A Trumpidency: Accept the Reality

Updated on May 31, 2016
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Mybillypilgrim was a chef for 15 years, has a degree in graphic arts, worked as a fishmonger, and is, in general as progressive as they get.

Could Be Worse

Let's imagine, for a moment, that Donald Trump wins in November, and becomes the President of The United States. Wow. How far we have come... We always say that the Europeans are crazy, but this is a new step for America. First, we elect a black man, an endeavor I never expected in my lifetime, and now we have a full blown narcissist in charge.

While I fully supported Obama, and think that he will be deemed a success, despite all of the roadblocks thrown at him, he has been a disappointment to the progressive left. He failed to prosecute the wolves of Wall Street that tanked the economy in 2007 and he did nothing to adress the war crimes and lies of the Bush administration.

A Trump administration, on the other hand, will be far more interesting and influential than anything that Hillary Clinton could accomplish. I despise him as a human being. He is a major league asshole who I think deserves a few days in the hole for a dose of reality, Donald Trump nonetheless, would be a refreshing change for us. The man has energy. He is a workaholic. He is ON IT.

If we are going to get a Republican, let's at least get a guy with a pulse and the desire to call out Congress for their bullcrap. George W. took more vacations and issued more presidential decrees than Obama. Trump will put Congress to task on a daily basis, something "No Drama Obama" has not been willing to do. He has his hands tied and he knows it.

Donald Trump has a very good shot at winning the Presidency, as Hillary Clinton is a wounded and flawed candidate. He has killed off a typically weak and overzealous field of Republican contendors and now has a clear shot at the presidency. God help us if he wins, but let us all thank our Gods that Ted Cruz did not.

walk of shame

What Could Happen

So, If Donald Trump actually wins and becomes president, what would happen? I think America would lose a HUGE amount of the credibility that we gained world wide by electing Obama, whose measured intelligence was so refreshing after the complete stupidity of G.W. Bush.

Trump would bluster and spout and make a complete fool of himself, but in the end, it all comes down to Congress. Trump will learn very fast that he can't get anything done without them, and if he pisses them off, he won't. Of course he can shake his supposedly large member at them, but his only true power a President is as Commander and Chief of the military. So he could choose to re-invade the middle east and commit hundreds of thousands of troops to another fools mission, or he could just continue the "bomb from a distance" strategy that Obama has taken. I think he would choose the latter.

As for his New Great Wall on the Mexican border, I think he will get a big fat finger from Mexico in terms of who will pay for it, and any effort to deport all of the illegal aliens will meet great resistance from the border states (and other states as well) who rely upon those people to pay taxes. Yes, believe it or not, Illegal aliens do pay taxes. They pay sales taxes on everything they purchase, and, if they are using a false social security number to get a job (as most of them do) they pay all of the taxes that everyone else does, except! they can never collect the social security money that they put in. This is the biggest, most dark secret of the Republican immigration scare. (read:scam)

I know it is true because I worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years. Weather you like it or not, if you live in any large urban area, the odds that any restaurant food you order will be cooked by a hispanic with a dicey immigration status are pretty good.

So, Mr. Trump can bloviate all he wants about immigration, but he will never change the status quo, because the illegals are too ingrained into our society to get rid of them. We need them and they are too valuable for us to get rid of.


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    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 23 months ago from Somewhere in the universe


      Trump is a symptom of what is wrong with the people of this country. They want the milk and honey, but can't face the reality of the work it takes to make it happen.

      I am amazed at the people who look up to Trump as some sort of authority figure. He is nothing more than a bully and a spoiled rich child.

      How anyone can see him as a leader is beyond me. He is the "ugly American".

    • mybillypilgrim profile image

      Granville Bennet 23 months ago from Portland Oregon

      Good points, Austinstar

      I kept it brief, but believe me, I have plenty of things to say about what a Trump presidency would mean. I think he would initially tell congress to go screw themselves and then realize that he can't get anything done without them. That is what has screwed Obama (and also makes it amazing when you see what he accomplished with nothing but a stone wall to deal with) and will screw Hillary if she wins.

      Who knows what Trump would do? I think initially Mexico will tell him to build his own friggin' wall, and , beyond that, it is impossible to predict where he will go. It's like inviting a schizophrenic into your house for a week.

      Anyway, I will take your advice and beef up the piece. As always, thank you for your input.


    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 23 months ago from Somewhere in the universe

      A little disappointed here, Billy. No "facts" about what Trump would do? How congress would react? How the Bernie supporters would riot? How mexico would start a border war over the wall Trump is supposed to make them pay for?

      Sorry, but this hub was as bereft of content as Trump himself.

      Please add more words. Even if they are big words, terrific words. Make it HUGE!