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Who and What Are Americans?

Mike has a keen interest in the effects of politics in our culture. He has a unique way of simplifying complex concepts.


A Summary of Pre-Columbian History

In order to answer the question in the title of this article, we have to start with the time before explorers like Columbus came to the new world. Before Columbus discovered the new world, there were indigenous peoples living in what we now call North and South America. In South America, these people included the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. North America included all the Indian tribes of America and the Alaskan people and Canadian people, including the Inuit, Yupik, and many others.


The Conquistadors

After Columbus, the conquistadors (the conquerors) came to the New World. While Columbus was concerned about exploring the New World, the Spanish conquistadores were concerned about gold and conquering the indigenous people of the new world. By interbreeding with the indigenous people, they created what are now the modern-day people of South America and the Mexicans of North America.


The Europeans

Next came the European colonizers. They included the English, French Portuguese, Spanish, and many others. They conquered the North American Indians and made refugees out of them by placing them in reservations all in the name of “Manifest Destiny.” This was the hue and cry for the westward expansion of the settlers from all the European countries and even some Asian countries.


The Civil War

America then had a civil war where the South was the Confederates and the North was the Union. It was all fought over the slavery of Africans that were brought to the Americas as free labor. After the North won the civil war and the slaves were freed by the Emancipation of Proclamation, there were still hard feelings among many of the people in the South against the Africans. During the time of the slaves, there was interbreeding of slaves and their plantation owners and other non-Africans.


The 1800s Until Now

Starting in the late 1800s, there was a vast influx of immigrants from all walks of life and cultures into America. This process of immigration and naturalization continues today. However, Trump has tried to curtail this immigration with a wall and a ban on certain groups that he deems as terrorists and others who are ruining our country and economy.

Who Are the Immigrants?

My point of all of this is how can we think of ourselves as Americans when the Indigenous people of the Americas are the true Americans? The rest of us are immigrants in this country. How can people say they want their country back when it was never their country to begin with?

When the Europeans came here and conquered and settled in this country, they had a rich heritage that could be traced back many centuries to conquering tribes and nations in Europe. However, they had no heritage in the Americas. We are all immigrants except for the Indigenous people of this land and we have no heritage here.


Racism and Prejudice

When any group of people or individual devalues the worth of others, it can justify anything from slavery to the killing of others and destroying nations. People are not born racists or with prejudice. They have to be taught.

How can the white supremacists justify wanting their country back when they and their people never owned this country? The white supremacists and neo-nazis are a lowly sub-set of the human race which is far superior to their culture and attitude.

The people and the causes they represent lost the Civil War and World War II. They call the people who didn’t vote for Trump poor losers, but they have been the real poor losers for generations.



Trump has used the same tactics that white supremacists use. But he calls it “counter-punching.” When opposed by others, he devalues their self-worth, usually in public, so that he makes himself superior to those who oppose him. That’s what he did in this press conference by not answering the questions presented to him. Instead, he insulted the reporters by calling them fake news and bad people. He said McCain is the reason why the repeal of Obamacare failed while praising himself for all the jobs he is taking credit for that he did not create.

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