5 Ways the United States Can Be a Better Country to Live In

Updated on January 13, 2018
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Introduction to How the United States Can Become a Better Country

The United States is one of the good countries of the world. Although, there are good things about this country that I wrote earlier, it seems that the only news we hear about America is all negative. We hear so much about job losses, home foreclosures and nasty weather events. There are ways to make the United States a better place for people to reside in if they have the desire to come here and make a living. There is always hope that the situation in America will improve. And there are ways in which America can become a better place to live if the following things are done:

A Photo of The White House the Seat of the Executive Branch

Invest More Money in Public Education and Improve the Public Transit Systems

  1. America must invest in its educational system instead of making cuts to the system

If you have been watching the news especially lately, you have heard that several states in the United States continue to have massive budget deficits. In addition to this, the government is cutting its spending for education. Instead, the Trump Administration should make attempts to make sure that every child in America and every single person who wants to get a quality education can get one. After all, America can do this because they have the money. America still has a very high gross domestic product or GDP in spite of its current economic problems.

2. America must take steps to improve its public transportation system

There are still many large US cities that are very car based. What this means is that in many US cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix and many others are very urban and sprawled out for miles. In these cities, if a person does not have a car, getting around by public transportation is challenging and long because of the amount of time that a person will spend on their daily commutes. Improving America’s transit system will also reduce the dependence on automobiles which will help save the environment from pollution. Traffic in the streets would be greatly reduced. People would not have to spend all this money on gas, car insurance, wear and tear on the tires and other related costs. After all, maintaining a car is very expensive.

Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Would Have Been Great Presidents

Bernie Sanders is sometimes classified as an Independent although he ran for President in 2016 representing the Democratic Party.
Bernie Sanders is sometimes classified as an Independent although he ran for President in 2016 representing the Democratic Party.
Elizabeth Warren is a senator representing the state of Massachusetts. She has been serving the state since 2012.
Elizabeth Warren is a senator representing the state of Massachusetts. She has been serving the state since 2012.

Electing Someone Like Bernie Sanders Or a Similar Type of Person

3. Elect Better People to be in charge of the White House-Bernie Sanders is one example of a man who would have been a much better President than Donald Trump

This reason will almost certainly generate lots of controversy but Bernie Sanders would have been a much more qualified and competent man to be at the top of the Executive Branch if he had been given the chance. This article is not to discuss why Bernie would have been a better President but for people that have been watching the mainstream news channels since 2015, they should realize that many of Bernie’s policies make sense. However, given the fact that an estimated 63% of the US population is still Caucasian, there is a certain viewpoint that exists in their minds. Let me explain this as best as I can. Bernie Sanders is Jewish and those of us that have studied American history know what happened the last time a Jewish major party nominee ran for President. That person lost very badly. That person was Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona who was defeated in a landslide by Lyndon Johnson back in 1964. I get the feeling that if Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic nominee instead of Hillary Clinton, there is a good chance that he might have been questioned by the GOP for being an Israeli agent and that might have damaged him in the polls. But he is right when he says that the United States should be a country for all people and not just for those at the top 1%. How very true that is. However, would Sanders have won enough of the minority votes to get elected? He performed much more poorly in the primaries when it came to trying to attract those African American and Latino votes compared to Hillary Clinton. Even so, his policies would have been FAR better for the economic and social health of the United States. There is no excuse for this good country to not give every person the right to have health insurance. Even Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii or Senator Elizabeth Warren would have been better Presidents because they have been in public life and have an understanding of how this government works.

Elizabeth Warren Would Be a Great Democratic President

Create a More Job Friendly Country

4. The United States should do something to create more jobs for the people that need them instead of outsourcing jobs to India and China

If the United States is the richest country in the world, it should do something to help create jobs and get the economy back on its feet again to the proper level. By proper level, that means that having an economy in which any person that is willing to work can find a job when they look for one. China and India do not need US jobs. They can provide jobs for their own people. We don’t need to help them out. Think about this for a moment. If the US has the world’s largest economy, then they can create jobs for its citizens for sure.

A Heart Symbolizing the Need for Effective, Affordable Health Care

The way for people to be healthy especially with their hearts is for the US to take steps to have a healthcare system that works for every person not just the top 1% of the population.
The way for people to be healthy especially with their hearts is for the US to take steps to have a healthcare system that works for every person not just the top 1% of the population. | Source

Affordable Health Care That Works For Everyone

5. America must ensure that all of its citizens can get affordable lower cost health care

We have been debating about health care since the days of the Bill Clinton presidency. If countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada have national health insurance, then why can’t the United States provide cheaper and better health care for its people especially those that are senior citizens? People with preexisting conditions also deserve to have health insurance. There is no reason for our seniors to have to pay expensive prices for their prescription drugs. The problem in the US is that our health care system is privatized and health insurance companies have too much power. But I believe we still can take steps to improve health care costs for everyone. The health care legislation signed into law by Barack Obama is a good start to the process. Note: it is now 2018 and the Republican majority Congress were taking steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to replace it with something better but we have not gotten word of what that better plan is. They have also passed through Congress their most recent tax plan. However, contrary to what may be believed, so far, only the Obamacare individual mandate has been repealed. It seems that no matter what is done particularly by Democrats to try to put a better health care system in place, Republicans have done what they can to oppose those plans. That's because they either don't want the average person to have health insurance, or they want that perfect kind of plan. Why can't the US have a national health system like many European countries?

This Short Video Proves Why We Need Better People for President


These are five basic ways that the United States can become a better country for the people to live in. And it can be done if the US government follows what they are supposed to instead of trying to please the lobbyists and special interest groups that have a huge influence in this country. The key word here is IF these things are done. The issue is that it does not seem at least so far that President Trump even wants to be President for all Americans like he said he would.

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