The UK Glamour Modelling Industry: An Industry of the Past

Updated on February 23, 2017
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I'm a retired UK published glamour model. I have extensive knowledge and insight of both the industry and UK agencies.

An Industry of the Past

In January 2015, the Sun newspaper ran its last edition of topless glamour girls on page 3. On the 29th April 2014 Nuts ran it's final magazine. Zoo, continued to run for a little longer but, finally came to a close early 2015.

With the closure of such influence's within the UK's glamour scene. This prompts the question is there still a glamour industry? If so, how are the girls making money and gaining necessary exposure?

Gone are the days whereby glamour girls such as Katie Price had the potential of becoming a household name. So, what happens to the girls that aspire for nothing more than to be a glamour girl?

As a retired UK published glamour model, I can speak from experience and know that modelling was deemed to be one of the most competitive industries to break into. With 100's of girls each week applying to agencies. What happens to these girls? Did they simply change their aspiration, hopes and dreams? Or, did the venture to glamours next best thing? Porn!

The Statistics

Since the closure of such magazines, pornographic incorporation's have boomed. Could there be a link between the 2?

Pornhub's annual report 2014 (1) states that 74,146,928,000 videos were watched worldwide. However, their 2016 statistics (2) report a staggering increase, totaling 91,980,225,000. That's quite an increase over a 2 year span. Moreover, the percentage of UK viewers has continued to climb since 2014. In a 2014 poll, the UK ranked 4th with USA in 1st place. The poll for 2016 saw the UK move up 2 spaces to 2nd place, with USA remaining in 1st.

When considering the results from the above poll and raise in viewers, there's no doubt that UK citizens are watching more porn than ever.

The Campaign and the end Results

The porn industry does not form from the same vein as Glamour. The glamour industry is commercial and if a girl is with a reputable agency there is nothing sordid about the shoots. They are professional, within professional settings and most importantly, the girls are in control and are briefed prior to the shoot. They are looked after well, managed and paid.

It's quite the contrary with porn. Amateur girls either work cams or upload home made pornographic videos to Pornographic sites. They hope that the videos will generate revenue from ad views. Their work is incredibly sordid and usually degrading to the girl. Many girls are forced into doing things in which they may not ordinarily do in her sexual life. Unlike glamour, the girls usually aren't managed and looked after by agents. With the removal of agents come the risk of exploitation.

This begs the question, was the closure of such glamour scenes a bad thing? The closure was not predominantly due to declining magazine sales. In fact, in Rupert Murdoch's opinion (3) the topless girls increased the Sun's sales.

The main reason for the shift in the industry was due to petitioning from feminist's, most notably Caroline Lucas, a British politician. The group argued that page 3 normalised nudity. The groups co-founder Lucy-Anne Holmes (actress) states that she started the campaign to end page 3 during London Olympics (4). When, in her opinion, the only strong female presence within national tabloids were not of athletes but glamour models. Holmes, continues to validate the campaign by stating that the topless models within family newspapers posed a negative body image for adolescent girls as they may compare their body's to that of the models.

The heavily backed feminist lead petition generated 217,000 signatures nationwide which ultimately lead to the ban.

One could suggest that the petition eradicated the glamour industry but in turn assisted with the increase of pornographic content being produced and watched within the UK. Possibly defeating its own objective.

Should Page 3 Be Brought Back?

Should topless models be presented within UK magazines and tabloids again?

See results

Campaigner At Westminster

Caroline Lucas- British Politician campaigning at Westminster in bid to ban page 3.
Caroline Lucas- British Politician campaigning at Westminster in bid to ban page 3. | Source

The Final Edition of Nuts Magazine

The final issue of Nuts magazine. Featuring model Lucy Pinder.
The final issue of Nuts magazine. Featuring model Lucy Pinder.






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