Fairfax brought up the subject of “dark money” at the August 9, 2017 debate, Ms. Vogel immediately snapped and accused the Democratic Party of receiving unlimited funding from wealthy individuals like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. However, her efforts to swing the spotlight of shame at Mr. Fairfax in this regard were futile inasmuch as it would only have been very big names in his party that might have received money from these two men. Mr. Fairfax is running for a major office in a state jurisdiction for the very first time. Therefore, it would be highly unlikely that he has ever even met Mr. Bloomberg or Mr. Soros.

D. Mr. Fairfax Cares About Public Schools And Continuing Education

In the debate between Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel on August 9, 2017, Mr. Fairfax made it clear that he wished to improve the quality of the public school system throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia so that kids could have a fighting chance of getting into good colleges and universities and go on to have prosperous careers. Mr. Fairfax demonstrated that he had worked within the public school system to make positive changes to it. Unlike Ms. Vogel, he comes from humble beginnings. Nothing was ever handed to him on a silver platter. Ms. Vogel, on the other hand, grew up accustomed to having all the comforts of life. I described her socioeconomic background in my article titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia.”

In the debate between Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel on October 5, 2017, one of the speakers at the event brought up the fact that Ms. Vogel graduated from Central High School in Woodstock, Virginia. I researched that school to find out whether or not it was an exclusive private school. I found out that it was a public school. However, it was in an area where it likely receives the most tax dollars to operate. Mr. Fairfax, on the other hand, grew up in a crime-ridden area of Washington, D.C. where public schools receive the least tax dollars. Therefore, he would know what it was like to get short-ended in receiving an education from the public school system, whereas Ms. Vogel’s parents would have pulled her out of Central High School and put her in a private school if they had any concerns about the quality of education that she was receiving as well as the safety of her surrounding environment at that school back when she was a teenager. Her family was rich, and she continues to be among the top one percent of Americans who have it all.

Mr. Fairfax proposed a strategy in which he would actively create training programs in his role as his state’s lieutenant governor that would help people acquire the necessary skills to move up into job positions that paid them as much as $50,000 a year. At the August 9, 2017 debate, he stated that he wanted to bring about inventive ways to make continuing education more affordable to high-school graduates than it was at the time. He showed a great amount of enthusiasm in lowering the amount of student debt throughout his state back when he was running for office. After I heard him make this statement in one of his television campaign advertisements, what came to mind was an incident back in 2014 when there was a major data breach throughout the world and many people’s social security numbers were compromised. During that time period, I was taking a course at my place of employment, and my professor in that class commented to me and my co-workers that these hackers were perfectly welcome to take her $60,000 in student loan debt. It was nice that she was able to keep a sense of humor about it, but, at the same time, it was ridiculous that she had to struggle with that amount of debt.

E. Mr. Fairfax Has A Frugal Sense Of Money

In the debate between Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel on August 9, 2017, Mr. Fairfax stressed the importance of balancing out the state budget in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He cited the example of a transportation bill that was introduced to his state’s legislature in Richmond back in 2013. Republican Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell supported the bill, and both the Republican and the Democratic state legislators in Richmond treated the bill as a bipartisan effort to provide a game changer to the economy of the Commonwealth of Virginia in that it would provide funding to improve and rebuild the infrastructure of their state. However, Ms. Vogel voted NO on that bill. Fortunately, the other state legislators in Richmond mostly voted to pass that bill, and Governor McDonnell signed it into law. Mr. Fairfax highlighted the fact that this law had improved the quality of life in his state from 2013 to 2017.

F. Mr. Fairfax Opposes Unjust Governmental Interference In The Lives Of Individuals

During the debate between Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel on August 9, 2017, Mr. Fairfax stated that he was strongly in favor of laws that compelled children to get immunizations before attending school inasmuch as not doing so put other people at risk. His point made all the sense in the world. I used to work for a social services agency, and I had noticed as time went by that more and more people who worked in places where there were many kids present were always getting sick. Because of the influx of immigrants into our nation who don’t always immunize their children, the risk factor continues to increase of other people, mainly children, being exposed to deadly diseases. Mr. Fairfax’s suggestion that laws be passed in his state to compel every parent to get their child fully immunized to such diseases before putting them in school is not a prospective encroachment upon anyone’s rights inasmuch as it involves the public safety.

