4 Important Things to Do to Help Stabilize America

Updated on November 21, 2017
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Most of today’s American citizens know that something has gone wrong with our country in recent years, but many feel helpless when it comes to correcting some of the problems that have created the destabilization of our country.

However, if we want to address some of the ills that plague us, there are ways to do so. As individuals, we have to commit ourselves to this goal right now, because to do otherwise will make us a rudderless ship floating on a sea of confusion, despair, fear, and hopelessness.

It is up to each of us to do whatever we can to try to fix what is wrong in the United States of America.
It is up to each of us to do whatever we can to try to fix what is wrong in the United States of America. | Source

1. Choose Good Leaders

For too long we have trusted the leaders for whom we vote (or not) to take care of us, but they clearly are doing a poor job of it.

It is our responsibility to understand that our votes really do count and that we should take them seriously. You do not have the right to complain about someone who has been voted into office if you, yourself, have not taken the time to cast a vote!

It is up to each citizen to make sure he knows exactly what a candidate stands for so that he can vote effectively.

Only the lazy “vote the party”. They think this is an act of loyalty or that a political party represents their views, but the truth is that if people would forget about “parties” and concentrate on background, experience, moral values, voting histories, etc., they likely would make much better choices.

It is too easy to take what politicians say at face value. If you don’t know the candidates but still vote for somebody, you often damage yourself and your fellow citizens.

No leader is perfect, that’s for sure. However, some are far more stable and moral than others. If you vote for someone simply because he tells you he is a Christian that does not make him “moral”. What does make him moral is his sense of fair play, his respect for people, his respect for the law and his consistent attempts to do what is right rather than what is popular.

Right now, we are seeing little of this, and it is our own fault. We put some of the wrong leaders in office, and now we’re paying for it!

You can’t blame them. They were bad news before they ever took office. We just didn’t take the time to learn the truth, chose not to vote or chose to vote for the wrong reasons.

Hopefully, next time, we’ll do better.

2. Take Responsibility

We seem to have become a society where it is common to blame others for what we, ourselves, do.

We also are quick to blame people inaccurately and in so doing, ruin lives and careers.

Both of these behaviors are malicious in nature, and both feed the darker sides of our personalities.

It is much easier to be negative than positive, but the only way to attain stability is to live your life responsibly and fairly.

This means doing things such as

  • helping your kids get through school,
  • understanding that your vote really does count and that you should take it seriously,
  • showing respect authority figures,
  • practicing common courtesy and civil behavior,
  • drawing clear lines between what is right and what is wrong,
  • contributing to society rather than taking from it,
  • thinking before you act and
  • making decisions with your head, not your emotions.

Children who have good role models and guidance grow up to be productive citizens.
Children who have good role models and guidance grow up to be productive citizens. | Source

3. Educate Yourself

Far too many of us don’t take time to learn the facts of a situation before making a decision about it.

Doing this leads to all kinds of problems, some of which can be life threatening.

Education does not end with school, but the more schooling you get, the more prepared you are to deal with life’s problems.

You can no longer take what people say at face value, especially when important decisions you will have to make depend on the information you get.

To make good decisions, you need to do your homework. How to Make Good Decisions explains what you need to do about this issue.

Right now many are complaining that the minimum wage is too low, but what have these people done to improve their skills so that employers will want to pay them more money?

Have they learned a trade, enhanced their current skills or taken advantage of in house training? If not, they shouldn’t complain.

The truth is that minimum wage jobs were never meant to be full time and permanent. They were meant to be stepping stones that people could use while they were educating and training themselves.

I once met a man who worked for McDonalds. He had been with them since he was a teenager. He took advantage of every training class they offered, came in early, stayed late, did the jobs that nobody else wanted to do and was always willing to step in when an employee quit or couldn’t make it to work.

Today he is an executive with that company and is earning a fine income because of what he did. He educated himself, and he was willing to go the extra mile. He didn’t sit around complaining about low wages, and now he doesn’t have to!

4. Get Rid of the Devices

Because of technology, many people seem to have forgotten that it is people, not electronics that form the basis of a stable society.

How many times have you watched a family of four sitting in a restaurant with each member looking at a device instead of talking to one another?

How many times have you been driving along and seen the person driving alongside of you looking down instead of up?

Technology is ruining us, and we are allowing this to happen. Yes, it is fun. Yes, it is convenient. However, it is also highly addictive and is causing us to lose the very social skills that bind us together as human beings.

You may think you have a lot of online “friends”, but where will they be if you need a shoulder to cry on or get sick and need help? Those people are not friends. You don’t even really know who they are!

Much of the information you receive on devices is faulty, yet you believe it, and you allow it to sway your thinking about many issues.

If we do not put our cell phones, I pads, laptops and other devices away or, at the very least, stop depending on them for social interaction and political guidance, we will never get back to normal in this country or any other.

Nobody can make you put them away. Only you can do so. Think carefully and then take appropriate action. Your happiness and well being may depend on what you do with them.

Change Begins With the Individual

I am a child of the fifties. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have expected to see the types of things that are going on in this country right now.

  • Road rage,
  • rampant abuses and harassments by the famous and rich,
  • people literally hating one another due to their political beliefs,
  • our leaders constantly lying, cheating and violating our laws,
  • parents and children killing one another,
  • horrible killings of children and large groups of people and
  • individuals blaming and ruining one another for terrible things without knowing the facts

are all behaviors that are the result of an unstable society.

If we are to make things right, we must get control of ourselves first. Nobody can do that for us.

We also need to

  • demand that the mentally ill be placed in protective environments so that they will no longer run free on our streets,
  • return the dignity and authority to our teachers that they once had and
  • require that our leaders respect and support our laws.

These things are not easy to do. They require self discipline and effort, but these are the things we must do if we are to stabilize America so that all of us can live better and more productive lives.

Would you be willing to do some of the things mentioned here if it meant our country would be better as the result of your efforts?

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