The Feminist and the "Feminazi/Fake Feminist"

Updated on January 23, 2019
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My personal take on the modern "fake feminist" and the definition of feminism, as well as what might separate the two types of advocates.

"Feminazi" and "Feminist."

Man/woman/sexes, in this article, will not mean genders but the biological term for the difference of the sex organs. I believe in the fluidity of gender but desired simpler terms for myself.

What my town calls a "feminazi" is often a woman who believes that men are horrible rapists and women are the oppressed, superior sex. There have been many contemporary examples of this, especially through technology, YouTube, and memes. My problem is with the overshadowing of the true feminist. I've noticed more and more that people I know will call a feminazi a feminist when it is simply untrue.

Feminism can be simplified to many explanations, but here is the main (and my personal) idea: the movement to liberate women and girls, talking about their issues, and in a way, making them equal to men. Though it commonly focused on women, it also strives for the liberation of oppressed men. An advocate can be of any gender, regardless that some have thought feminism was a movement that called to females only.

Before I continue, I want to point out that I don't believe that the current day has made women the lesser sex. (Actually, there's been a huge change in the way society treats and looks at women.)

I don't believe that the current world has made the male more important or ideal than the female. (While I enjoy this societal change, I do see some ways men have become belittled in the way women had been before. We should remember that improving the treatment of women and their issues does not mean forgetting the issues of men.)

I do, however, think that we do not always approach both of their issues with the same respect or seriousness that we might the other's, let them be man or woman.

Below, I've listed what I have found to be the differences between a real feminist and a feminazi. It is not limited to these suggestions and is generalized for the sake of diversity.


- Open-minded.
- Wants equal opportunities and power between men and women.
- Usually open to new ideas.
- Usually accepting and advocating for less discrimination.
- Will listen to a different viewpoints, but no promises that they'll change their stance.


- Usually hates men.
- Narrow-minded.
- Objective.
- Offensive
- Probably discriminatory.
- Most likely too stubborn to listen to a different viewpoint or change (on the subject).

Disclaimer: I do not have hard proof, surveys, or any real evidence for any of these suggestions and/or implications. This article is based solely on personal experience.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 Brianna Reich


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      18 months ago from Chicago


      Often blame (men) for everything wrong in their lives.

      Refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

      Wants to be treated both as a equal and also "special".

      These days if a woman says "yes" to sex with a man it doesn't necessarily mean she actually (wanted) to have sex!

      No one would ever say the same rule applies for men.

      As long as there is a belief that when "two consenting adults" have sex that the woman has been taken advantage of if there is no (second date) she will never truly be seen as a man's equal.


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