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Apologize for Electing Biden? Sorry, Not Sorry

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I just read a Canton, Ohio native's opinion letter thinking that Biden voters owe him some kind of apology and it gave me a good laugh. What Thomas Marcelli doesn't understand is that the 2020 election wasn't about electing Biden so much as it was about removing from office the danger that was Donald Trump.

Biden has made a few missteps, but those mistakes pale in comparison to the Donald Trump presidential train wreck.

Perhaps when Joe Biden incites a domestic terror attack on his own Capitol based on lies about fraud, his voters will consider apologizing.

If Joe Biden was the one that released thousands of Taliban prisoners and then drew down the troops in Afghanistan before civilians and equipment were removed, creating a much more dangerous environment, perhaps an apology would be warranted. But that would have been Donald Trump who made those disastrous decisions.

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In terms of energy independence, apparently Mr. Marcelli is unaware of the agreement Donald Trump negotiated with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran and Libya to cut global oil production by 20% in April of 2020. Anyone who studies economics understands what happens to prices when the supply gets cut by that much. There was a time that the United States was energy independent, but the end of Trump's term wasn't that time, thanks to changes he made during the pandemic.

As for pouring trillions into the economy, the trend of members of the right to omit the two similar stimulus payments during the previous administration's final year to solely blame Biden is ridiculous. With the 19 countries that use the Euro reporting a 7.5% spike in inflation compared to the United States' 7.9% figure, inflation is a global problem.


There seems to be a growing trend with Republican presidencies that the country is in crisis by the end of their terms, and 2020 was no different. Perhaps Mr. Marcelli can ask for an apology from those presidents - for being such bad managers of the office that the country has to beg the opposing party to fix the mess they leave behind.

For people that voted Trump out of office - sorry, but we're not sorry.

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