What Does It Mean If I Am a “Non-Millennial” Millennial?

Updated on November 1, 2017

A “Non-Millennial” Millennial

“You don't identify as a millennial. Heck, you didn't even realize there that Gen Y and Millennials are the same generation until just recently! Instagram? Snapchat? You can't even keep up with it all. Instead you’re focused on career, friends, and family and try not to worry about what the kids are up to these days.”

And I didn’t even realize there were labels for generations like that! So that’s the result I got when I took the quiz here. It was so spot on, I thought. But that got me thinking, because of that result, I discovered I didn’t even know what a millennial really is. I’ve heard it here and there but I never really grasped the meaning of it.

What is a millennial? What traits do I have to possess to be one? What does it mean if I am one? I can’t even spell millennial right sometimes. Am I even a millennial?

How Does One Become A Millennial, Anyway?

The quiz was an eye-opener. That’s when I became aware—and I mean really aware—about millennials. So I did some research. My simple question, “What defines a millennial?” rendered a lot of different answers. A lot of resources claimed different dates ranging from 1976 to 2004 where the millennial era began. None really made a concrete claim and even Wikipedia stated that there are no precise dates when the generation started and ended. Other answers made it even more confusing because some claimed that Millennials and Generation Y are the same thing while another one was that millennials consist of Generation Y and Generation Z.

But the fact is, there are a lot of definitions and classifications out there that categorize if someone as a Millennial or not. I think I might not be a millennial in some of those research based on their date range while I managed to be one in others.

So on to the heart of the matter, what does it feel like to be a non-millennial, you ask? I don’t know how it works for other people but, for me, my life probably as a non-millennial millennial consist of these 3 things:

1. Social Media? More Like Social Disturbance

I read that Millennials are pretty tech savvy. They always have their phone with them nearby and that they are updated about pretty much everything because of the internet and those social medias. The more updated they are with everything around them also reflects how updated their social media profiles are. A lot of opinions painted them to be narcissistic and lazy because of that.

That probably makes me a partial millennial then? Because I am not that updated or hooked with social medias even if I always have my phone nearby. I created a lot of accounts already most of them are rotting with neglect somewhere on the internet. I never use them unless it’s important. Something important like when I need to share an achievement to get game bonuses or something.

And selfies? Well, I’m only doing that when I’m sending it to a friend or family or when my profile picture in facebook is three months old already. I am not against others doing selfies but I guess that’s just their form of expressing themselves. I just hope they don’t flood my newsfeed when I check up on my other family members, though.

2. You Proverbially Live Under A Rock

Because of my detachment to social media, I always get news a week or a year after it has been released. I think I personified the idiom of someone living under a rock. No, not a rock maybe. A mountain. Yes, I live under Mount Everest, actually.

So between me and my friends, I’m always that friend that gets the juicy gossip a month or year later. I may have been called a hermit a time or two but I really don’t mind being the last to know. And well… like how my description had said, what good will it do me when I’ll know what the other kids are doing? I will know it sooner or later anyway.

3. You Seem To Be Stuck In The Forgotten Era

I may be techie and forward thinking but I have this strong affiliation to everything from the past. Songs, games, mannerism, you name it. I sometimes feel like an old lady in a young woman’s body and feel so out of place whenever my friends gush about their favorite band’s upcoming concert.

Well, it’s not like I’ll be able to gush about upcoming concerts from my favorite bands. It’s probably weird to tell them, “Hey, guys, do you wish that The Beatles will be doing a concert here too?” or “I wonder when will Andy Williams’ new album be released. Are you excited too?” Yeah, I figured that isn’t happening as well.

Other than that, I can’t really relate to what the other gamers play nowadays. It’s not like the games snake, pairs II, space impact and Bantumi in the Nokia 3310 can be played online against other players back then. All I ever did was cheat by using the same moves in Bantumi anyway.

But, good news, other people like me, who love those from the forgotten era, are trying to incorporate it today using technology. Of course, that’s not gonna generate new songs and albums from past singers and bands but it will improve games and keep those songs alive and that is still something, right?

But There Are More Classifications Of Millennials Out There

More research after and I found out that there are a lot of types and personalities of Millennials out there. There are a variety of characteristics and classifications about Millennials too. These include Old-schools, Nostalgics, Boss Babes, Brogrammers and much more. Most of my results fall into the Old-school and Old Timers type in Millennials.

This just shows that nothing is set in stone. You may or may not be a millennial. You may be a millennial but you just fall in some category under it. Or you may be a true blue, stereotypical, selfie-loving, lazy, job hopping millennial. So who knows?

And What’s My Take In All Of This?

I think that what defines you is you. Not your birth date or birth year, not the theories of other people, not the magazines, not by anyone or anything. Being a millennial, generation Y, Gen Next, Echo boomers or whatever other names millennials are called nowadays doesn’t really make much of a difference. It doesn’t mean anything since it’s just a label. A title. It’s just a bunch of letters forming into words that held no meaning unless someone associates it with something.

Sure, there might be some similarities here and there but that doesn’t mean that it’s all you. Take this lady’s opinion and reaction when she found out that she was a millennial by standard definition. Some millennials(like me) didn’t even know that they’re millennials and some don’t consider themselves as one.

Cause, let’s face it. There are a lot of factors that contribute to defining a person. Like cultural differences and family upbringing—to name a few. Those factors are the foundation of your mental attitude, personality, skill and beliefs whenever you are braving the course of your life and reach your goals. So it’s not that a big deal if you found that you are indeed a stereotypical millennial or a gen X wannabe.

Life continues on whether I know about millennials or not. The earth still goes around its axis whether someone finally established when the millennial generation started and ended or not. So just store that tidbit that you are a millennial in your knowledge bank, keep moving along the road of life and enjoy the ride.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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