The Greatest Threat to Social Justice Is Social Justice Warriors

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Kwade is a freelance writer who is always in pursuit of education. He feels every subject is fascinating and worth study.

Society Has Issues

From racism to toxic masculinity to authoritarian misogyny to mass killings, we have some problems in our society. While the truth of these issues is debated, not many question they exist. These problems rear their ugly heads and cause not just emotional offenses, but true danger and pain for some of us. There’s little argument to be had there are issues we can work on to be better as a society.

It’s not all bleak, though. Some darkness has lead to a light at the end of the tunnel, so-to-speak.

Feminism gained ground because of a need to free women from a perspective society held that limited women’s rights.

The LGBT community was formed and gained momentum because most of us started to see there was a clear bias causing harm.

Society has issues, but that’s not the whole story.

Growing Up With Injustice

In the eighties and nineties, I witnessed oppression pushed on people mostly by religious institutions and followers. Most atrocities were done in the name of God. Being gay wasn’t socially acceptable because God said so.

Your boss finds out you’re gay, kiss your career goodbye.

People were beaten and even killed because of who they loved.

Think differently from those in power, and be shamed into hiding.

Knowing friends lives could be in danger if the wrong person found out how they felt was horrible. One friend of mine suffered as he tried hard to be a good little Christian and date girls to “set himself right.” Someone else I knew well, committed suicide because he felt dying was easier than living with all the pain from an unforgiving society.

Fortunately, we’ve largely moved past that ideology and most of the time people are accepted regardless of sexuality.

What We Want is Empathy

The poor treatment of minority groups is what led to social justice movements. The atrocities being committed started to be noticed by others and we recognized a need for change. As the depth of the problems became better understood, leaders from all walks of life started to join in. Now we’ve broken through some of the greatest injustices of society and influential people are taking minorities seriously.

The greatest leaders promote empathy.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

“People respond in accordance to how you treat them.” — Nelson Mandela

Among other great leaders, both Mandela and King understood unification is about reaching out to others with kindness. Study any line of psychology, or talk to enough people and it becomes plain that we humans don’t react well to poor treatment.

With empathy shifting to minorities, all of us are starting to see how we are all better by uplifting each other.

Is “Social Justice” The New Battle-Cry For Oppression?

In a way, minority groups are united in power and influence. With the changes in society, influential people and groups are throwing their weight around to make changes for the better. While these changes are mostly good and acceptance of minorities is on the rise, there is a downside.

Unfortunately, oppression happens in the name of “Social Justice” now. The media and celebrities are the ones who peddle oppression. If you don’t agree with Social Justice Warriors, there’s hell to pay. Questioning ideas makes you a horrible person.

Wonder if giving hormone treatments to a child is a good idea? Kiss your career good-bye.

Wear a hat and you cause such an outrage media and celebrities will call for your death. Even if you’re a school kid.

Think differently than those in power, and be shamed into hiding.

Sound familiar?

Are Social Justice Warriors Destroying Society?

Social justice movements may have started as an attempt to stop injustice. Now, the loudest voices don’t seem to care. Those who should understand what it is to be persecuted are now being heard. How do they use that voice? To persecute others.

You’d think someone who was treated horribly because of how they felt would have a little empathy. Instead, people calling loudly for equality are condemning those they seek to change.

White men are being told to shut up because their opinion isn’t worth hearing.

SJWs couldn’t take a more divisive approach. They’re showing the world that it was never about equality, it was about being the one in power. As a result, it’s harder for the rest of us to take SJWs seriously.

If it’s truly about equality, we need open conversations, not the shaming of those who don’t agree. If the aim is equality, we need to have honest discussions that address questions, not shame pointed at anyone who doesn’t agree or doesn’t understand.

When we refuse to listen to each other for any reason, it can only lead to a breakdown in society.

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