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The Poet and Politics: David Solway on Global Warming

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David Solway

David Solway

Behind the Green Door

As well as poetry, Canadian poet David Solway writes about political issues. His article, "Global Warming: The Trials of an Unsettled Science," appeared in the online journal FrontPage Magazine on September 4, 2009; Solway has since broadened this informative essay into an even more informative book, Global Warning: The Trials of an Unsettled Science. (His original article has been replaced with "Global Warming: Half Politics, Half Religion.") About this valuable book, David Horowitz, who pointed out the Nobel Laureate Ivar Gaiever's speech debunking global warming, has opined on the book's front cover: "An elegant takedown of the biggest, most costly hoax . . . in modern times."

Solway begins his essay by referring to a 1950s era pop song titled "The Green Door." The song dramatizes a speak-easy, a Prohibition era saloon where insiders would go to drink and carouse. Of course, the place was not open to the public, and the would-be entrant had to reveal a password. The person desirous of entry, who is singing the song, tries his luck with "Joe sent me." But this attempt just drew laughs from the revelers behind the green door. Solway jumps to today by cleverly suggesting that the password would be, "Al sent me."

Of course, Solway's metaphor of the green door encompasses all the adherents to the wildly popular junk science called Global Warming, a.k.a. Climate Change, widely popularized by Al Gore. Solway establishes his thesis by quoting Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who spoke at the Second International Conference on Climate Change in New York in March 2009 and described those global warming believers: "These are people interested neither in temperature, CO2, competing scientific hypotheses and their testing, nor in freedom or markets. They are interested in their businesses and their profits made with the help of politicians."

Solway then explains how the warming alarmists stand to reap giant profits from government sources as they tout their untested beliefs, while covering them with the veil of science. The poet explains, "green" has become big business despite the fact that in some cases their effects have proven deadly; he cites the example of the scandal in Canadian hospitals that have used green cleaner and exposed thousands of patients to pathogens such as Norwalk Virus, C. difficile, and other viral and microbial infections, with the result of the loss of 12,000 patient-lives every year.

The Polar Bears

Solway then cites the example of the polar bears. Al Gore and his ilk claim that the polar bear is becoming extinct because of warming, but numerous scientists, including biologist Mitchell Taylor, have reported as much as a 25% increase in the polar bear population since 1970. Solway points out that the alarmist environmentalists have relied on only one of the thirteen polar bear populations to make their claim.

According to Taylor, eleven of those populations are stable or increasing, and the one that shrank was caused by competition for food, which indicates that they were over populated. So no poplar bears have been lost because of global warming.

Explaining Away the Cooling

Greenpeace's Gerd Leipold had predicted that by 2030 there would be no ice left on the Arctic, but because of the recent cooling trend, he had to admit that he might have been mistaken. Professor Emeritus Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University has suggested that recent solar changes suggest the advent of a new cooling cycle which could be fairly severe.

But the alarmists continue to ignore the recent decade-long lack of warming, which leads geologist David Gee, who chaired the 2008 International Geological Congress, to question: "For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming?"

Replacing Marxism

Solway points out numerous errors including the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, where September temperatures were typed in for October temperatures an obvious mistake that would lead to the wrong conclusion.

Then there is the infamous incident of the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado, as well as the Goddard Institute, whose erroneous claims about the Arctic ice cap had resulted from a faulty satellite sensor that reported a loss of 500,000 square kilometers of ice, when, in fact, later it was discovered that ice had increased by an area the size of Texas.

Perhaps the most egregious misappropriation of climate science has been the "Climategate" fiasco arising out of leaked emails of the Phil Jones, et al, out of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, in which the group of researchers lamented that the data was not supporting their desired findings; they sought as way to "hide the decline" in temperatures.

Despite all of these demonstrably false claims, data shifting, and outright cover-ups, the warming notion keeps claiming adherents. The environmentalists under the banner of a Climatocracy have become the new Marxists, displaying a totalitarian mindset.

Solway quotes Philip Stott, professor emeritus of biogeography at the University of London, who says, "Global warming has become the grand political narrative of the age, replacing Marxism as a dominant force for controlling liberty and human choices."

Poets and Politics

Poet David Solway's first simple fact from his article, "Three Simple Facts that Scuttle the Global Warming Paradigm," states a widely known embarrassment for the warmists/alarmists:

There has been no global warming for the last eighteen years and counting. Warmists like to call this quiescent period of zero net warming a “Pause,” but there is no evidence to suggest a double-digit hiatus in process. The word “Pause” is a palpable evasion intended to maintain an unproven contention. What we do know is that during the years in which apocalyptic claims of imminent catastrophe have been indefatigably circulated, the temperature has remained stable. There is no getting around the thermometer.

While it may be a truism that politics makes for bad poetry, the fact that poets may become passionate about political issues stands in no way against the poet's ability to analyze those issues. As a matter of fact, because of a poet's intimacy with language and presenting accurately his own experience in words, it stands to reason that a poet interested in any issue, political, medical, scientific, or otherwise, may be able to explain those issues with aplomb and accuracy.

Such is the case with the poet David Solway. His passionate interest led to his deep understanding of the issue of "global warming," and his writing and analytic ability afford him the facility to explain clearly the problems involved in that hoax that plagues human kind much more that the supposed phenomenon itself.


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