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Why Being a Woman in the 21st Century Is Amazing!

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The Historical Woman

Multiple women from past centuries have changed the world in many different ways and have also paved the way for women to enjoy many benefits in the future. During historical times, the typical and normal way of life for women consisted of achieving many different goals but still always remained unequal and inferior to men. The historical woman could not vote, hold jobs outside of the home, or even have a place in politics or government. Historical women only managed the home front, including the raising children and all of the homemaking responsibilities which oftentimes included growing food and building the home. Women were not in charge of many things outside of the homemaking responsibilities and could not think or speak freely as they can today. Historical women catered to men and their every need while ignoring their own needs for freedom, independence, and opportunity. Many important historical women changed the way women are viewed and the privileges they enjoy today, including giving women rights and opportunities they never had before.

Famous Historical Women

How many do you know?

How many do you know?

The Modern Woman

Modern women of today's era are much different than historical women. The modern woman is consumed with multiple obligations, duties, and responsibilities on a daily basis sometimes all at once. Now women are finally stepping out of their historical role of only mother and housewife. The modern woman has a much different and better lifestyle with many different choices. Modern women also look, dress, and act much differently than historical women. Just like other creatures in the world, women have also evolved and are continuing to evolve to be able to adapt to the new, ever-changing environment. Even women in other countries are breaking the old traditional boundaries to change with the times. For example, Shirin Ebadi is the first female judge in Iran.

The modern women of the 21st century are focusing on themselves and their own lives more than historical women ever have. Goals and opportunities are more abundant for women.

This is What She Looks Like

7 things modern women look for in a man

7 things modern women look for in a man

Why Being a Woman of the 21st Century Is Amazing!

Being a woman of the 21st century is so amazing because of all of the things this century has to offer! Modernization, technology, and medical advancements allow all modern women to be much more intelligent, stronger, self-sufficient, and important than ever before in history. Women now account for a larger portion of breakthroughs in science, government, and politics. A woman's opinions and thoughts are valued and considered more by men during this century because women are educated and more informed about the world. A woman is the other half of a whole equation, and the world is finally able to see that during the 21st century. There are multiple reasons why being a woman of the 21st century is amazing, so let's dive right in!

Our Ancestors Fought For This

This is the truth

This is the truth

1. Women Can Legally and Freely Vote.

Being a woman in the 21st century means that she is able to vote. This is a right that all American women are born with and can actively utilize during each election once the legal age is reached. Women could not vote until 1892, which was after the slaves began voting in 1870. Now it is the 19th amendment in the constitution of the United States. Having this right was difficult to obtain and took women many years to accomplish in America. Now it's socially unacceptable for anyone, man or woman, to not vote. Times have changed drastically on this topic because women are getting more further involved in the topic of politics and government.

Where Do Women Hold Power?

Most and least political power

Most and least political power

2. Women Finally Have a Place in Politics and Government.

In the 21st century, women can hold an official position within the political and governmental worlds. During historical times, only men were allowed to run for president and have a place in the government. Now, women around the world are more involved and are taking an active role in the world. Many women in various countries have been elected to office within politics and government. Modern women are continuing to evolve in ways that historical women would only be proud of. Recent studies conclude that countries with women involved in government have lower corruption.

3. A Women During the 20th Century Will Have Many Opportunities to Choose From.

Many women during past centuries never had the opportunity to choose what she would like to wear, eat, or even do for a career. Women were automatically dressing and eating a certain way as homemakers while staying at home to raise children. During the 21st century, women are also choosing for themselves what type of fashion to wear. Women of the 21st century are also choosing how to eat, which may or may not include a special diet like the Keto or Vegetarian diet. These same women are actually able to have a career choice and choose what they would like to do for a living. Modern women are also able to hold jobs that only men could have during historical times. Women during this century are entering into career branches that have never been done by women before, such as being on the front lines in the military or construction workers. The career choices that women have during this time are multiple, just as they always have been for men.


4. Women are Finally Recognized as an Equal.

Women are finally seen as equals and are respected during this century. Women are not considered inferior or beneath men anymore because the times have changed to incorporate a woman's opinion more often than not. 'Women can do anything a man can do' is the mentality that most people have during this day in age, both men and women. Many of the restrictions that were placed on women during past centuries are being lifted, which gives women are a more equal opportunity within the world.

There is even an equal opportunity law that states the employers can not discriminate on the basis of sex.

5. Women are Socially Accepted Now.

During the 21st century, women are strong and independent when compared to historical times because they can do what they want to do. Modern women enjoy having their strength, even after marriage and having children. Having strength is socially accepted now because a woman is doing things for herself as well as others, like working and or furthering their education while raising children. A woman's strength is very important to her because that is a part of what self-confidence is built upon. This leads to many strong women achieving goals and accomplishing dreams only to create new ones that reach even higher. Many women during this century are strong in the fact that they are an entrepreneur/worker as well as a mother, wife, daughter, and sister/aunt, among many other titles. This is all socially acceptable during this modern age and even encouraged. Historically, women were not socially accepted in the ways that they are now. The best example is the fact that women can serve in any military branch.

The Power of Women

6. This is an Elated Era For a Woman.

Pictures of historical women demonstrate that they weren't as happy as the women in the 21st century are. This is because of the severity and seriousness of women's treatment and expectations before. In the 21st century, women are happier because of the many different things they may have going for them and or goals that they may be accomplished on their own. Being a woman in the 21st century is joyful because of all of the choices that a woman can make, with no boundaries and growing benefits. There is no ceiling or cap to what a woman during this day in age can do or how they may change the world. Women in the 21st century are generally easy to please and are much happier than women of past centuries.


7. Being a Woman in the 21st Century is Easy!

During the 21st century, technology has increased dramatically which makes being a woman during this century much easier and much more productive. Women have access to more knowledge and information through the use of computers, the Internet, and smart-phones. Their awareness about the world and many other things around them is increasing and making their life easier. Education, shopping, and working can all be found online to increase the time a woman has to herself to accomplish other things.

Types of 21st Century Women

Past Vs Present

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