Save Mother Earth: An Essay

Save Our Mother Earth

Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life.

Before 500 A.D., man had a good relationship with Mother Earth. But since humans developed cities and industries, the modern lifestyle has changed. Man has been using and misusing natural resources up to the limit. Now we are tearing up remote corners of the planet looking for crude oil and coal, and our forests and wild animals are disappearing. Our environment is totally polluted: we drink polluted water, inhale air full of dust, and eat food with traces of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Hence we are suffering from diseases. As a result of human activities, the ozone layer has a hole, the sea is rising, and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland are melting. Now global warming is warning us that climate change is coming. Mother Earth is in danger; life on Earth is in danger. Let us come together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth.

Save this beautiful Earth!
Save this beautiful Earth!

Save the Forest

The evolution of people and animals was only possible because of plants. Plants are the base of the food chain and the source of energy for almost all life on Earth. Forests are ancient, mature communities of plants and animals, with homes and places for thousands of species. Forests give us oxygen, food, shelter, medicines, fuel, and furniture. Forests protect us from the heat of the sun, and from wind, cold, and rain. Forests maintain the balance of nature, the environment, the climate, the weather, and the composition of the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, forests are our life. But what are we doing? We are destroying the forests, meaning we are destroying our life and our future. All the problems we face today are made worse by deforestation. If we are thinking beings, we must save plants and forests, because they save us.

Save the Wildlife

We can’t say the Earth belongs to humans; living things were using it for billions of years, before our own species showed up just some five million years ago. Our Earth belongs to all living things, if it belongs to any of them. But we overpowered many species and killed them for our use. Now thousands of species are extinct because their habitat is gone. As a matter of fact, these animals, birds, and insects have actually built a better environment for us, provided us with so many things: they are not just creatures, but the real creators of nature. We are here on Earth because they are here on Earth. If they are gone, we will also be gone. So the only wise thing to do is to save wildlife and its habitat.

Save the Environment

Through deforestation, urbanization, industrialization, and pollution, our environment is being destroyed. Flows of energy, nutrients, and other elements are disrupted. Global warming and climate change are the major threats to Earth and all human beings. Due to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by civilization, heat is building up in the atmosphere at a rate not seen for tens of millions of years. The cities are becoming “heat islands.” Pollution is becoming a great killer. Levels of air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and food contamination are high. Human interference has brought nature close to destruction. Now we all must come together to save the environment and humankind.

Pollution is on high alert
Pollution is on high alert

Truly Global Destruction

All these environmental changes are warnings of global destruction. Now we all must become aware of these consequences. The evidence is disturbing: we are destroying our Earth and environment. Let’s try our best to stop all this.

What Can People Do?

Change your unnatural lifestyle to the extent you can. Use a bicycle as much as possible. Don't misuse precious water and electricity. Don't use plastics when you can avoid it.

  • Plant more trees. Don't allow anyone to cut trees.
  • Save wild animals.
  • Speak out and write against polluting industries.
  • Ask the government to use non-conventional energy resources (air, water, sunlight, and biomass )
  • Make students and citizens aware of the importance of saving the environment, and the many things that we can do to protect the environment, forests and wildlife.

Protect This Beautiful Tiger

The tiger is an important top carnivore, and the most beautiful animal on Earth, but it is on the brink of extinction. Only 1200 tigers survive in India. Let us come together to protect this majestic animal and return its land. It is the tiger’s right to live on Earth; after all, Earth belongs to all living things.

Transform Cities to Eco-Cities

The world of today belongs to humans. What are the rights of animals, birds, insects and other living things? NONE: they have no rights. But why? They are the original residents of this Earth. We have built cities and forced the animals to leave their homes. Then we made our cities dirty, overpopulated, and polluted. Industrialisation gave us air pollution, dust, tainted water, noise, and garbage. Cities have changed into heat islands, changing the weather patterns around them. All these changes have upset the physical and mental balance of the cities’ inhabitants. If we do not do something to change this, not even humans will be able to live in cities, let alone other creatures. So here I suggest an "Eco-Cities Project.”

What Can Governments Do?

Global warming and unpredictable shifts in climate are global problems. They affect every creature on Earth, and are caused by human actions all over the world. It will take global action by governments, on a war footing, to change the habits and beliefs and technologies that cause civilizations to emit greenhouse gases.

