What it Means to be Eco-Friendly

Updated on September 9, 2016

In our present times, being eco-friendly is no longer an option. Nature is under assault on so many fronts that what was once a renewable resource is increasingly becoming scarce. Centuries of neglect by mankind has pushed nature to the brink. As citizens of this world, there are many things we can do in order to be more eco-friendly.

Stop Using Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Non-biodegradable plastic bags are a scourge of our times. Despite most people knowing that non-biodegradable plastic bags pose a very significant threat to the environment, they continue to use them on a very large scale.Many countries around the world have passed laws against the use of plastic bags, and yet they continue to be ubiquitous. Plastic bags will become less common only when people make a very personal decision to stop using them. Else, the rivers and oceans of our fragile planet will continue to be choked by a material that takes millions of years to degrade.

Plastic is deadly!
Plastic is deadly! | Source

Switch to Solar Energy

Although the initial investment on solar energy can be prohibitive, costs can be recovered in the long term.Solar energy is suitable for most parts of the world. The electricity produced through solar energy can be stored and used even on cloudy days. In many countries of the world, electricity is generated either from coal mines or from huge dams. Both coal mines and dams destroy entire ecosystems and displace hundreds and thousands of people. Make the switch to solar energy before it is too late for the environment.

The potential of solar energy is virtually limitless!
The potential of solar energy is virtually limitless! | Source

Build a Green Home

The next time you need to build a house, make sure you build a green home. Make your house energy efficient by allowing as much natural light within the building as possible.This will help you cut down on costs for lighting.

Ride an Electric Vehicle

Electric cars and scooters are becoming more and more popular by the day. Most electric vehicles provide greater mileage than regular petrol or diesel vehicles. Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, they do not cause damage to the ozone layer.

Use Public Transport or Carpool

As much as possible, make sure to use public transport or carpool. This will reduce your ecological footprint in a big way. When a large number of people in a city choose to use public transport or carpool, the cumulative benefit for the environment can be huge.

Using public transport is a wise decision to make in the interest of the environment.
Using public transport is a wise decision to make in the interest of the environment. | Source

Integrate Existing Trees into Your Landscaped Garden

If you choose to make a new garden in your house, do not chop down existing trees. Instead, integrate them into your layout.

Harvest Rainwater

The world is getting more thirsty for water everywhere. And yet, a lot of water goes waste. Make sure to collect and use the rainwater that falls on your roof and in your garden.

Keep Threatened or Endangered Species Off Your Plate

You read right! Make sure your food habits do not push species to extinction. Don't eat Green-Turtle- or Dolphin-meat-based dishes for instance.

Don't Use Palm Oil In Cooking

Much of the world's palm oil comes from Southeast Asia where the cultivation of oil palm has destroyed millions of hectares of once pristine tropical rainforest. The destruction continues to this day, especially on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo and the Indonesian-controlled region of West Papua. Much is at stake in these areas. Species like the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan, Sumatran Elephant, and Bornean Orangutan have been pushed to the very brink. The irresponsibility of consumers in the developed world could exterminate these species for all time.

The sad reality is that palm oil cultivation has begun a powerful march across many of the tropical regions of the world, from India to Cameroon to even the Amazon basin!

Encourage Others to Be More Eco-Friendly

You can be a true eco-warrior by spreading word about the destruction the environment is facing in your particular region or neighbourhood. You can motivate your peers, friends, and colleagues to stop personal habits that pose a threat to the environment.


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