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10 Reasons Why the Male Gender Is the Worst

Jason realizes that all men aren't horrible, but that the male gender needs to do far better than they do.

Almost all mass shootings are done by men, as well as most violent and sexual crimes.

Almost all mass shootings are done by men, as well as most violent and sexual crimes.

Men Are Worse

The male gender is the worse, more violent, and less balanced of the two traditional male and female genders. It’s not even close.

To be crystal clear: I am not saying that all men or even most men are horrible. I know plenty of wonderful human beings that are male. I know some women that are terrible, terrible people. But speaking in generalities, the female gender is superior to the male gender in numerous ways.

In the aftermath of the latest racially-motivated mass shooting (as always, committed by a man, not a woman) in Buffalo, New York, I’m going to briefly explain the 10 reasons why most women are superior to most men. And why men need to step it up in this world, especially in our country. Buckle up.

1. Mass Shootings Committed in the United States Are Almost Always Done By Men

In the past 40 years, there have been 121 mass shootings committed by men versus three committed by women. Mass shootings are defined as four or more victims killed at one time, in a public setting.

This study was current as of March 2nd, 2022 by Statista. The fact that 97.5% of U.S. mass shootings have been committed by men and 2.5% of them have been committed by women would indicate that the male gender is far more violent and disturbed enough to commit these heinous crimes.

Are men not in control of their anger? Do they suffer from mental illness at a far higher rate than women? These percentages indicate that women are far more in control of their emotions and anger. They seem to have a much higher control of rationality.

2. Men Commit an Overwhelming Amount of Rape Crime

According to this study, 91% of rapes occur by men against women, versus 9% of rapes being women against men.

The fact that the percentage of rapes are committed by approximately 10 times as many men raping women as women raping men is a telling statistic. This shows that men are severely lacking in self-control or morality. Likely both.

3. Men's Egos Are Far More Fragile

Some women may get their feelings hurt easily, but men suffer from this more and more openly. In my experience, I’ve seen the fragile male ego being damaged far more than women being so vocal and openly hurt.

One could argue that women hide their feelings of hurt and humiliation better, but I don’t feel that’s accurate. I don’t think that women take things to heart nearly as badly as many men do.

Women tend to be better at processing emotions, whereas men get hurt and openly angry as a response to a perceived slight or insult. In this regard, this makes the female gender emotionally stronger than the male one.

Most serial killers are male. Female serial killers are quite rare.

Most serial killers are male. Female serial killers are quite rare.

4. Serial Killers Are Overwhelmingly Male vs. Female

According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 85% of serial killers are male. This compares to 8% being female and the other 7% unknown, relating to the percentage of killers that remain at large.

This would indicate that the cruelty required to be a serial killer is a trait that is dominant in the male gender far more than in the female gender. The lack of human decency and empathy in these male serial killers is genuinely disturbing.

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5. 96% of Child Molesters Are Male

According to a study done by YWCA, 96% of child molestation cases are done by male perpetrators. This compares to 4% of all cases being committed by female abusers.

Just as in the mass-shooter and serial killer examples, men commit an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of these sexually violent crimes. It is quite rare for a woman to be caught sexually abusing a child.

It makes one wonder if men lack empathy, self-control, or feel they are entitled by being physically dominant over their victims. It is a genuinely sickening thing to think about - the giant gap between male vs. female violent crime.

6. A Higher Percentage of Men are Unfaithful in Relationships

When thinking back to all of the people I’ve known who have broken up over someone cheating in their marriage or relationship, I’ve seen a far higher percentage of the cheaters being men versus women.

I have known of a few women who were caught cheating, but I’d venture to guess it’s about 3/4 of men being caught cheating, at least in the examples I’ve seen or heard about personally.

Some might argue that men and women cheat the same amount, but that women are just sneakier and smarter about hiding their infidelity. I tend to doubt that women cheat as much or more as men do, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were more covert and smarter about hiding it than men.

Men are far more likely to harass women on social media than vice versa.

Men are far more likely to harass women on social media than vice versa.

7. Men Act Far More Ignorant Online Than Women

When it comes to one gender acting more immature and ignorant toward the other gender on social media, men seem to have this one, hands down. The comments I see that men post on women’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would be laughable if they weren’t so pathetic.