Carbon dioxide in the air is steadily increasing
Carbon dioxide in the air is steadily increasing | Source

Hole in Earth's Ozone Layer

Ozone hole over the South Pole
Ozone hole over the South Pole

Uncertain Climate of the Future

It's possible that disrupted ocean circulation due to climate change could bring cold weather to Europe.  It's certain that the greenhouse effect will change the weather in ways we aren't prepared for.
It's possible that disrupted ocean circulation due to climate change could bring cold weather to Europe. It's certain that the greenhouse effect will change the weather in ways we aren't prepared for.

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katrina p garados 5 days ago

i am 13 years old but i know our mother earth need us now i know that is he way to teach some people doesnt know how the mother earth important

emad habibi 2 weeks ago

we should take very good measures

jeanette apordo 2 weeks ago

do we still have the chance to change our mother earth? for me it's really a hard thing to do people nowadays are lazy

unknown 2 weeks ago

I think this a very goooooooooood way to teach the morons how to save the earth

rockstarcold 2 weeks ago

a good article commentable

Shaiden 3 weeks ago

Nice one

kanishka 3 weeks ago

we lost so many things in our earth. Atleast by reading this wonderful message,lets try saving the present things for our future from now.

pil 4 weeks ago

tanx fror the info i like it

no 4 weeks ago

thank you for sharing

claire 4 weeks ago

ive been emotional to see this.. what a poor world.

aadi 4 weeks ago

dey aadi unthu samaya irukurutha

panti 4 weeks ago


Pranay 5 weeks ago

Very informative. Please save our Mother Earth. It helped me for my speaking skills. Thank you.

Pash Burk 5 weeks ago

We can still save her. Stop using Electricity today.Stop using cars Trains and Planes today. Stop using healthcare today. Return to the days of old . If you are serious this is the only way. We have over populated the earth . Otherwise all your little feel good nonsense is just a joke . So Party on and hope she will wipe us out soon.

Biju Thomas 5 weeks ago

Iam requesting to all people to' MAKE A GOOD EARTH' and DON'T POLLUTE

Arjun Singh 6 weeks ago

Nice,but we should save our mother EARTH

some one 6 weeks ago

humans are porgrammed to self destruct.they kill animals and pray to god.they cut trees,make paper and write on that paper, save trees.

humans are not protecting the future!

riya 6 weeks ago


vishnu 7 weeks ago

it is bad we want to save our beautiful earth

ashwin 7 weeks ago

we need to take action as well, we cut trees make paper and write "SAVE THE TREES"

MEY SEAN 7 weeks ago


siddharth 2 months ago

very ggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

samyuktha 2 months ago

please save our mother nature

vaishnav 2 months ago

Guyzz , its my request - PLEASE SAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER EARTH !!!!

harsh 2 months ago

it helps me in my school waork

sumaiya javaid 2 months ago

Its very beneficial for me to prepare speech for my uni funtion

ABHAY 3 months ago

it is nice and help in my speech and we always have to save our mother earth

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sudarshan bhavikatti 3 months ago

so nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee

i will tell this website to all my friends

samiksha 3 months ago

it is very beautiful essay .....i got 1st prize because of this,i told all the same wordings

Adrian Schwarzchild 3 months ago

We should save what we can or in the future our Earth would be nothing but a barren wasteland. The scientist are working hard to save our environment but we are just destroying it. We should protect the Earth from Global warming as well as pollution. We should conserve nature. Mother nature all kinds of aids that we require. But we forgot that what our mother can give us she can take also. We never saw the fury of our mother and when we would we have to see, there would be nothing to do but to curse humanity. There is time to improve, so we should at least try.

tyagi 3 months ago

gong great

prabh sran 3 months ago

This is a beautiful a blog.Keep up the good work

praseeda 3 months ago

save mother earth , before it say goodbye to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vi 3 months ago


Hannah khalid 3 months ago

This will help me in my debate competition thanks

Janani Priya 3 months ago

Guys our dear MOTHER EARTH...plz...

