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Are White Supremacist & Nationalist Groups Hate Groups?

Updated on September 28, 2017
"White supremacists marched under the president's name."
"White supremacists marched under the president's name." | Source

White Supremacy Vs. White Nationalism

White supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, and should therefore dominate society. White nationalists focus on the claim that white people are a race and seek to develop a national and cultural identity based on the alleged "superior white race."

White nationalists also hold the belief that a white genocide is currently taking place. They often use this claim, also referred to as a "globalist" or "Zionist" threat, to justify their beliefs and practices, by deeming it necessary to fight back in order to ensure the survival of their race and culture.

White nationalists try to push their agenda onto the rest of society. Armed and aggressive, they are taking to the streets in rallies to insist that whites all around the world also see themselves as part of the same race. A failure to do so is considered a crime or an abomination against the white race.

Hey, Nazis Have Feelings, Too!

White supremacy is a supposed subgroup of white nationalism, however, the two are essentially the same. They both echo the same ideologies surrounding the so-called inferiority of non-whites and the threat of white erasure. White supremacy is simply a duplicate copy of white nationalism, and they aren't fooling anyone.

These terms, as well as other terms such as "alt-right," "segregationist," or "white separatist," are often designed and used in an attempt to veer away from being labeled a racist or a nazi. Even further, it's an attempt to set themselves apart from the hate and violence that has been associated with neo-nazism, and humanize themselves in order to gain sympathy for their cause.

MSNBC Report After Violent Attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia

Definition of a Hate Group

Hate Groups:

  • Advocate and/or practice hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a certain race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other designated sector of society.
  • Are by definition, terrorists.

Hate Groups Are Fundamentally Terrorist Groups


  • Use slurs.
  • Use intimidation tactics.
  • Threaten violence or death.
  • Encourage and/or issue calls for violence.
  • Commit violence.
  • Riot.
  • Plot for a (race) war and/or genocide.
  • Commit murder. (Including, but not limited to, mass murder.)

Use Racial Slurs

Use Intimidation Tactics (I Guess Until Confronted?)

Threaten Violence or Death

Encourage and/or Issue Calls for Violence

Via Business Insider:

"At one point, Reeve asked whether Cantwell believed white people were capable of violence, to which Cantwell responded, "Of course we're capable."

"I'm carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time, I'm trying to make myself more capable of violence," he said.

Cantwell even disputed Reeve's suggested description of the movement as "nonviolent."

"I'm not even saying we're nonviolent," he said. "I'm saying that f------ we did not aggress. We did not initiate force against anybody. We're not nonviolent — we'll f------ kill these people if we have to."

Commit Violence


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Aim for Race War (Genocide of Non-white Peoples)

Commit Murder


Southern Poverty Law Center Lists White Nationalist Groups in Hate Map

The internet is overflowing with content documenting the actions of these groups, only further proving themselves to be full of hate, violence, and ill intentions.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has compiled a list of hate groups via hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports. They have developed that information into a Hate Map and have also provided us with a list of Active Hate Groups. You will find an extensive list of white nationalist groups reported there as...

Hold onto your seats...



Thus, it is confirmed. These groups are scum who only want to cause harm to American citizens and bring more division upon this land.

Although, I am unsure how it was ever unconfirmed or questionable. This isn't rocket science.

Are white nationalists hate groups, or are you an idiot?

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