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A Repeat of the U.S. Presidential Election in 2024?

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It just may happen

It is another horrible thought for many. The bitter 2020 election between Biden and Trump and with a similar ending. An ending that if Biden wins, Trump and his band of idiots will cause mayhem and deny the results. Of course, should Trump win, Biden followers will take a lesson from them and probably claim Trump rigged it.

Between 2022 and 2024, the only thing that could make a key difference is the election results of the midterms this year when many senators and others must be re-elected. It does look like that unless Biden polls much better than now, the results will be very pro-Republican in the Senate and Congress. This will make things very difficult for the Democrats and Biden and nothing will get done.

Biden claims that he will run again in 2024, he will be 80 yrs. old, a time when most retire, if not sooner, to enjoy their last years. Assuming he makes it to 2024, polling suggests most Americans think it is time for him to retire. He should not push his luck. A lot can happen in two years and world events may either make him change his mind or make him even more determined. As for VP Harris, she was always a token to get the women vote in 2020. She has been absent in showing voters how she could be POTUS. There has been nothing impressive about her as VP. This is very different than when she was a Senator, it is almost like, she has little to do unless Biden is no longer president. She has been very disappointing. The question is, should Biden run in 2024, will Harris be the VP again? Would she actually want it- a job that is mostly ceremonial? Would Biden ask her to be VP again or pick another?

Trump has hinted strongly that he will also run again to retake a job he lost in 2020. God forbid if he actually wins in 2024, as he will seek revenge just like the mobster he is and America will definitely decline further down the rabbit's hole. The question who might be a running mate, Pence again? Or, would Pence seek to challenge Trump in 2024? Ted Cruz certainly has those ambitions, but Trump ate him alive in 2020. In fact, there are no real Republican challengers on the horizon for challenging Trump, should he run. The same can be said of the Democrats. Would Harris break away and take on Biden? Would the same boring candidates challenge Biden once again?

What are other potential choices in 2024?

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On the Republican side there is Liz Cheney, Condolezza Rice, Adam Kinzinger, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, DeSantis. But really, none of these people will dare to go up against Trump. Should Trump not try again, then, the Republicans mentioned could be decent choice. On the Democratic side, the choices are not much better. Nobody has that "knock out" quality and the names will be pretty much the same as in 2020. VP Harris has been a real disappointment for many. She has not shown much interest in any of the assignments Biden has given her. If she plans to run in 2024 for President, her inactions as VP will be her downfall.

It is highly unlikely that Biden would not want Harris as his VP again, but what if she refuses, seeing how little she can get done in that post. That would certainly be a spin in things because now Biden would need to find a new running mate!

Now, should the Republicans retake the House and Senate with a majority, it would be a death blow to the Democrats and nothing will get done in 2022-23.

For the poor American public in 2024, once again we will probably have very similar BAD choices on both sides of the isle. Truly, showing a decline in American democracy and fewer and fewer good choices exist.

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