Ms. Vogel argued against such laws. She claimed that she believed that parents should be able to raise their kids the way they wish to do so. However, she certainly failed to practice what she preached when she sponsored her bill to ban underage marriage with the exception of legally emancipated minors over sixteen years of age. Before that bill was signed into law back in 2016, it was a parent’s prerogative to sign for their minor son or daughter to get married in the Commonwealth of Virginia if that minor was at least 16 years of age or pregnant. One of the legislators who opposed that bill even argued that it would encroach upon the rights of parents to decide what was best for their adolescent children, especially when a pregnancy was involved.

Mr. Fairfax brought up the point that Ms. Vogel said one thing and did something completely different. He implied that she was a hypocrite to claim that she wished to take government out of people’s lives inasmuch as her actions as a legislator have shown quite the opposite. He stated that the bill that she sponsored back in 2012 to compel women to obtain a transvaginal ultrasound before having an abortion was the most invasive law that their state could ever have had in the event that it had passed, and Governor McDonnell even questioned its integrity. I described Mr. Fairfax’s argument in this regard in further detail in my article titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia.”

Ms. Vogel stressed in that debate on August 9, 2017 and in her other debate with Mr. Fairfax on October 5, 2017 that she was not running for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to take anyone’s rights away. She denied that if she had gotten elected to office as her state’s next lieutenant governor in 2017, she would put more government into the lives and the business of Virginians. However, her talk could not have been any cheaper than it was. In both my articles titled "Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia" and "Jill Holtzman Is Ruining Virginia," I described how her so-called “child marriage ban” would cause more problems for Virginians than anything. In my article titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Ruining Virginia,” I went into greater details about this same law that she got passed in 2016. She practically wants a police state in this sense, because many minors have gotten married in her state and have gone on to live happy and productive lives; and this new law takes away those same rights from minors that have shielded them and their loved ones from despotic and oppressive law-enforcement officials for years in situations in which the best interests of all parties involved needed to be protected, especially when there was an unborn baby in the picture. What is coincidental about that article of mine in that I gave an example of a terminally ill 14-year-old boy in support of my arguments is that I later discovered that Ms. Vogel actually did have a 14-year-old son back in 2017.

What adds to Ms. Vogel’s hypocrisy is the fact that when she was defending herself against Mr. Fairfax’s argument in this regard at their first debate on August 9, 2017, she was actually stupid enough to bring up the fact that she had pushed through a bill that eventually banned underage marriage for the most part in her state. She insisted that she was putting “principle over party” in sponsoring this bill, whereas this law eliminating underage marriage for the most part is more invasive than any law I have ever known. She called herself open-minded for pushing through this same law, when her actions were really Puritanical and oppressive at best. Mr. Fairfax made a point during that debate that Ms. Vogel’s actions spoke louder than her bogus words. He continued to emphasize that facts were not attacks. He hardly even had to respond to her arguments at that point in the debate, because she did more than enough to contradict herself.

G. Mr. Fairfax Supports A Raise In His State’s Minimum Wage

During the August 9, 2017 debate between Mr. Fairfax and Ms. Vogel, Mr. Fairfax emphatically stated that he supported a raise in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s legal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15.00 an hour. He cited the fact that West Virginia had a higher legal minimum wage than the Commonwealth of Virginia, which only shows how unfair it is to leave the legal minimum wage in his state as it is. His state has a higher cost of living than West Virginia. Therefore, in my humble opinion, his point should be well taken.

I have read and heard all of the pros and cons regarding the controversy over what the legal minimum wage should be in each state jurisdiction of our nation and under Federal law. Like so many other Republicans, Ms. Vogel voiced her opposition to such a raise in the legal minimum wage inasmuch as she believed that it would drive job-creating businesses and corporations out of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If Barack Obama were still our president, I would actually have to agree with her in that regard. However, because President Donald J. Trump had previously made it possible for the Keystone XL Pipeline to be brought into the United States of America, I wholeheartedly agreed with Mr. Fairfax on the minimum wage issue back then in that employers were going to become financially capable of paying their employees at least $15.00 an hour.

Unfortunately, the SCOTUS has placed a ban on the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline since then. However, now that Amy Coney Barrett has been sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, hopefully that ban will soon be lifted.

Now, I know that my line of reasoning seems ironic, because many Democrats were opposed and continue to be opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline coming into our country. However, here is my point. I have always favored the notion of bringing the Keystone XL Pipeline here into our country, because not only would it eventually lower the price of gasoline and oil in our nation, but it would also create jobs for Americans across our nation. I remain open-minded to innovations in energy-related technology such as solar energy and wind energy, but, at the same time, I realize that we all have to live in the real world where our energy-related technology has not evolved to the point that we can get along completely without fossil fuels.