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Churches Today Are Not Like They Used to Be

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This is what a community church used to look like.

This is what a community church used to look like.

Churches today have some major differences from the churches our ancestors attended. Those changes are so different that the older generations don't seem to fit into most of the modern churches.

Some older people simply don't find joy in going to church like they used to. Unfortunately, most churches today cater to the newer generations and pay little or no attention to the older folks who have been in the church all their lives.

No Comparison

Older people who grew up in the church are no longer satisfied with what is going on in modern day churches. The younger generation of new Christians easily accept what's going on in the churches today, mainly because they never knew what used to happen. Therefore, they don't have anything to compare it to.

No Community Church

The older generation used to consider going to church on Sunday as part of their lifestyle. They worked from Monday to Friday, cleaned their houses and shopped on Saturday, and went to church on Sunday. That was the standard for everybody. Besides, there were fewer churches to attend. Everyone went to the church closest to them which was in their own community, no matter what denomination it was.

Today, with travel being so available, people might drive all the way across town to attend a church. In many cases, people in the same household attend different churches.

A Firm Foundation

In the past, children didn't have an option. Parents and grandparents insisted that they go to church as a family. Afterwards, they would all sit around the dining room table and have dinner together. That is not the case today.

In the past, families couldn't go shopping on Sundays because no stores were open. Today, all stores and restaurants are open except Chick-fil-A.

Churches today are just not like they used to be.

Too Many Programs

This is not a judgment, but it is an observation that churches today focus more on programs than on people. Religious leaders have all kinds of programs to get people to attend their church. That's because they seem to be concerned with increasing their numbers and their budgets instead of being satisfied to provide spiritual development for the people who are already there.

There are so many programs going on every Sunday afternoon that people don't have time to meditate on what they have heard in church on Sunday morning. The program is to raise money more so than to help people grow spiritually.

Some churches use every opportunity to have a program. There is nothing wrong with celebrating some dates and events of the church, but it is taxing on members who are expected to attend the church's anniversary, the pastor's anniversary, women's day, men's day, children's day, first lady day, ushers anniversary, deacons anniversary, choirs anniversary and other anniversaries.

Too Much World in the Church

Churches today are bringing in activities and events that would have been frowned upon years ago.

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One New Year's Eve, the pastors in several local churches told the people to come to church for a religious service until midnight. Then the church was turned into a casino where churchgoers partied until the wee hours of the morning. They were given play money to gamble with. That was too much world brought into God's house.

Some of the same churches had a Mardi Gras service with costumes, masks, and beads just like in New Orleans. There was too much world in the church. The church has become like a nightclub.

Someone once said that if people would watch a worship service on television with the sound turned off, the church would look just like the nightclub by what was going on in the house of God by the way some people were dressed and the way they danced and gyrated.

It is so sad that the some Sunday morning worship services look like the continuation of a Saturday night's party. God doesn't like syncretism. That is merging the worship of God with fleshly practices and spiritual idolatry. God wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth, and to live a life of holiness in the church, according to 2 Corinthians 6:16-18.

The songs the church used to sing are in the hymnals that are no longer used in some churches.

The songs the church used to sing are in the hymnals that are no longer used in some churches.

A Different Format

Many churches do not follow the traditions that used to exist. This is evident in the musical selections. Some churches have removed all the hymnals from the pews because none of those old time favorites are sung anymore. They were good enough for our forefathers but not good enough for churchgoers today.

Songs about the blood of Jesus and other themes are dismissed. Instead, choirs make up songs with different themes which do not have the same anointing as the songs choirs used to sing.

Speaking of choirs, do you remember when choirs members wore robes? Today, choir members sing in jeans, t-shirts, halter tops, mini-skirts, and whatever they want to show up in.

The Book of Lamentations where Jeremiah wept throughout it.

The Book of Lamentations where Jeremiah wept throughout it.

The Book of Lamentation

Jeremiah wept through the entire book of Lamentations because things in Jerusalem were not like they used to be. There are many people today who are saddened and want to weep because the modern churches are not like they used to be.

At the end of a church meeting, a minister stood up and complimented the pastor. She said, "I want to thank you, pastor, for leading such a laid back church." She was right, some churches today are laid back. In fact, they are too laid back. They are so laid back that some people who have been in the church all their lives are asking, "Is anything sacred anymore?"

So many people, especially the older ones, long for the churches like the ones they grew up in. They believe the power is no longer there like it used to be. They are convinced that if the church is to survive, it should get back to some of the basics. That's the church Jesus is coming back for; the one where He is the head and one that is holy. Jesus is not coming back for a laid back church. Instead, He is coming back for the glorious church that is without a spot or wrinkle, according to Ephesians 5:27.

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