Where Have All the Cats Gone?: Serial Cat Killers of Saint Pierre La Mer and M25 Croydon

Updated on June 20, 2017
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Credits : Eitan Abramovich
Credits : Eitan Abramovich | Source

The Cat-Killer of Saint Pierre La Mer

Tension looms over a seaside French village with the news of a serial cat killer who has reportedly poisoned more than 200 cats within a span of one month. Many of the cats were found dead or dying on sidewalks, vomiting blue substances in Saint Pierre la Mer, 55 miles south-west of Montpellier in the south of France. Both strays and domestic cats we found dead. ‘The local society for the protection of stray cats’ has filed a criminal complaint to the police and requested that autopsies of the dead animals may be performed. The high number of deaths in such a short span has villagers suspicious and on the edge. The series of cat deaths in this French village has prompted speculation from the villagers that there could be a " serial cat killer" on the loose.The identity of the suspected serial cat killer remains unknown.

“They vomited something blue, they mewed and died,” a resident, whose cats were poisoned, told La Depeche.The poison is yet to be identified, the Newsweek reported.

Amid reports that birds and rodents have also been found dead and that even children could be in danger of ingesting the poisonous substance, The Society for the Protection of Animals has reportedly been under pressure and has been receiving numerous calls from the local residents.

According to French daily Ouest-France, another resident exclaimed, “The atmosphere has become hateful, nobody trusts anyone.”

“We’re all afraid a child might ingest some of this mystery poison.”

The death of cats has been blamed on many things, among others, rat poison and cannabis. In one small area leading to the beach, some 50 dead cats were picked up in the past week. Cops suspect that a twisted suspect is deliberately killing the cats. The motives of the prisoner, however, remains a mystery to the locals.

"Does he want to attack stray cats or is he targeting gulls?" asked Andre Ruiz, deputy mayor in charge of security.

Many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their concern about the serial cat killer.

Post-mortem examinations conducted by the Animal Protection Society (SPA) found shotgun pellets of lead, coolant liquid and cannabis in the animals' stomachs. The serial poisoner is believed to have put these products in lumps of food. The Investigations suggest that the cats are being fed at night.The village reportedly has suffered a similar instance of cat poisoning five years ago.

The Cat Ripper of Croydon

The cat killings in France remind us of the gruesome ‘M25 Croydon cat killings’ of 2014 that took lives of more than 250 felines in Greater London, mostly around towns, which border the M25 Croydon, by cutting their heads or tails off. The police are still in search for the 'Croydon Cat Killer'. M25, or the Croydon Cat Killer, the unidentified individual or group has been spreading their activity since, across and around London. There were reports of more killings in 2015 and 2016 including those from other parts of England.


The killer has also killed squirrels, foxes and rabbits and is now dumping body parts of animals around the south-east of London. South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), the charity which has led investigations into the deaths of the cats in the UK, believes the same killer has struck in Surrey, Hampshire, Bedfordshire and Kent. Besides, there has been ugly cat slaughters in Crystal Palace, Mitcham, Streatham, Peckham, Charlton, Richmond, Orpington, and Farnborough in South London, Finchley, Tottenham and Archway in north London. According to an article in Croydon Guardian, the Investigation into the UK Cat Killer's murders will be featured on a BBC One show titled, The Met, a six-part documentary that archives the London police officers as they carry out numerous investigations across the capital.In February 2016, the animal rights charity

In February 2016, the animal rights charity PETA, UK offered a £5,000 reward (raised from an initial £2,000 in December 2015) to anyone providing information to the police that leads to the arrest and conviction of the serial cat killer (or killers).The cops also have come up with a £10,000 reward that is on offer to anyone who helps nail the killer.

Neighbors Now Search for Cat Rippers in Horror

In both the countries, the serial killings have terrorized the owners and the locals, people in areas where cats have been found dead, from lynching in UK and from poisoning in Saint Pierre la Mer village in France.While investigation goes on for both these serial cat killers from France and UK, and as the domestic and stray cats in these countries continue to die one after the other, both the serial cat killers till date remain unidentified and out of police's reach.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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