Bernie Sanders Would Have Beat Trump by Landslide, Thanks DNC

Updated on February 27, 2019
DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile
DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile

Now that we see the results of the fact-check-free media allowing Hillary Clinton to say repeatedly, unchallenged, that she was “electable” while Bernie Sanders was not, perhaps it is time to dump everything we think we know about the mainstream media.

Multiple polls showed Sanders trouncing Trump by double digits in head-to-head matches while Clinton, the least-trusted presidential candidate in Democratic party history, never led Trump by much more than the margin of error.

But DNC honchos Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile and the rest had their minds made up. Hillary was going to be the nominee, even if they had to cheat their way to it. A recent report by Election Justice USA, co-authored by the 100th president of the American Statistical Association, shows that is exactly what they did. Now we are looking at President Trump.

We could have been saying, in hushed tones of reverential awe for our American system: President Sanders.

But the corporate hacks and criminals in the Democratic establishment thought they knew better, and for their own greedy ends joined the big bankers and Neocons behind Hillary. They made good and goldarned sure Bernie Sanders lost. Even their own emails leaked by Wikileaks showed it, Wasserman-Schultz chortling "This is a silly story. He isn't going to be president."

Now we live with Trump.

All is not hopeless. We have a three branch form of government, and Trump is probably the most impeachable president in many a year. Half his own party reviles him, and wouldn't lift a finger to help him. The Democrats in Congress who endorsed Hillary – meaning, all of them – are in the hot seat. They helped bring this upon us. Articles of impeachment should be on the shelf and ready to pull at a moment's notice, waiting for an opportune moment.

But first, did we learn anything? The Wasserman-Schultz's and the Braziles and Correct the Record hacks were all ready to go with cries of “conspiracy theory!" at the first mention of election fraud on Sanders, and even Sanders remained inexplicably silent. Was he threatened? Or did he merely fall into the predictable partisan behavior that led the Founders to almost outlaw political parties?

The nation is not racist, and not big on Trump. He was the most distasteful candidate in American history, and in America that's saying something, and only a candidate as untrusted, as war-like, and as corrupt as Hillary could have lost to him. In one of her leaked Wall Street speeches Hillary praises Simpson-Bowles, which calls for the raising of the Social Security retirement age in order to restore the fiscal discipline needed to pay for the bailouts of the One Percent.

And who can forget how Hillary laughed in the face of a young activist who asked Hillary if she would ever release the Wall Street speech transcripts, where she is seen explaining to a group of banking executives the need for “both a public and a private position?”

Will we continue to listen to the clever and cunning narrative put forth by the Democratic party leadership, and their minions in the media, which, incapable of ever, ever taking responsibility, is looking to someone to stone? Of course that would be the unimpeachable Jill Stein, who never lied to you the way the DNC does.

Or will we finally see them for what they are: ruthless, shameless, hopelessly corrupt? No one lost this but the DNC, and anyone who helped it, and anyone who to this day does not hold them accountable.

We can impeach Trump. But not if we keep following the same Pied Pipers. For this we need to no longer trust the people we have trusted in the Democratic Party, and run for the offices themselves. And God help them if they try to pull a Hillary and cheat the results.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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