US Politics


Democrats 2020: Debate #10

There will be only one more debate before the Democratic nominee for President of the United States is selected. The tenth Democratic debate demonstrated the pressure under which the current candidates are operating.


Trumpism—A Passing Obsession

The whole issue surrounding Trump may seem complex, but when we allow all dust to settle, a logical treatment of the current political antagonism in the US reveals the simple, familiar conflict between mind and heart.


The Insulted "Democrat"

Democrats enjoy complaining that they are being insulted when Republicans and other opponents employ the term "Democrat" in place of "Democratic" while referring to that party, its officials, or its policies. The distinction is trivial, influenced primarily by dialect more than a desire to insult.


What Is the Deep State?

The Deep State is the federal bureaucracy that creates laws, enforces them, and judges and punishes transgressors, which means it possesses all three powers that are supposed to be separate in America: legislative, executive, and judicial.