Jisna 3 months ago

Save our mother earth to save her children

3 months ago

Save mother earth and thus save yourself....

bibin 3 months ago

it helped me and it may help you too and important thing is save our planet

shivani 4 months ago

really nice essay and also it help me in my speech

harsha 4 months ago

this is great , we have to save our earth

nobody 4 months ago

earth is already dead

Patrick Mcginn 4 months ago

It you look at the book called the Great Frontier, by Walter Prescott Webb, it can explain a framework that would be very useful to clean up the earth.

genxkie23 4 months ago

yeah i agree

Anjali 4 months ago

yes, i agree with come lets save our mother earth...

sacre jessa l. mendoza 4 months ago

yes, its please,, everyone try to love your coutry and it will love you too..

R A 5 months ago

Please friends save the earth

fedrena 5 months ago

I would be happy if u write more and more information like this

Pratham gaur 5 months ago

We have to protect our mother earth for better future

Anonymous 5 months ago

It helped me sooooo much. But it would also be nice if you added a conlusion

swetha 5 months ago

thnx for gvng such beautiful note.SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH.Amen

Cybersp Storm 5 months ago

Yea its true save Mother Nature

shraman das 5 months ago

true yet sad that we are witnessing such a situation today. nice writing and pictures. :-)

Sameer khan 5 months ago

It is very good essay

althaf ahammed 5 months ago

thanks for giving such a beautiful note

mubashirali 5 months ago

an epic essay

saima 5 months ago

we should see that mother nature is happy always

samiksha 6 months ago

it is so good

rashmi kumari 6 months ago

yes, we should save our mother earth

kishore 8 months ago

good information for all

Kid fury 9 months ago

This is a beautiful a blog.Keep up the good work

gow 9 months ago

yeah it is so true

Soniya Rasania 10 months ago

Hi..! I THink peope are the thingssss That they are Desroying our earth and No one else

yogesh kushwaha 10 months ago

it is true that earth is going to be destroyed while polution so do save our earth

Suzy Hayes 10 months ago

Hmmm, before "500 A.D."........ Separating from nature was our first mistake. Our antiquated cultures & religious beliefs, compounded by consumerism have turned this once beautiful Planet into a PLASTIC TRASH HEAP! We have lost 52% of all WILDLIFE SPECIES in only the past 40 years to supply the demands of a species which population has doubled in less than 40 years.! ICONIC SPECIES will be gone forever within our/your lifetime......preserved only as pictures in books, or on our plastic computer screens! It amazes me that very few humans know that plastic is produced from fossil fuel.

I AM GLAD I AM OLD! But I am not glad that I wasted almost 40 years in a profession (wildlife biology) & have tried to educate my own species, yet MOST have turned a deaf ear, as they are to busy shopping & consuming. My anger now outweighs my passion. so, I pass the torch, as I am going to enjoy what's left. GOOD LUCK! To quote an old song "Earth & Sun & Moon, human kind-living on a thin blue line, Earth & Sun & Moon will survive".

Anoosha 11 months ago

It's so nice. Save earth

reyna 11 months ago

it's really great.. let's save our mother nature for she gave us everything we need in our daily life.

Naresh Choudhary 11 months ago

we all should come altogether and save our Mother Land.

if we don't then we will lost our Planet

K.S.S PRANAV 12 months ago

It is a superb essay on how to save mother earth

K.S.S PRANAV MANUGURU 12 months ago

It is a superb essay about how to save mother earth

chris 13 months ago


thanks for your info

"save our mother earth"

manoj 13 months ago

Beautiful ................ Article

Deepika singh. 13 months ago

Add Your Comment..this is very good for us to think about our planet . And we have to also remember that, if we will destroy the nature , ultimately we will destroyed ourselves.......

bebing dioso 13 months ago

As a youth of today i can say that save our mother earth

jerica 13 months ago


to have a home for our great grand children

kalpna 14 months ago

a very good article it helped a lot to me to make my children understand better about environment i am a teacher actually

Aditya Saha 14 months ago

all the men of earth should save all the things that they need.

hiruni fernando 14 months ago

we have save our mother earth and we can protect the mother earth because we are live in mother earth, if we destroy mother earth we can't live anymore.

priyanshu kumawat 14 months ago

plzz save mother earth

neha 14 months ago

Plzz save our mother earth. Amen

oppi 15 months ago


shivangi Upadhyay 15 months ago

Please contribute your help to our mother earth and save it

Kedar 15 months ago

Short and meaningful

Anonymous 15 months ago

i heartly thank if people follow what is written above........

