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4 Great Reasons Not to Vote for Donald Trump

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Four Excellent Reasons not to Vote for Trump.

Four Excellent Reasons not to Vote for Trump.

2016 and Onwards: Why You Shouldn't Vote for Trump Ever

At first, when I began covering the American political system back in 2012, we all wondered whether Barack Obama would win a second term in the White House or if the Republican candidate—whoever he or she was—would end up knocking him out of the presidency. It's been a rough road since then.

I wrote a summary of reasons not to vote Republican in 2016, and I'm still writing on this topic today.

With an election year coming up in the United States, people will go to the polls all across the country to elect the next president. If you're still undecided, you'll want to hear these four excellent reasons not to vote for Trump.

This is not meant to imply that every Republican politician is bad but simply to explain why you should not vote for Donald Trump.

Note: Care will be taken to not sound too partisan. In other words, I will attempt to not choose sides here and to look at this issue objectively. That stated, we have had Republican presidents with at least some level of understanding of what it takes to run a country.

For instance, war hero Dwight D. Eisenhower was wise enough to realize the dangers of empire-building during his 1961 Farewell Address. And Abraham Lincoln, the self-educated lawyer who was one of our brightest and most respected presidents, is my favorite president of all time who wanted desperately to keep the nation together because he loved it so much. There have been exceptions, but the GOP has had many not-so-good politicians. I say this, also realizing that the Democrats also have had poor presidents, one being Andrew Johnson.

Reason #1: Trump Will Hurt the Middle Class Even More

First of all, if you are a person that is earning only a middle-class income, you’ll want to know that most Republicans don’t support the middle class. Why is that?

Trickle-Down Doesn’t Work.

Those of us that have studied and know the system will remember that Reaganomics and the trickle-down theory only worked against the middle class, increasing the gap between the rich and poor.

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy?

The Republicans have also been known to support tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America while the middle and working classes struggle.

Trump Values Companies More Than People.

The Republicans have been known to get support from the biggest companies in the nation. He has not looked after the middle class, but Trump has given big companies a big break.

(However, the two-party system has changed so much with the rise of corporate donors, PACs, and “the Establishment” that even Democrats have been criticized. I congratulate Arizona senator John McCain for his public service and for saying that Obama is a decent man. And Mitt Romney was a far more decent candidate for president compared to Donald Trump.)

Reason #2: Trump Hates the Affordable Care Act and Has No Plan to Replace It

The Republicans are still hoping to show that Obama failed as president. Republicans have done everything they can to repeal Obama’s healthcare plan. Still, far too many people in this country have no health insurance coverage. Healthcare that is affordable is a huge priority for the millions of people that don’t have it.

If you want to have a chance of getting healthcare in the future, do not vote for the Republican Party. There has been a heated debate about healthcare reform since the Bill Clinton years. The passage of the healthcare legislation known as the Affordable Care Act was a huge step in the right direction. Healthcare is a basic human right, and there is no reason why the US should not have healthcare that is affordable and can help in times when people really need it (particularly those with preexisting conditions).

Trump is critical of just about everything that Obama tried to do, including the Affordable Care Act, but he has no plan for what to replace it with.

The homeless population in the United States will increase if Trump wins another term in 2020.

The homeless population in the United States will increase if Trump wins another term in 2020.

He will not help the unemployed.

He will not help the unemployed.

Reason #3: He Will Not Help the Unemployed

Trump has also done everything he could to oppose and deny the extension of unemployment benefits to the people who need them. Republicans have even opposed extending unemployment benefits to the 99ers, those who have been without work for 99 weeks or longer.

How can the Republicans be so uncaring about those that need help the most? If you want to see the unemployed of this country get help, don’t vote for the Republican Party, especially Donald Trump.

Reason #4: Trump's Foreign Policy Is Dangerously Horrible

And perhaps the most important reason not to vote for Donald Trump is that the country's relationship with the rest of the world will continue to suffer, and there will most probably be more risk of war. We had two wars started by the George W. Bush Administration, and that was two wars too many. With America facing major economic problems, we cannot afford additional conflicts. While the Republicans have had an aggressive stance on foreign policy issues, Trump is even more aggressive, and this country does not need aggression.

These are Donald Trump's own words of what he said about African Americans. No Trump supporter can possibly deny that he said these things but Trump supporters do not question anything that he says.

These are Donald Trump's own words of what he said about African Americans. No Trump supporter can possibly deny that he said these things but Trump supporters do not question anything that he says.

Other Reasons Why Donald Trump Is a Terrible Choice

These four reasons are only four of the best reasons not to vote for Donald Trump. Trump has belittled women and insulted Hispanics, has been staunchly against anyone who is Muslim, and has mocked a disabled reporter. He does not deserve to be president of the country that George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe took great care to build.

The greatest and most honorable act that all of us in the US can do is to reject Donald Trump and people of his caliber by not voting for him. Say no to people like Donald Trump because he is most definitely unfit!


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