3 Times Environmental Action Worked in the Past

Global warming and climate change are quite the buzzwords these days. Just mention the subjects and more likely than not you will find yourself in the middle of a lively discussion. Despite all the hype, environmental action is nothing new; it has been with us before, just under a different name.


World Environment Day 2019 Theme: Air Pollution

Air pollution is the theme of the 2019 World Environment Day. UN Secretary-General Guterres says: “It is time to act decisively. My message to governments is clear: tax pollution; end fossil fuel subsidies; and stop building new coal plants. We need a green economy, not a grey economy.


Topsoil Is Disappearing

Dirt is absolutely essential to our survival, and we are losing it at a phenomenal rate. Modern farming methods, deforestation and urbanization all contribute to soil erosion and degradation.


The Greenest President?

Of the 45 presidents who have held the highest office in the land, two stand out in the creation of park space and the protection of the environment. One, Theodore Roosevelt, may come as no surprise, but the other, Richard Nixon, is a most unlikely candidate.


Could Eating Bugs Save the World?

Scientists think bugs could be the solution to our growing populations' need for food. Billions of people are already enjoying insects as a daily part of their diet, and you could too. Check out which bugs are being eaten around the world and jump on the bug-eating train.


Sources and Effects of the 9 Major Air Pollutants

This article shows the different sources and effects of each of the nine major air pollutants. You will also learn the causes of air pollution, the two principal classifications of air pollutants and a brief narrative about the "The Great Smog of London."


Is Eating Meat Obsolete?

This article delves into the idea that maybe eating meat is not unethical (depending on the situation), but the processing the meat goes through is, since it employs disreputable methods such as keeping the livestock in small spaces and not allowing the animals to be free at all.