Brock 15 months ago

Don't protect the nature because if we save it there will be no one to exhaust it. Thank you one and all.

amisha 15 months ago

It is veeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyy nice.

It is important for all

Manvith 15 months ago

guyzz....plz plz help mother earth! plz :)

radeshyam 15 months ago


Dem kon su 15 months ago

It so nice

Aditya 15 months ago

Very useful for exams an we can learn somethingfrom this speech

sayryl jane acha-ol 15 months ago

mother earth is in danger life on earth is in danger so let us come to save our life giving and life-saving MOTHER EARTH tankz very much for those people who were participating... good luck....

om 15 months ago

Awsome essay

rakshita 15 months ago

it is fantastic

ASHOK KUMAR PANDEY 15 months ago

Please Save our Earth

loveable boy pk 15 months ago

It was very helpfull for me nd we should save our mother earth

soumya 15 months ago

plz ...... plz .....plz....... save our mother earth

aman 15 months ago

It is very good

yyo 16 months ago

It was very sad but condensing

mehul rathi 16 months ago

very nice assey

sree 16 months ago

its a good essay and this helped me a lot

sanskriti verma 16 months ago

We just say each and everything thing which we want to say.............................and we right the same on topic "SAVE MOTHER" BECAUSE WE R DISCUSSING ON THIS TOPIC ITSELF............................but anyone of us thought on saving our Mother Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jezDon10 16 months ago

Awesome !! i like this so much :) thanks for the info :) #SaveOurMotherEarth!!

vivek kumar 16 months ago

Oh very nice

rameshkumar.v 16 months ago

We must start awareness programme from the primary school level .

yasmeen 17 months ago

Thanks for this essay. It helped me a lot

roseleen massey 17 months ago

when we comparison our earth to before 500 a.d. the earth's condition most beautiful and today the condition of our earth is very bad because of man started using and misusing of natural resources and the development of human life and cities and industries the pollution is increase fastly air pollution ,water pollution , noise pollution let's come together and save our mother earth

Sam 17 months ago

Well its really true our earth is in danger and besides True to say its nice enough to complete my homework :p

Ankita 17 months ago

It is really nice.

mandeep kaur mahal 17 months ago

It is very good

jaipatel 17 months ago

Oh it is suitable for me and many other

zoya khan 18 months ago

Hey guyzzz save ur mother earth

Adiba 18 months ago

niceeeee essay. we all should do something to save this beautiful Earth.

iI 18 months ago

Very clear

Trijayee 18 months ago

Thank You

Helped me a lot

rehan bawa 19 months ago

Tooo nyc to Hlp mah bro in his essay write competition

isha 19 months ago

Too long but niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................................

shreya kar 19 months ago

very thoughtful writing

it is very nice essay nd helps me a lot 19 months ago

Thank a lot

aditi srivastava 20 months ago

seems very bad condition of earth but will try to improve .goooooood

vasanth 21 months ago

Thanks thank u so much sir it helped me a lot sir

ridmi 21 months ago

great photos . niccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

malavika 21 months ago

it's interesting essay

lalit varma 22 months ago

Helped. Me a lot

Tanmayee 22 months ago

Really it too sad that we r causing harm, to our own mother.So let us all take resolution that we will not do anything wrong that will harm our beautiful mother earth.

Shreya 23 months ago


arnav 23 months ago

i loved it it was excellent suuuuuperb thanks 4 making me aware of this

shradha 2 years ago

This is very nice site we all should take oth to prevent global warming

Sayyed Farheen 2 years ago

Its verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

narmeen samnani 2 years ago

its awesome... :) :)

shreya 2 years ago

it's a good one

topics are described in short & meaningful lines !!!

amtullah murtaza 2 years ago

It helped me very much thank u soo much

it helped my project

manvi kapoor 2 years ago

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice

abhishek nair 2 years ago

it is too bad about the earth

Archana bellubbi 2 years ago

Act now or never, save life or perish save mother earth.

shilpa 2 years ago

know onwords

harika 2 years ago

those who like mother have to protect mother earth

SMRITI 2 years ago

Heart-touching and heart-breaking.People should push themselves into this act of saving our mother earth, else...........


what a nice idea........

