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The Narcissism of White Evangelical Christians

I am a teacher, a writer, and a photographer. I am also a Christian.

Evangelical narcissism has led to unholy union.

Evangelical narcissism has led to unholy union.

It's Time to Take Back Christianity

I'm a Christian. I was born-again as a teenager in East Texas. I have studied and taught the Bible. I used to speak to youth groups. I am well-versed in Evangelical Christian culture. GOP Christianity in America has become narcissistic and selfish. According to a Salon article, GOP Christianity nurtures white supremacy and is anti-Christian. I agree with the points these articles raise. Let me explain why.

I became a Christian as a teen. One night, I sat and read the entire New Testament. It was an epiphany for me. It showed me how we should live as human beings. I became immersed in Evangelical Christianity as a college student. I studied the bible, I taught classes, I learned to play the guitar, and I became the first Black President of the Lamar University Baptist Student Union. Yet, there were still some issues that I faced with my new brothers and sisters in Christ.

My first sign was seeing a mix-raced couple walk across campus. One of the students called the Caucasian female "trash" and a race traitor. No one else in the room said anything. When I tried to date, they told me that I could not date white girls because "God would not do that to the children." By the time I graduated, I had become disillusioned with Christians. I did not like their brand of Christianity.

The final straw was going to a church called the "Church of Jesus." Great name, right? I took most of my friends and introduced them to the congregation. Two friends and I decided to join. My two Caucasian friends received invitations to join. The pastor pulled me aside and asked what I wanted there. He told me that I needed to be with my people.

This article explains how White Evangelicals have usurped Christianity. They claim it as their own and say it is the only true way. They claim it is the only way to heaven and the only way to Christ. These claims are part of a historical ploy that they once used to keep slaves in order. Slave owners taught the bible and used it to justify slavery. They used verses from 1st Peter and Ephesians to instill fear. They also used it to prove the superiority of whites.

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It started with the Spanish Conquistadors and "The Requirement." You see the priests and Missionaries came first. They read a document that urged natives to accept Christianity. They had no other options. They were forced to choose between becoming Christians or becoming slaves. In addition, the Spanish taught Native Americans that their customs were savage. They used this justification to try and eradicate them. They took their children to Indian Schools that still exist today.

Similar practices occurred in other countries. In Australia, they kidnapped young girls from their homes. They gave them to white families to breed the black out of them.

They used those verses in 1st Peter and Ephesians to make slaves obedient. They used the bible to tell slaves that their reward was in heaven. They would say, "You are a slave now, but in heaven, you will have streets of gold." This is the narcissism of White Evangelical Christianity.

It believes that whites are superior—or even the chosen of God. This Smithsonian American Art Museum article explains manifest destiny and how White Christians claimed that God chose them to destroy the culture of Natives in North America.

They justified slavery by calling Africans "savages." Hence, there was no sin in racism. Understand that for racism to work, the worst White person is considered better than the best Black person. In some parts of America, this has created a collective narcissism.

Churches teach the superiority of Christianity, although Jesus taught service. Pastors teach that Jesus is the only way to God, and that helps create a superiority complex. Jesus taught that we must care for the poor and sick. In White Christianity, you only care for other Christians and everyone else is on their own. Jesus taught that humility was a virtue. They teach that humility is a weakness.

Today's World

Now, they have embraced a President who is anything but Christian. He is the ultimate narcissist. He is a bully. He is also their last Great White Hope.

It is time for America to wake up. White supremacists usurped Christianity to promote their agenda. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis use the cross as a weapon. They base their Christian values on the color of their skin. It is time to take back the name of Christ and call White Christian Evangelicals what they are: a hate group.

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