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The Venetian Black Nobility Is Still Running the World

I've spent half a century writing for radio and print (mostly print). I hope to still be tapping the keys as I take my last breath.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Illuminati. Sshh. Keep quiet if you have; people might be listening. It’s alleged to be a secretive cabal that runs the world. But it turns out there are lots of other clandestine plotters making sure your life doesn’t go as you would wish. This is a zone in which tinfoil hats are recommended to offer protection against mind-control experiments.

Secret Plotters Control the World: Claim

John Coleman is clear about how the world works. In his book The Conspirators Hierarchy (Global Insights Publications, 1997, which is, strangely, listed by Amazon as non-fiction) he writes that, “All of the great historical events are planned in secret by men in high places, with intent to deceive.”

He names a bewildering number of groups associated with “a ‘master’ secret society in control of world events.”

Do all these people wear cloaks and top hats while twirling the ends of their mustaches? They should.

The third horse in your trifecta didn’t finish first. It’s not because he only had three legs or because you know nothing about horse racing. No, it’s because of the evil manipulation of demonic forces. It’s also why you didn’t marry Emily Blunt or Brad Pitt, whichever is your preference.

There are dark forces at work here that go back hundreds if not thousands of years, so we are told.

Could this be the evil genius who controls our lives?

Could this be the evil genius who controls our lives?

The Venetian Black Nobility

By the early 13th century, Venice had become a major power through trade and military expansion. Under the leadership of an aristocratic class, the city-state became immensely wealthy and dominant.

In a 1962 paper, James Cushman Davis writes (The Johns Hopkins Press) that “The patricians were organized as a distinct social class with jealously guarded privileges. In order to avoid contamination by inferiors and to keep power in their own hands, they refused to accept new members [and] they adopted strict rules regarding marriages.”

To those who can see through the deception, the Venetian Black Nobility was a secret society bent on world domination if ever there was one.

This stuff is meat and drink to conspiracy buffs.


Descendants of the Black Nobility of Venice

David Icke is a British writer who describes himself as an expert on “who and what is really controlling the world.” In one of his many blog posts, he reveals that the Venetian Black Nobility did not disappear when Venice went into decline in the second half of the 15th century. Oh no, the bloodlines passed into the aristocratic families of Europe and it still courses through their arteries.

Icke is able to reveal that “the most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland, and Greece in that order.”

What? Not Liechtenstein? Come on Icke. Liechtenstein, population 37,000 and still with a royal family, has more registered companies in it than people. If that doesn’t look like a Black Nobility spin-off, it's difficult to imagine what does.

And, what are these sinister members of the upper-crust up to now? Why, they’re fomenting discord through environmentalism. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

It’s certainly comforting to know that people such as Icke are able to warn us that “Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most visible symbols of this movement, and are a true part of this conspiracy to destroy industry and take the world back to a New Dark Age.”

Now that Prince Philip has popped his clogs, it seems likely that Prince George of Cambridge, 9, has been inducted into the cabal.

No word yet on whether young Archie Windsor is hatching nefarious plots.

The Committee of 300

Let’s look in on John Coleman again. He claims to have been an intelligence officer with Britain’s MI6 from which vantage point he was able to study who really pulls the strings in world affairs. It seems very few organizations have escaped his suspicious eye, all of them in some way associated with his Committee of 300.

The Canadian Institute for International Affairs, with whom this writer has considerable personal contact, is made up of foreign policy experts from academic and diplomatic fields. According to Coleman, this association “runs Canadian politics.”

It stretches credulity to beyond the breaking point to believe this somewhat fusty collection of policy wonks could organize anything more complex than a weekend seminar on the territorial imperative.

Among many, many others tied into Coleman’s complex web of intrigue are such disparate institutions as the Central Intelligence Agency, the Bilderberg Group, the Harvard Psychiatric Clinic, the Wharton School of Economics, the Trilateral Commission, and, of course, the United Nations. Inexplicably, he leaves Disney World and Ben & Jerry’s off his list.

The folks at Illuminati News can spot global manipulators in the dark while wearing blindfolds. However, they note that “documentary proof as to the existence of the Committee of 300 is not forthcoming . . . ” Well, ain’t that a bummer?

Of course, there wouldn’t be proof of existence would there? If these folk are smart enough to run everything, from who gets to be President of the Central African Republic to the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament, they’re surely not going to leave evidence of their machinations in a toilet stall in Grand Central Station, are they?


Ancient Origins of World Control

Somebody who cryptically identifies himself as “Steve in Vista” agrees with Coleman that the secret elites that control everything have ancient roots.

He writes at The Modern History Project that “It has taken centuries of patient effort for the World Order"— another conspiracy theorist name for the Committee of 300—"to attain the power it exercises today.” Among the antecedents he names Phoenician slave-traders, powerful families of the Byzantine Empire, and the Venetian Black Nobility.

Eilish De Avalon, from something called The Consciousness Consumer Network TV, has sniffed out who is at “the top of what is commonly known as the ‘Illuminati pyramid’ . . . It’s actually the Venetian Black Nobility, above which is the demonic hierarchies of the Satanic/Luciferic Rebellion.” Yikes!

It’s reached the stage where it’s important to have flow charts and spreadsheets to follow the inter-relationships of the various rascals.

To most people this is the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. To conspiracy theorists it's filled with symbolism that the Illuminati are in control.

To most people this is the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. To conspiracy theorists it's filled with symbolism that the Illuminati are in control.

Multiple Conspiracy Theories Tied Together

Meanwhile, back in John Coleman’s study, a number of other suspicions are joined together and understood “only by those who are well informed.”

According to Coleman, the remnants of the Venetian Black Nobility popped up in the East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, and the Opium Trade with China. Then, together with Freemasons, Zionists, Communists, the Illuminati (oh, them again), and a host of others, they formed the Committee of 300, for whose existence there is no “documentary proof.”

The fact is that millions of people believe this malarkey and it’s impossible to convince them that they are wrong.

Bonus Factoids

  • In the 1960s, a couple of journalists, Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley started sending spoof letters to Playboy magazine. The missives claimed to reveal the existence of a secret society called the Illuminati. Under different names they sent letters discounting the claims. Their notion was that people would start to be a little more skeptical about how news was presented. “Instead,” writes Martha Gill in The Guardian, “everyone just got very excited about the Illuminati, and the myth spread worldwide.”
  • In April 2013, Public Policy Polling quizzed Americans about conspiracy theories. “The poll finds 28 percent of voters believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order.” Far more Republicans believe this than Democrats.
  • According to stories whizzing around the internet, popular music stars are in on the deal. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and others are said to be members of the Illuminati and that they leave hints in their lyrics and performances.


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