Why it's Time for America to Legalize Marijuana

Updated on March 9, 2017
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Rachel has family that suffers severe depression. She tries to bring awareness about Marijuana and the effects it may have on mental illness

A Gateway Drug?

One common misconception about Marijuana is that it is a gateway drug that will lead to heavier and more dangerous drugs. This is not true. Studies have shown regular Marijuana users are less likely to turn to harder drugs than users who are experimenting with drugs. In fact, most pot smokers say they don't want or need anything more. They assure they are happy with their use and wouldn't consider trying anything more.

Studies conducted claim marijuana users may be more prone to alcohol or nicotine abuse. However, they also show both nicotine and alcohol users were more likely to move to harder drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states: "the majority of people who use marijuana do not use other, "harder" substances".

The idea of people moving from a smaller drug to a larger one comes from the fact that most people start small. However, there are many factors that come into play. For instance, many users are searching for a specific high and Marijuana doesn't provide the level they are looking for. Here they move on to harder drugs while chasing that high.

Benefits of Marijuana

It might surprise many anti-Marijuana activists to learn that Cannabis has a lot of health benefits. It can help in cases of:

  • Depression: One of the leading causes of teen, (and other), suicide around the world, can be treated using by using pot. Sometimes by helping sufferers to stop taking other, more harmful, medications. It is linked to dropping at least 6 pills a day, and most times much more.
  • Diabetes: Pot has shown to help regulate insulin production.
  • Autism: Autism is a widely untreatable condition. There hasn't been a lot of success in finding safe and effective means to treat Autism. Marijuana, however, has shown real promise in helping to control violent mood swings and to calm Autistic children.
  • Weight: Regular Marijuana use can not only help overweight people drop pounds, it can also help keep them off.
  • Cancer: Cannabinoids have been found to fight and possibly prevent certain types of cancer. Marijuana also helps treat cancer patients and soothe their pain.
  • Broken Bones: A new study shows that marijuana helps heal broken bones faster than not using it.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Spasms, tremors, and pain are all treated with weed
  • Aids/HIV: Helps maintain lower pain levels
  • PTSD: Marijuana has been shown to treat PTSD in soldiers and civilians that have suffered from trauma.

This list goes on and on with new breakthroughs being discovered every day.

States in America That Legalized Recreational Marijuana

1. Colorado

2. Washington

3. Oregon

4. Nevada

5. Alaska

6. Maine

7. Massachusetts

Revenue Brought in by Legal Marijuana

In 2015, Colorado made $996 million in taxes from legal marijuana. In 2016 they made over $1 billion in revenue. The Tax Foundation believes that if marijuana were to become legal all across the United States, nationwide revenue would be upwards to $28 billion.

For many states, this would be incredibly beneficial. Most do not have the money to pay for their basic needs such as allocations to medical services, education, mental health services, help for drug addiction, and fixing roads.

If the United States were to legalize all over, by the year 2020 we could make $44 billion. The national deficit could be paid, businesses would grow exponentially creating more jobs and helping to ween America off of welfare.

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      Jeanette Harris 12 months ago from 11996 Valley Falls Loop Spring Hill Florida, 34609

      I don't know enough about Pot to vote it up or down. Medical yes I say the doctor should describe for people who really need it. Now I had seen commercial where people cause traffic accidents if you hurt or kill some in a traffic accident while using legal or not then you deserve to prison or jail time.