Nidhi sharma 2 years ago

Save to earth which give you life

Raghav sharma and yashwant sharma 2 years ago

don't do pollution

Yashwant 2 years ago

after 15 years we don't know the earth situation

Yashwant 2 years ago

We have to grow trees and site is outstanding

Yashwant 2 years ago

Humans are very careless about mother earth they will result

siddharth 2 years ago

We must do something to save our mother earth.................

pahul padda 2 years ago

Mother Earth is necessary for everyone

I love my mother Earth

nisha sharma 2 years ago


s.sandhya 2 years ago

I love my mother sooooooooo much thanks for god to give a mother

Hemant Rathore 2 years ago

OOur earth is very beautiful save it

sonarika 2 years ago

this essay is inspirating

parvathy 2 years ago

destruction of earth is destruction of man

shreyashi raj 2 years ago

its too good save earth and save life

Ok 2 years ago


Dhanya Sathish 2 years ago

together let's make this site shared & let everyone come to know how they are wasting mother earth.

Dulni 2 years ago

wow good ideas i got many advantages from your site

meenakshi mohan 2 years ago

this is for the aware of the people "your planet needs youuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Adi And Abhi 2 years ago

Tis site is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Aditya 2 years ago

This is a very nice site. I really love tis site.

khushboo 2 years ago

i like the essay and we all should have to save our mother earth.

avnee 2 years ago

It is very sad to see that we are doing nothing to save our earth

vishal 2 years ago

Nice very nice

Ayushi Saxeňa 2 years ago

Its very bad to hear that our mother earth is facing that much problems we ve to conserve all the resources as well as forests.........


RAJASHREE 2 years ago

nice I am in 5th I took it for english essy so


ritika sharma 2 years ago

God cant be present everywhere that'why he had given mother to be with us

Priyanka Bhatt 2 years ago

Plz plz plz save the earth

muneesh 2 years ago

global warming it is a bad things for us and our earth.

honey singh 2 years ago

I am honey singh and i wanted every one should do yo.yo with me

jasmeet 2 years ago

this is very sad to see that our mother earth is becoming destroyed day by day .please save our earth...

2 years ago

it is cool really gave me ideas for my essay.

arsha 3 years ago

i request all the people to save our mother earth and i will also join in it.

shreya 3 years ago

its very very sad for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

shyamjith.s 3 years ago

It is nice

hannah 3 years ago

OMG!!!!! Like this sooooooo much

scr 3 years ago

its a surprising &dangerous act of us

mary rose 3 years ago

O.M.G. guiz we should protect our mother earth and love our planet ... :-)

anurag verma 3 years ago

its nice and goooooooooooooooooddddd

krati chourasia 3 years ago

we should save our mother earth

n we should take care

sandhya 3 years ago

it is really nice essay on save mthr erth

Pradipta Satpathy 3 years ago

I am so sad to see such a bad condition of our mother earth. Our mother earth is in danger,so please contribute something to save it.

Aaidan malick 3 years ago

i request all the people to save the earth & i will also save the earth....

Gessy 3 years ago

its too wonderful article as well as pictures are also good . And from now I request to all the viewers that please save our mother earth .thanks.

aarti 3 years ago

Save earth save life.many things that we can do. to protect environment forest and wildlife.

abhinav 4 years ago

please save our earth because without earth where we live

divya khadpe 4 years ago

i haved sucees with my speech ,but i feel very bad wenh i saw our earth in this condition .i hope everyone shoul read the article

Meragna 5 years ago

I feels happy bcoz i have completed my assignment with this but i feel sad about my mother earth

neeti grover 5 years ago

this information regarding the earth and its depleting body parts is just awesome.....although i am not a serious student but on reading this piece of information i am really interested on this topic and i am surely looking forward to read some more articles and other matter regarding this topic.This is an article that must be read.

angela cristine s. villona 6 years ago

how can we protect the mother earth

jackson  6 years ago

yes,i do agree with you.i like your effort .the photoes are wonderful.keep going

SONIYA,india 6 years ago

it is a very sad to see that forest is being cut,wild life is vanishing, pollution is every where.Govt.must do to protect all this.

Dame Scribe profile image

Dame Scribe 6 years ago from Canada

It is heartbreaking to be losing such beautiful creatures along with our only home. Great photo's.

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