3 Reasons Why America Is the Greatest Country on Earth

Updated on July 5, 2019

It's Independence Day 2019, and this year patriotism seems to be on the decline. For some reason, many people think it’s now silly to call America the greatest country on earth. It’s becoming more common for folks to refuse to respect our nation’s flag or to continuously bring up the not-so-great parts of our past. The fact is, however, that the past is over; there’s nothing you can do about it. Is part of it gross? Definitely. But you can at least be proud of how far we’ve come over the course of 243 years.

Today might not be perfect because, yes, our country still has its flaws. We’ll always have our downfalls, and while we’ll never actually reach exact perfection, we’ve been a pretty darn great country for a long while now. In fact, I’d say we are the greatest country on earth. Here are just three of the many reasons why.

1. Our Constitution

One of the greatest documents ever written, the Constitution is just as applicable now as it was when it was introduced in 1776. The Founding Fathers created a document that formed the framework for a limited government, seeing how governing bodies of other countries often overstepped. They knew that, while the Constitution wasn’t perfect, the document would provide a solid first step for our country and that, as a living document, it would be slightly altered throughout the years alongside changes in society. The Constitution addresses rights to be endowed to the American people, and those rights make us some of the most liberated people in the world.

Included in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights grants U.S. citizens the freedom of speech and religion, the right to bear arms, and a government governed by the people—liberties only dreamt about by people in other countries around the globe. Our Bill of Rights has been around for 228 years, while similar bills such as the Canadian Bill of Rights, which was put into place in 1960, and Denmark’s freshly amended Bill of Rights, which was introduced in 1953, came much later. Many countries don’t include the right to bear arms, limit freedom of speech, and give the majority of the power to the government rather than to its people. Here in America, we are blessed to be afforded these rights, along with the other seven amendments included in the Bill of Rights, which include the right to privacy and fair trials, just to name a couple.

2. We're the Land of Opportunity

From our founding to present day, America has done its best to greet those lawfully coming here with open arms. This land offers a fresh start for many immigrants who hope for a better life. Many of these immigrants come from poor countries that deal with great unemployment rates. If they are able to find a job in their homeland, wages are often much too low to support a family. America has provided a sense of hope for these people for generations, and many immigrants have found great success in the United States.

America also offers a much safer environment than do immigrants’ home countries. Some immigrants flee war or environmental issues, so they choose to come here knowing they are out of harm’s way. American healthcare and education are often superior to the kind immigrants know, so that, too, leads them here.

We’ve also seen opportunities become available for our own citizens. We’ve heard stories of people rising from the lowest of lows to become successful entrepreneurs, government officials, and sports stars. We’re a land full of dreams, and those who work hard, despite what we are constantly told, can still make their way up the ladder.

Though immigration is a huge issue right now, that’s only further proof that the U.S. is a great country. Furthermore, those who complain about the impossibility of the American Dream never end up leaving and often have an already stable life here in the States. That says something good about our country as well. For all of our faults and imperfections, folks keep coming and folks don’t leave. We are the most attractive country in the world.

3. We're Really Good at a Lot of Things

We’re really good at sports like baseball, basketball, and football. In fact, team U.S.A. won the World Baseball Classic when it was last held two years ago, and in the Olympics the U.S. Men’s Basketball team has won gold in 15 of its 18 tournaments. Also, the dominant U.S. Women’s Soccer team is about to play for a World Cup this weekend. We have some of the greatest athletes in the world, like LeBron James, Mike Trout, and Diana Taurasi.

We’ve also created some of the best movies and music the world has ever seen. Historic American actors and actresses such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Marilyn Monroe have become names known around the world. The list of top grossing movies is dominated by American titles. Musically, America has seen legends like Frank Sinatra take the world by storm. Even today, Sinatra’s musical talents are enjoyed around the globe.

Along with great entertainers, America has produced some serious innovators. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Henry Ford created methods of manufacturing still used all over the place today. Steve Jobs changed the technological landscape of the whole world with Apple. We also created airplanes and email and traffic lights and hearing aids and chocolate chip cookies and the internet and microwaves and weed whackers and cellphones and stealth bombers and just so much more. We were even the first country to land on the moon.

We’ve got some pretty great stuff here, and we’ve done some pretty great stuff, too. These are just three examples of why our country is the greatest in the world. So, this Independence Day and every other day of the year, celebrate that greatness. America’s never going to be perfect, but there sure is a lot to be proud of.

© 2019 Millikan


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