Many of these men can barely spell and have no clue about proper grammar or punctuation. I have to assume a large percentage of them are drunk or high when they post some of their dumb thoughts.

You can tell they feel like they’re being charming and clever, when it’s quite the opposite. So many of these men are clueless as to how this makes them look to the female gender.

You don’t often see women catcalling men or trying to flirt with all sorts of random guys. I’m not saying it never happens, but men are guilty of this far more than women are.

I’m guessing women are about one hundred times more likely to receive an unsolicited dick pic from a man than a random woman sending a man a picture of her vagina. I also feel safe in assuming that if a man doesn’t answer a private message from a woman back, she’s not likely to call him a stuck-up c-word or a whore.

8. Men Are Usually More Racist, Bigoted, Sexist and Homophobic

Again, this is just playing the percentages. I actually have seen some of these types of comments online posted by women. But for every one I’ve seen a woman post, I estimate I’ve seen at least 10 times that many posted by men.

One of these that stands out far more than the rest is the homophobic comments. Many men still think it’s acceptable to use derogatory terms for gay or trans people, even if they think it's only in jest. This is unacceptable and makes them look quite ignorant.

Women seem to be far more accepting of gay and trans people, from the posts I see daily. They seem to use far fewer slurs for people of other races, sexual orientations, and for people from other countries. Any time I post a pro-LGBTQ post, I’d estimate eight or nine out of 10 positive reactions are from women.

Men have an edge in the workplace, whether they admit it or not.

Men have an edge in the workplace, whether they admit it or not.

9. Men Won’t Admit That They Hold the Power In the Workplace

Men still will try to argue with women that there is complete and total equality in the workplace. Their refusal to acknowledge the disproportionate pay differences between men and women doing the same job is ridiculous.

They often feel that by acknowledging such an idea exists, they would be insulting themselves or their gender. They usually feel they’ve earned everything they’ve achieved solely on the merit of their work, not with gender bias working in their favor.

By refusing to be an ally to women’s rights in the workplace, they are solidifying their position at their job or company. Standing up for women’s rights is the right thing to do, but they will act as if women are being unfair and emotional toward their male co-workers. It’s male-fragility that men refuse to acknowledge.

10. Women Handle Their Feelings In a Far Healthier Way Than Men

Women are stronger human beings than men because they deal with their emotions in a much better, healthier way than most men do. Men are still conditioned to hold in their feelings and are often shamed by family, friends or coworkers if they do show emotion.

Women are still far more likely to seek the help of a professional counselor or therapist than men. Men often will only seek professional help for their mental health if a spouse or significant other pushes them to do it.

The fact that men commit a large majority of violent crimes, sexual abuses, murders, mass killings, and spousal abuse demonstrates their true need for therapy. They would benefit from checking their pride at the door and being open to receiving actual help.

To be clear: I am not a man-hater. I have not written this to gain favor with members of the female gender. I feel the statistics and things I’ve observed over my 30-year adult lifespan speak for themselves.

I don’t think all or even most men are horrible human beings. Many are good people and solid citizens. Not all women are wonderful, perfect people. But men need to step up their game. On all of these topics I’ve mentioned, and certainly many more.

Women are educating themselves at a higher rate than men are these days. They are seeing the benefit of getting a higher education to be able to afford to live on their own. Being in a relationship with a sub-standard mate is not something most people want to deal with in 2022.

Women are wonderful leaders in the workplace and in politics.

Women are wonderful leaders in the workplace and in politics.

Men Need To Do Better

I would love to know what a world would look like where all or most politicians were women. Men like to use the phrase, “Women are too emotional to __________.” However, it would seem men are far more emotional of the two genders, especially as it relates to violence and crime.

A perfect example would be Donald Trump. Look at how many angry, emotional meltdowns he had during his presidency. People like Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, and other right-wing politicians, commentators, and conspiracy theorists do not have control of their emotions and lack common sense and decency.

Men: if any of these topics struck a nerve, work on yourselves. Check into therapy. Don’t be afraid to confront the things from your past, talk about the present, and voice your concerns about the future.

Step up your game, be a better human being, and change for the better. Women deserve a lot better than they’re getting from many men out there. The world deserves more than all this bloodshed and violence against women and children.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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